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By miro, January 29, 2012 44 Affect3D, Tara sexy 3d girl

Yes! No Joke! It’s finally here! (I spose, if I ever wanted to run a game company I’d have the perfect credentials!)   Two things that need to be addressed:   The Tara’s First Assignment winners! Congrats to all the… Read More »

By miro, January 22, 2012 149 Affect3D, Tara sexy 3d girl

The official release date of the “Tara’s first assignment” mini set is Wednesday, Jan 25th 2012.

By miro, December 30, 2011 19 Affect3D, Tara sexy 3d girl

Alright you guys chose the big cock, which…. has it’s consequences! But you knew that when you hit the ‘big cock’ button, right!? His cock is about slide deep down Tara’s mouth and throat, literally where no man as gone… Read More »

By miro, December 28, 2011 25 Affect3D, Tara sexy 3d girl

Tara’s First Assignment – part 2 Tara seems just a little apprehensive as she actually comes face to face with the big cock, but apparently she quickly warms to the idea of wrapping her lips around that massive shaft and… Read More »