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Artist Feature: RGB Babes

We’ve seen a lot around the 3DX Community, but very few have had the longevity today’s artist has. RGB Babes (or 3DBabes) has been around quite some time His unique style has been heralded due to his handcrafted detail in the characters, creating some of the finest works in 3DX. That’s why it was great to see him open up to us about his works and how he came to create such fantastic works.

RGB Babes or 3DBabes: which is your preferred nick and how did it come about? Also tell use a bit about yourself, where are you from and how did you get started in 3Dx?

I go by both names, but prefer RGB, because it stands for three symbolic colors Red-Green-Blue. For me, red is traditional sexuality, green represents alien and tentacle themes, and blue represents sci-fi themes. I grew up in the US playing a lot of video games as a kid. As I became a teenager, I realized how sexually repressed most western societies are, so I became interested in 3DX as a way of exploring and creating sexual imagery. If we all become comfortable with our own sexuality, that will actually help reduce a lot of problems around the world (like crime and greed).


How do you think 3Dx is different from other x genres if at all. What do you specifically like about 3Dx and how do you think it will develop in future?

3DX lets you create whatever you can imagine. Other genres force you to conform to someone’s ideas.


One thing that’s obvious about your work is your very unique style. Realistic features yet a very stylized look and extremely colorful. Who or what did you take inspiration from to develop your style or this is something that just developed over time?

I am influenced at some level by all genres of art, and it is the accumulation of many years of looking at nature other artists work.


In terms of your women you appear to focus on thin girls with big breasts and Asian looking facial features. Describe your ideal woman for us, where did the look come from and let us know what you find appealing about their features.

My ideal is pretty much what I make, but that is constantly being fine-tuned.


There is an obvious influence of games in your work including Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Bayonetta to name but a few. What is the fascination with taking a girl character and sexifying her? Which game characters haven’t you done as yet but are looking to do in future?

Ever since Street Fighter 2 introduced Chun Li, many gamers like myself have been attracted to these imaginary characters. As recent games introduce us to increasingly realistic looking renditions of characters, more and more people start fantasizing about them. So all artists like myself who make this fan-art are merely following the logical progression of the gamer’s sexual curiosity. There are many characters I would like to make, and Yuffie is one of them.


Who is the favorite character you’ve done and why?

Its hard to pick a favorite, but I will say Tifa, because of the nostalgia of FF7.


Do you derive inspiration for characters outside of games? Do you have original characters? Tell us about them.

I get a lot of inspiration from hentai anime, and have dabbled with my own original characters in my Lia’s Blog. I would like to develop this further as I finalize a web-format that combines story and interactive elements. This will allow me to organically develop the characters’ personalities as the inspiration comes to me.


Tell us about tentacles 🙂 They’re extremely popular over in Japan, why do you like them and what is the appeal with girls getting entangled in them?

It is probably some subconscious relationship between between the fear of the unknown and the fear of sex. I don’t really over-think it too much, but it has been a theme in sci-fi movies going back decades. If you believe in ET intervention during human evolution on earth, then that might explain a lot, too!

What other erotic/ sexual fetishes do you like and why? Which of those will you be exploring more of in your own work?

My interests change around every couple years, and seem to go in cycles, so I just play it by ear. I like the variety of holiday themes, especially Halloween. I would like to explore these more.


You also have a web site, tell us about it. What kind of content do you provide, how often and in general what can interested folk expect to find there! How is it different from other x sites 🙂

My RGBabes website got shut down (probably due to a TOS violation). I am mainly using my deviantart gallery as a way to communicate with people. I am pretty lazy about making new things, so you should set your expectations low. I am still experimenting with the direction my website will ultimately go in.


Aspiring artists will want to know about how you create your work. Give us a brief overview of your workflow from concept to the finished render! Also what tools do you use and how long does it take to create a new piece?

Well, I usually start with a rough sketch, and try to get the 3D render to match the idea of the sketch. However, working out all the kinks in modeling, rigging, texturing, and lighting can be really time-consuming if you really want to overcome the pitfalls of 3D rendering. I have posted a lot of images with obvious mistakes, that I usually end up fixing at a much later date when I have the energy. I use Blender, and like it a lot!


What other advice would you’d like to give to aspiring artists?

As far as advice goes, just follow your heart and do what you love. If you find that current technology is too frustrating for you, try to get a clear idea of what you want to create, and then use simpler tools to create your vision until 3D programs improve.

What other projects do you have coming up in the near future?

Just finishing my interactive story blog, and making more pictures.


Any last words for our dear Affect3D readers?

Always listen to your heart, but keep your brain and imagination as stimulated as possible. There are going to be many exciting technological innovations within the next 5-10 years that are going to bring our imaginations closer to reality. And don’t forget, always listen to your heart!


Where can we find more of your work?



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