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By miro, September 4, 2011 17 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

Ayako – Sex Addiction [uncensored] is now officially released!!!! Over 150+ images were revised/ improved. There are in total 70 totally new images including 2 news sets being the monster cock series with the conclusion to our little contest… and… Read More »

By miro, September 1, 2011 50 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

I’ve wrestled with my comp over the last days and finally had to give up and do a system restore 4 months back, which means I’m reinstalling lots of progs, etc. But, no data loss, thank god =) So I’ve… Read More »

By miro, August 28, 2011 19 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

Getting there… … click on the image for a bigger preview! I’ll be posting a couple more previews towards the end of the end of next week

By miro, August 25, 2011 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

  The winner is ‘Moster Cock Blow Job’! OMG, what a nail biter of a vote the ‘Ayako – Sex Addiction [uncensored]’ bonus set preview was. Don’t think I’ve seen a vote that close… and you know how much I… Read More »

By miro, August 22, 2011 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

The release date for ‘Ayako – Sex Addiction [uncensored]’ is the Sep 4th 2011! Just two short week away and as things are starting to heat up there wouldn’t be a release without a little competition so here is the… Read More »

By miro, August 20, 2011 9 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

I am completing the uncensored version of ‘Ayako – Sex Addiction’ in the next days, so I will be announcing the release date also in the next days =) Of course this version contains all previous censored scenes uncensored and… Read More »

Surprisingly enough work on Ayako – Sex Addiction [Uncensored] has taken shape a little quicker than I thought. I handn’t be able to start work on it till only a couple of weeks agao, because of my other work commitments,… Read More »

By miro, July 27, 2011 12 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

I mentioned I was going to post a follow up to yesterday’s post, so here it is Ayako is feeling frisky and can’t resist grabbing that cock and rubbing it across her erect nipples!

By miro, July 25, 2011 6 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

Dlsite News Ayako – Sexy Addiction is still doing well at dlsite site – thank you! Also check out the interview Dlsite published on their site. See it here:

By miro, July 3, 2011 21 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

Ok… not a release date as such. I’ve added the voice to the flash slide show and it’s uploading as we speak. I’ve asked dlsite to release as soon as possible, so it could be any day now! As soon… Read More »

By miro, July 2, 2011 46 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

I asked dlsite to hold off on the release, because there’s a last minute addition… VOICE! I’ve been getting a lot of requests about animating Ayako a vital step to bringing Ayako to life! The other is voice… and after… Read More »

By miro, June 23, 2011 7 Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

This is one of the bigger promos. So I’ve taken the sperm image and added a few more previews and extras pics as well, click on it to see the big version!