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A Message from Miro

For order enquiries or if you’re having difficulties with your download email: [email protected]


You can buy Girlfriends 4 Ever from:

Discrete BMT Micro ordering: http://affect3d.com/girlfriends4ever



July 23

Quick update – Fix for mac users & BMT download workaround

Sorry again about the download issues. Been a wild 18 hours. On the one hand we’ve been really amazed at how awesome the response has been on the other we thought we had the bandwidth issue cornered, but alas download limits on BMT’s end meant Affect3D staff again had to put down their pencils and paint brushes and deliver external links around the clock to the majority of BMT orders (we’ve contacted them about it) on top of the traffic issues the store has been experiencing. It’s been crazy fun and crazy wild all at the same time :D Huge thanks again to Supro, Alpensepp, Uthstar01, Fan3D, Frefred5150 and Tiaz some of whom worked shifts of 14+ hours to keep things afloat. Amazing work! With all that some emails fell through the cracks and some of you had to wait far too long for download links. Sorry!!!! It wasn’t a well tuned process rather something we improvised off the cuff. Still most of you were so patient! You are the best!

So I have a couple of quick fixes for you. Firstly some Mac users have experienced issues.

Mac Player Fix

Refer to the guide at the Girlfriends4Ever diary page

BMT Download Possible Workaround (updated)

Also for those who’ve been experiencing BMT download issues try the following workaround submitted by “nextinline“. Some appear to have mixed results, but success rate seems high, try… and I quote:

The BMT “wait an hour?” “NO WAY gimmee G4E NOW!” workaround….
1–open the BMT Product Information email (the one with the DL links) in a new window.  In gmail, holding shift will do this.
2–click on the first link about 30 times, or, until an all-white tab shows up.  Just ignore the error messages on all the tabs.
3–if the all-white tab starts downloading, look for the download animation in the lower left in Chrome, then just wait for it to finish.  Depends now on your connection speed.
4–if the all white tab fails, then, delete all the tabs and repeat steps 2 and 3 using the second email link
5–repeat and so on until you hit.
6–the third email link does not seem to work?  Ignore it.

Vote is up!

If you’ve purchased and managed to get through to the end, don’t forget to vote for your favorite. Click on the vote link of your player to get to the vote page and vote now!


July 22

Big apologies about the one day delay and ongoing server issues the site’s been experiencing. The delay was caused by last minute changes to the bonus showcase, which weren’t communicated as well as they could have and likely contributed to the issue of funneling visitors, the thing we tried to avoid this time round. We expected similar traffic to the trailer release, which our servers could have handled, but with over three times as much traffic and a heavy app like our store, our server was yet again pinned to the ground. You guys are relentless!! But I love you :D

The good news is, G4E will be available in store soon. Once the initial waves of traffic abate a little we’ll actually get to thoroughly enjoy it… maybe even as much as the two girls themselves!! :D I’ve been inundated with emails and I’m trying to get through them. Supro, fredfred51, Alpensepp and Uthstar01 are helping out a ton. Thanks guys!

If you’re getting a user/ pass login to the store, it means traffic is currently too high and we’re locking down the store temporarily to reduce load. Check back in a few hours!

So just for your reference the procedure during the initial high traffic period for when you do mange to the through to the store, is to send a link to [email protected] with your order number after purchase, we’ll then send you fast external download links which don’t affect our servers at all. In addition to that a BMT Micro link will be available soon, which offers discrete purchase as well as external high speed download links.

Our main priority is to get things up and running and functioning asap. We’ll have this worked out soon. And also on a much lighter and sexier note, I’m going to talk about my thoughts on the Girlfriends 4 Ever journey thus far, the free bonus content and what’s in store for us next!

Thanks for everyone’s support!A Message from Miro, 3.1 out of 5 based on 181 ratings

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  1. Autonym

    I have to send a very real congrats to Miro and the team. Complete crashing of two download servers. I bought that shit, and I’m not even mad that I can’t DL. It’s just incredible how many mf’s want this thing. NOW! SO BAD! lol. I salute you sirs/madames.

