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Artist Features: Uncle Sickey (Exclusives)

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where did the name Uncle Sickey come from and why the Sickey?

I’m from the hot bed of sex and depravity; the Midwest of the United States.  That was a joke for the people not from the US.  The actual handle ‘Uncle Sickey’ came from a group collaboration from my gaming group.  Yes Uncle is a gaming geek (Traveller, D&D, Cyberpunk, Warhammer 40k).  And as for why I claim the moniker Sickey; well I’ll pretty do much anything except kids, guro and pee.  If it involves two adults just going nuts sexually and having fun; then it’s all good!

Tell us about the origins of your venture into 3DX. What led you to doing art?

It was back in the dial-up days when AOL was king and yahoo was the hot new search engine.  I was living over a bar back then; and in-between working shifts, I saw the complete lack of anything 3d related in adult.  So I had a copy of Poser 3 in a case, so I installed it and started to play with it; doing what I normally do, learning by doing.  Then I saw some guest art areas on established art porn sites; so I tossed a few to them and ended up getting a paysite out of the deal.  I have all of these ideas in my head (and so many more), and 3d helps me get some of the nice mental images out where you all can see them and enjoy them.


You’ve been around for some time. What has changed in terms of the 3DX scene over the years?

Oh, everything has changed to be honest!  From the base software to the acceptance of 3d as a legitimate form of media on games, movies, etc.  When I started, there really wasn’t many 3d porn sites out there; so it was a new medium and we were all learning as we went.  I’m just happy that the affordable 3d software is powerful enough for me to get enough quality where I’m enjoying the creative process instead of looking at a picture and knowing it could be better.  I won’t ever go into photorealism though; I’ve done that once or twice and Uncle does not like visiting the ‘uncanney valley’.  My pictures and stories will have a toon-ish aspect to them and I like it like that.


Your style has a nice comic book vibe with a great variety of subjects including dark themes, fantasy, super heroines, sci-fi, western and more. Do you like exploring? Which themes do you like in particular and why?

Thank you, I do enjoy making stories in a wide variety of fetishes and styles.  Exploring different themes is great fun for me; as you won’t really know what you like until you sample it in a story.  As for which particular theme I like best; that would be hard to define, as I usually just go where my muse takes me.  It combines different fetishes as that is one thing I enjoy doing and something I would advocate other 3d artists to try sometime.


In terms of the ladies you don’t seem to stick to just one or even a handful but rather new subjects all the time. Do you get bored quickly or is it because you like trying new things?

Oh no, I never stick with one 3d lady if I can help it.  Like my story themes, I enjoy creating new females for each new story, the creative process is just something I love very much.  If I don’t have any stories to create; I usually spend my time pre making females and architectural sets for future use.  Occasionally a piece of architecture or a female inspires a story; it’s just all part of the creative process as I’ve discovered.


For those who don’t know, you’ve recently moved out from your old paysite. Could you tell us what led to this decision?

Well I have nothing but the highest regard for Big Daddy my old webmaster; he gave me my start so I have nothing but the highest praise for his abilities as a webmaster and as a erotic paysite marketer.  He’s a good and honest businessman; a commodity rare in the adult paysite part of the internet.  My old website was just the victim of changing European censorship laws and ended up being ¾ gutted of all my content as the Netherlands changed one law.  When that happened, I was ‘known’ for a particular theme which I could not do anymore on a paysite.  So instead of plonking along doing something I didn’t like; I cut the cord with my original website and strike out to new erotic territory.


You’ve now opened a new paysite called 3D Smut Comics. How did this come about and what content can we expect to find there?

I became friends with my new webmaster Loki as we just kind of met on a adult erotica site and liked each other’s work.  Loki has a completely different methodology than I do, so we decided to combine forces as Loki really knows his stuff in creating websites and has a network of contacts in real porn that I am very envious of.  Right now the site’s live; but we’re still in the process of link sharing, banner sharing, etc.    As for the content, it’s varied and current; as I’m only putting up content I have made recently.  A real coup is the fact Loki put a live chat in which we will have live art ‘jams’ with our members so they can see a picture take shape and answer questions, techniques etc. to help other 3d artists with their workflow.  The content will be just whatever I make; from slut wives being gangbanged while hubby is out of the house; to space vixxens exploring inter-species lovemaking with horny aliens.  I’m even putting together a prehistoric shemale tribe of Amazons; just for shits and giggles.  Big titties, tribal markings and uncut she-cocks; what’s not to love?  The main font of story/picture ideas comes from the members themselves as no matter how creative you are; you can’t compete with your fans’ imaginations!


