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Character Feature: Gazukull’s Jessenia

Editor’s Note: To promote the release of Dead Tide 3 this Saturday, we wanted to feature one of the series’ infamous characters Jessenia. Gazukull has provided a quick look at Jessenia’s past with these exclusive images. So enjoy and be sure to get DT3 when it drops this weekend!

Gazukull here! Today I would like to present a short feature looking into the Dread Pirate Queen Jessenia’s past. By the time we finish Dead Tide 2 we know Gibonotik’s origin story and we know that he has been traveling with Jessenia for at least 3-4 centuries. But what about before that? Please enjoy!


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Character Feature: Gazukull’s Jessenia, 4.5 out of 5 based on 33 ratings


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  1. lordney2014

    Simplemente….les deseo mandar estas lineas, para comprobar que podemos coordinarnos en español. Vivo en Montevideo, Uruguay (South America), y con toda sinceridad vuestros productos es lo mejor que he visto en toda la Internet. Y sobro todo, tambien veo el futuro en historias y guiones…todo dependera de los creativos como andes de buenas y eroticas ideas. Gracias, Beto.

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  2. Scy

    @Lazy Fuck
    Uh…who cares? If you came here for an accurate history lesson, you may need to rethink your interest in CG Erotica, friend.

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  3. Lazy Fuck

    What kind of weird time sink setting does this take place in to say that the Pharoahs were a thing only 800 years before 18th century pirates? And cavemen only 200 years before that.

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