    • MJG101

      I just got the order # email that says can take 48 hours to confirm -__-

      Been waiting 15 minutes for even the link to the page that doesn’t work lmao

    • Sundae

      We sort of flooded BMT and they can’t really handle the volume of downloads at once. =x At least you bought it so now you have the links ready for later! =)

  2. Darqmyst

    Lol, now we’re dog piling BMT XD

    Can anyone contain the futa fury in this 1.2 gig file?!

    Congrats Miro and company for kindly rocking the online world. I don’t care if it is gonna take hours to download after a day of super congestion and server issues. Feeling mighty lucky right now just to have a connection.


  3. Sundae

    I posted on Fenoxo’s website that it is working again and gave them the link Supro posted. Though it crashed again I think (hes been having stability issues)

  4. altroo

    Purchased from BMT, but we seem to have overwhelmed their download servers as well. Of the three links I received, not one of them will load for me. They all just time out.

  5. MacrosTheBlack

    So when I click on the store I just get the page with the latest comments. I thought it was out? What am I doing wrong?

  6. FinalJenemba

    Damn we must really be hammering these guys. I jumped on this right away and chose the middle mirror, I have watched my DL speed go from 1.3MB/s to 250KB/s and I think it’s starting to level off. So if you can’t connect I bet the servers are maxing out.

    Ill be staying up all night with this DL if I have to :P lol

    • KS2112

      yeah haha, thankfully I started downloading right after the announcement was posted, and now my download speed went from 8 min remaining to 27 min remaining hahahaha

  7. Sundae

    Argh blasted Canadian internet Dx 200 kb/s (my max download is normally 500 kb/s anyways even though I’m suppose to have 6 mb/s)

    I know this is early but, is there going to be a way to later on attach the BMT purchase to the Affect3D store when it’s up and running? I quite liked the idea of having it all there.
    Sorry again I know this is extremely early to be asking this.

  8. TheTuff

    Where is the image you click to download? Images haven’t been showing up for me on this for weeks now. Can we just have a link?

  9. jimmyjamboozle

    Just give me a five minute window with the server, guys. No reason to tell anyone else. It can be our little secret.

  10. Sundae

    Dear Supro,
    I noticed you posted on Fenoxo’s site, and I think Fen and everyone of us from there who came here to buy G4E totally understand and will patiently/excitedly await for things to smoothen out. So please don’t worry too much! Even though you probably will anyways >_< i just mean that there are plenty of us who are okay with waiting to support such fantastic art.

  11. BrodyMason

    What an awesome problem to have! So many people want to buy your game that your server can’t handle it! Way to go Miro!

  12. FinalJenemba

    Any chance at all of this happening tonight? If not you may want to give us a heads up so we can all go to bed lol.

  13. Sundae

    To Jeryn (since Reply on Page 1 isn’t working for me):

    Oh Light, yes! It would be fantastic if Miro or someone else made a Urta mod/texture pack later on! Sayako definitely has a similar hairstyle/body type/size as Urta and so many of Fenoxo’s fans would jump on a chance to see Urta really in action. I mean 2,710 of us helped Fen get almost 200k for his new game right!?

    Though it probably would be hard to add hir vixen/pony features, but it would be glorious.. xP~

    • PeterWankman

      Can’t be a mod or texture pack. It’s high quality video rendering, not real time 3D. It’s video, not a game.

  14. Voimond

    Guys guys guys, lets all take a deep breath, and just wait it out. All of this waiting will make the game even BETTER because of how much we want it. So lets all go and browse youtube, 4chan, or some other site, give our junk a breather, then come back in either a few hours or tomorrow and it will more than likely be back up and ready for viewing.

  15. TheTuff

    No more big releases, just put the next one on the store & post it’s available that day. You set yourself up for this one Miro.

  16. Efgho

    Been following Miro since Tara’s First Assignment. Excellent Artist, At that point I asked if he was going to do an animation, and he said, wait around and you’ll find out. I have waited years for this. What’s a few more days?