You also appear to have a collaboration going with Mind Control Comics. Tell us about your work there.

Well the mind control fetish is one I’ve heard about and never really understood.  So I contacted Doc Robo there and after a few conversations and mailings we decided to attempt a comic series together.  I’m very happy it really got a good response from the members of Doc’s paysite.  But the series is drawing to a close after 5 chapters so we’re talking about redoing Metropolis (the classic sci-fi silent movie) in our unique peverse style.  But that’s a few months out; but I’ve enjoyed working with Doc Robo very much so go check out his website as there’s a huge free area to check out for samples of the goodies inside!


In terms of your art: Who or what are your inspirations?

Hell, that’s a long list!  Pretty much everyone on Affect3d; damn you guys are insanely good!  My main 3d inspiration and mentor is Mr X of superheroine central; he’s helped me a lot over the years, Davorama, De Mullotto (a old school BDSM artist), Smudge (God of huge titted white sluts and superheroines) and of course the infamous Cagri.  And honestly,  my main inspiration are the Dark Brothers of 80’s porn fame.  They combined humor and fucked up ideas with porn in ways I’m still trying to emulate in 3d.  Go check out Devil in Miss Jones 3 and 4, Dr Penetration and New Wave Hookers for fine examples of their particular style.


Tell us about the process that goes into creating your works of art. What are your tools and how do you get an image or set from concept to completed render?

My tools are pretty bare bones right now; just mainly Poser Pro 2010 and Photoshop for postwork.  My main strength is a 3d archive going back over a decade; so I have access to a lot of things no longer online anymore.  I have a blank notebook next to my desktop where I write down ideas, etc. and then every so often I just look at it and then something jumps out and I run with it.  One thing is if you don’t really have a idea, go make up some characters and sets and then save them out for later use.  That’s saved my old ass more than once when a commission hit me out of left field and I was pressed for time. And it’s great practice as sometimes you make a beautiful character when the 3d Gods smile upon your hard work; those moments as rare but they really make all of the work worthwhile.


What projects are you working on currently and what’s in store for us over the next months?

In addition to some Amazon she males, my own take on Spartacus’ epic story is something I’ve been dabbling with for a year or so now; almost got everything set up for it.  There is also a sci-fi storyline I’m working on and should be creating in the near future.  Aside from those projects, I’ll be making nice test pinups of horny nuns and what not as I usually do normally.


Any last words for our Affect3D readers?

Just go with what makes you happy; that’s the main thing.  If you like a particular fetish or whatnot; just run with it.  Even if people don’t like the content; they’ll see the passion you put into a picture.  If you’re doing 3d to make big money, you’ll be very sad; maybe that’s why I love the 3d adult community; we do it because we love it and for no other reason.  My main advice is to just keep trucking and make the best, nastiest dirty pictures you can; and let the cum fall where it may.


Where can we find you online?   (Female combat and fighting site)

Be Sure to check out Uncle Sickey’s paysite 3D Smut Comics!


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  1. Thanks much for the kind words everyone. I’ll be posting more on the forum quite soon, but I’m in the middle of a huge contract job of exclusive images. Once I’m done with that, I’m gonna dust off my old aliens and give ’em some space sluts to impregnate!

    Or at the very least, pump their eggs into the whore’s asses so they have to pop them out later like a good mammal-slut should.

  2. miro miro

    “…and let the cum fall where it may.”
    as long as there’s a hot + sexy chick on the receiving end and it’s by the bucket load, lol

    Excllent work, love the cow girl and nun in particular 🙂

  3. ” And it’s great practice as sometimes you make a beautiful character when the 3d Gods smile upon your hard work; those moments as rare but they really make all of the work worthwhile.”

    Oh so true 🙂

    Keep on going Uncle!

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