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Artist Feature: The Merovingian

After unveiling Attack of the Orcs a while back, The Merovingian has made a splash onto the 3DX scene. With his sultry Fantasia put in various situation with orcs, AOTO has become a massive hit. With the third set in this series coming this Saturday to Affect3D Store, we thought we’d take the time to get to know more about the artist and how Fantasia came to be.

Tell us about yourself. Where did the name “The Merovingian” come from? Where are you located at?

I first heard of the name “Merovingian” from The Matrix trilogy. The character was introduced on part 2 of the trilogy. I thought it was a great character and felt like he was interesting. Later I found out that there has been a Merovingian dynasty from the middle of the 5th century, which I won’t go into too much details here…”Google it. I’m located in Texas.

How did you get started in 3DX? What was your journey to becoming an artist in the genre?

I’ve always been into movies, video games, computers and special effects. I was introduced to CGI back in 1998 and have been hooked into it since than. I started off just playing around with Poser making terrible renders and animations (they looked really bad), then I just got more and more into it. At one point I completely stopped messing with 3DX for a couple of years. I got interested again after seeing some zBrush renders.

Tell us about your main characters. What is their background and who is your favorite and why? Your main character Fantasia get treated pretty roughly in the Attack Of The Orcs series, do you have a line you wouldn’t cross as far as your sex scenarios are concerned? Also, who are your inspirations?

My favorite character is Fantasia of course. Her age is unknown, her past is unknown and her intentions are unclear…  all I know is that she’s exceptionally beautiful. Men lust for her beauty and are incapable of self control when around her. She often uses beauty to her favor.

I’ve been a fan of Frank Frezetta and Boris Vallejo since I was a boy. My work on Fantasia was heavily inspired by the work of both artists.

Have you any plans to create new characters and story lines, or will Fantasias adventures continue to be your focus?

Yes, I have many ideas for many new characters and story lines. The problem is finding spare time to work on them:) Will Fantasia continue her adventures…? Part 3 is on the way. After that, only time will tell… you guys will need to wait and see. 🙂

Tell us the process that goes into your works of art. What are your tools of the trade?

I usually start in Poser. I create a basic scene, than start experimenting with lights. The posing and lighting of the scenes is what takes the longest. Once I’m satisfied with the scene, I start to export each character to zBrush in order to fix all of problems I get with Poser model joints. At this point I also modify each character to fit that scene (i.e., boobs and butt squishes or toes that bend naturally need to be modified for each pose). Once I’m not with that, I save the morph file and load it in Poser.

I do a few more test renders to make sure I’m not missing anything. Once I am completely happy with what I see, I run the final render at my proffered settings. Once the scene is rendered, I bring it to Photoshop to correct the contrast and brightness. If needed I also add any “bodily fluids” the scene lacks. 🙂

What are your thoughts on the feedback you have received from fans and fellow artists regarding your work?

Feedback has been fantastic. I really appreciate all of the support I got from the 3DX community.

Do you have any advice you’d like to give to any aspiring artists?

This may sound corny but there are the 3 Ps… Practice, Patience and Passion. One can never get enough practice when dealing with 3DX. It takes a lot of patience to deal with all of the time consuming frustrations. One must really be into it and love working with 3DX.

What do you think about the “girls having sex with ugly male fantasy creatures” genre? Why is it popular and what do you think is the reason for its appeal?

The way I see it. I think it appeals so much because having a very strong masculine male or creature having sex with a beautiful girl, just makes the girl seem so much more feminine and desirable.

Do you prefer V4 or V5, Poser or Daz3D?

I’ve only worked with V4 so far. I have so much content for V4… Maybe for my next character.

On your blog, you state you’ve worked with computer graphics since 2001. Considering many aspiring 3dx artists begin posting their work within a few months, what made you decide to wait so long before displaying your art?

I’m very picky and extremely self-conscious when it comes the CG art I make. I need to be 98% satisfied with my work before showing it to someone else. Why 98 percent? Because I believe I could never be 100% satisfied. There’s always something missing no matter how hard I try.

What genital props do you work with/ recommend for both males/ females?

I used Channing’s M4 genitalia and Lali bits for V4.

What do you have coming up in the near future?

Part 3 is on the way.

Where can we find you online at?

Check you my blog @


Any last words for our dear Affect3D readers?

Thank you all for the support. It’s greatly appreciated.


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