  17. Aidan

    This looks like server issues… honestly, I think that this launch is far more popular than either miro or the people at affect3d anticipated (and evidently larger than their server was able to deal with).
    So congratulations to Miro for creating something that is of such high quality that it has created this much of a buying frenzy.
    I’m prepared to wait for something of this quality.
    I for one hope that there are many more to come.

  18. ghet'tobusiness

    ****. First the affect3d store isn’t working, then my brand new grid 2 purchase starts stuttering for no reason (pirated version didn’t), and my phone’s rom started having issues and the replacement rom is broken too.


    I thought to pass some time and gave in to watching Star Wars again starting with TPM. I doubt I’ll last 20 minutes.

    Watching this crap film is worse than waiting another week for G4E.

    I really want to punch GL in the face.

  20. Victisomega

    I feel bad for Miro, he’s probably just re-iterating what his IT staff and/or host is telling him when it came to timespans. Someone has failed… on a massive scale. As a fellow Information Technology technician I take a moment of silence for Miro, his fans and even his IT staff as these things can and often do happen with small teams. And by that I mean I’m going to bed. Good luck with those problems I’ll be back tomorrow to check up on you Miro, chin up partner.

  21. Exniliho

    This does suck, but patience. You’ll have it soon enough miro will fix this. ;) you know we’re all a little strange but at least we have that in common. Thx miro I’d like to help in the future if I can!

  22. skylinedude

    I can’t tell the exact time this was posted, but I can tell that the earliest comments on it were 6 hours earlier than the current ones.

    If you’re gonna be sending out the download links, can’t there be some other method organised that doesn’t use this clearly incapable server?

    Can practically send you the money through paypal or something…

    • Kyvi

      Paypal cannot be used for adult purchases in the US.

      They can and will hold all money sent to and from an account if that account does sell something adult. You can’t trust a bunch of random people not to fuck that up.

    • We’re currently setting up another method of pay. We can’t use paypal due to its adult policy. Although the EU paypal are now laxed about it, we can’t take any risks.

  23. Brian23Palmer Brian23Palmer

    People please give Miro some more time he was just as upset as some of you. I understand that some of you hate waiting and some of you feel that miro lied, no matter miro will fix it, if you feel that he wronged you give him time to redeem himself.

    On A different note do any of you have a xbox 360 or ps3?

    • x

      Seriously, I know the temptation to just steal everything, but you need to understand that when you do that… you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You only steal something you want, and that only makes it less profitable, less reasonable for anyone to spend any of their time and effort making something for your entertainment and pleasure. So if you actually enjoy it and like it, pay for it. And yes, you will have that opportunity, even if it’s not the exact time that was first specified. =)

    • PeterWankman

      Up on the 22nd on Pornbay. You underestimate the speed and efficiency of… alternate distribution mechanisms. After 2 days and 16 hours of availability on Pornbay, it’s been completed 643 times.

      My download time was like 10 minutes from Pornbay. I always try before I buy. I was impressed. I bought. Doing my part to see to it Volume 2 will happen. Here’s hoping the other 642 leechers make it over here and pony up their twenty bucks.

  24. foxheart

    I saw the trailer for G4E on another site and it blew my fucking mind, frankly, so I did some searching, found this site, and had been keeping tabs on things, waiting for the release date. Was super excited for release and was actually considering buying it. And I’m the guy who pirates everything because paying for porn is kind of silly when there’s so much of it and different days bring different moods/tastes. Was actually going to purchase this one to support the artist and the great work. Reconsidering.

    • mudpie210

      If you seriously can’t wait an extra day then you obviously weren’t that excited to begin with. It’s gonna be awesome and I will happily purchase it.

    • Aidan

      I’m willing to wait and pay for this because I hope that the author will decide that he can make a career out of this, and ends up creating more exceptional work like this. I do like that such a high amount of the money I spend here goes to the artists, rather than going to a middle man who simply provides download space.

    • Deshwitat

      Hah, my list of artists/game designers/etc that i will fork over cash for without question is dwindling fast. With Bioware gone (ME3 ending…) i’m down to less than a handful, i will gladly pay for Miro’s work even if i have to wait an extra day

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