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Artist Feature: BlackAdder (Exclusive Images)

I came across Blackadder’s work based on a recommendation of an affect3d reader and was I glad I did, BlackAdder immediately entered my busty girls favorite artist list. Rarely do you get to see girls with breasts this large rendered to perfection. But there’s a lot more to BlackAdder than girls with big boobs, in fact his girls come in all shapes and sizes and they all have a natural look and a very realistic feel to them. He’s got a few things brewing in the kitching which I quetioned him about, let’s hear what he had to say.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Two exclusives: his take on the sexy miniature fairy and a preview of his upcoming comic. Make sure you check them out (4 last gallery images)![/highlight]


Blackadder a nack for British comedy?

That series is to me the best TV comedy ever made! I love the dark humour in it. I have been using that name ever since.


Tell us about where you’re from and your journey to the shores of 3DX?

I’m from Denmark and started with 3D 4 years ago. I didn’t know anything at first. A friend of mine pointed me to Daz 3D, and I tried their free software. Moved quickly to Poser which became my main program, as I didn’t like the GUI in Daz Studio at all. After a year or so I got Vue Infinite, and from there it was a long learning curve to where I am now.


Which you do you prefer erotica or hardcore? Do you think there’s a place for 3DX alongside regular porn?

I think it’s 50/50 now. When I started I was more into erotica.
Of course there’s a place for 3D porn 🙂 It’s growing every day and becomes better and better. Can’t say that about regular porn.


So let’s talk about your girls. Your style is valuptous and natural? Would that be a good way to describe them?

Yeah, that sounds about right. But personally I’m a fan of big butts. I like curvy figures.
The standard V4 model I started on is far from standard now. I have made a ton of sculped full body morphs I can use on my models now, which can make them quite unique.


Who is your favorite girl? Tell us about her and her story? What makes her special?

I think it must be Gisella. Nice curvy figure. Not too much tits’n ass. Just the right amount for my taste 🙂 She was going to be a clone of the real Lara Croft when I first made her (small ass and breast). But after I finished her, I looked at the picture and said “Hmm, she is missing something”. So she got bigger ass and hips – and a breast job 🙂 I updated her with my home grown morphs, and will be the star in my upcoming comic.


Do you add girls regularly? What does it take to become one of Blackadders’ girls? Do you manage to create updates for all your girls or intend to?

I wouldn’t say I add girls on a regulary basis. Only if I think I need a new model or if someone commissioned one. Right now I’m working on a girl who would be in her 40’s, as I don’t have one of those MILF yet 🙂
The most challenging one was making the girls for SweGabe’s game “The Legend of Queen Opala II”. The tits on Farah was very hard to make, as there are not many polygons to work with when the tits are so big. I redid the tits 3 times before I was happy with the results. She will not be updated more aswell as Miriam as these two models can’t handle my default morphs.


There’s one girl I’d like to single out her name is Gisella and there’s an uncanny resemblance with Lara Croft 🙂 As I understand it you’ve changed the name for the purpose of a particular project your working on. Tell us about the story surrounding and this and what can you tell us about the project itself? When were you planning to release it?

Lara Croft and Gisella are the same. But Gisella has a different outfit and hair – and a lot of new morph features I can play with for more realistic bendings and movements.
It’s my first comic I’ve ever worked on, and I have learned a lot in the process. I started on this 5 months ago and the plan was to make about 100 images for the story I had in mind. It’s about 85% done now. I use 2 rendering programs which are Vue and Octane to make the images look as real as I can get them within my skill level – which could be better.
The comic is called “Gisella Moretti”. It’s about a rich girl who, among other things, hunts rare objects (just like Lara Croft).
It will be released soon.


You also pay a lot of attention to your male characters. How imporant are they in your story lines?

Not as important as the females 🙂 But their genitals do get some extra attention sometimes.


Do you have any specific fetishes you like in particular or wish to explore in future?

Hmm, maybe explore curvy women a bit more 🙂 Did have a thing for shiny tight clothes, but it seems to have faded out a bit.


Any big influences/ inspirations in terms of your art from within or outside of the 3DX genre?

I can’t say there was one single person who inspired me. It was many artists. But if I had just half of the skills of those artists at CGtalk, I would be very happy! They are extremly talented! I wish I could do what they do.


What tools do you use and what would be your typical work flow in creating one of your renders?

I use many tools! The main ones are PoserPro2012, Sculptris, Hexagon – and for rendering, Octane and Vue.
Setting up the scene in Poser. Export every character to OBJ. Fix them in Sculptris or Hexagon. Add the fixes back to Poser. Removing unwanted textures as Octane can only handle max 64 textures (that’s a real problem!). Export the scene out to Octane. Render in Octane.
That was the short version. It usually takes about 3 times longere per image, than it would take to render it in Poser. And I haven’t even included the time I spent on clothes and morphs.


What do you have coming up? What are your future plans?

Next I hope to finish my comic Gisella Moretti. Next it would be a follow up on her adventures from the first comic. I plan to make more comics in the future.


Tell where we can find out more about you?


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  1. drak4

    I agree with the others, it would be nice to see some breast sucking with giselle and the big dudes not the little dudes, also some tied up tickling

  2. King Vernie

    Blackadder’s Giselle and the Gollums are my favs. I’d like to see a prequel explaining how she got into this predicament

  3. stoper

    A huge fan of Blackadder’s work. Cool story, great art, crazy sex scenes, everything an adult comics needs. Props for your efforts, dude.

  4. nixon

    my fav 3d artist out there… plz make more with ogres monsters…. call me crazy or twisted… but i love tht kinda stuff… hehe

    peace out

  5. john

    Lara/Giselle/whoever looks really nice, but those Gollums… I think they ruin the scene. I’m not gay, but I don’t like when a hot chick gets fucked by some fugly dudes, monsters, gnomes, orcs, ogres, werewolves, etc. I rather normal guys.

  6. Surry

    I’m glad even Gollum gets lucky sometimes. Was not so keen on seeing it though.

    Honestly, these are preferences I will most likely never understand. Whoever digs this is one happy bastard because he can fap to that beautiful girl while those monsters just irritate the crap outta me.

  7. enkephalin07

    Good shaders make so much difference to render quality and separates the amateurs from the artists; I wish so many designers weren’t allergic to them. I don’t know if you made this set yourself or not, but they’re well applied.

  8. lorrin

    This looks so realistic and the preview of the comic is awesome. Really looking forward to the comic, is that Lara and a and another busty girl laying there, can’t wait to see what the result of that is.

  9. HLR HLR

    Holy freakin’ crap! Lara… I mean “Giselle” looks amazing!!! Such amazing realism and detail! The smeagol/pygmy dudes really creep me out, but otherwise awesome work!

  10. Knox

    SO funny that the first pics are so high on the fetish scale. I think people should see his “normal” works also, would get more fans 🙂

    • miro miro

      Apparently he’s been posting a fair bit in the fetish vein as of late… however what you say is true, BlackAdder has a wide veriety of works including “normal” work, so yes, check out his blog for more juicy images! And we’ll get to feature some of that here at affect3d in future as well.

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