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Sayako Fucks Ayako

Sooooooo the vote is done and the Ayako’s sisters name is… Sayako! Yes, it’s Ayako and Sayako :) Obviously her parents, seeing that they’re twins wanted names that were almost identical to make it easy on everyone. Congrats to 3DFan for picking the name, that obviously struck a cord with the majority. Will be in touch about that prize =)

And so, lets welcome the newest member to the Affect3D family- SAYAKO =) Well, it seems Ayako has the perfect gift for her twin sister. Sayako had forever eyed that bubbly ass of Ayako’s but she’d never let her have it, but lucky for us she’s finally changed her mind. The constant fantasies of her sister cock sliding deep down her ass and fucking her relentlessly, had obviously wiped aside all moral barriers aside and replaced with lust and an unstoppable sexual appetite.

Because it’s a new chapter and Ayako’s sister got a new name and all I thought I’d start a separate gallery. If you haven’t seen it, check out the set that leads up to this one including Update 1-4, click on this link  ‘Ayako sucks dick girl cock‘.

Hope you enjoy the set. Tomorrow Sayako will flop out her willy drench Ayako in a good amount of cum, so make sure you don’t miss out on the 2nd part and conclusion to this little adventure!

Some more info on the update:

I usually combine a set with trying something new. For this one I had three things in mind. All about the cock in this one, cause it’s obviously going to be an important tool in the game play ahead.

I improved the cock in general, I wanted to do a whole new model, but ran out of time, so I just went with minor improvements to the shape, more veins… and it seems the darn thing got slightly bigger as well. Sayako is obviously very excited about taking Ayako from all sorts of entry points.

The second thing I wanted to try was bending the cock. Previously the cock had pretty much been one shape which is straight stiff and hard, which is fine for a little while, but with the future sets I have in mind, like slapping her ass or face with his/ her cock, bending the cock against her inner mouth whilst getting a blow job or penetrations that require an odd angle and reach. So with stuff like that on the radar I wanted to test the cock’s flexibility when she enters Ayako for the first time, as you can tell she’s met with initial resistance as she shoves it inside.

The third thing I had in mind was berrying the cock in her anus. After all this time something I hadn’t done before properly you know with her anus walls sort of engulfing the cock and all and her ass looking bent and a bit stretched.


Part 2  Small update only. No cum shot yet, but yeah the good news is, I’m going to do at least one more part, maybe even 2. Let me know what you think.



Part 3  Don’t have time for a long description, as I’m about to head out for work. No I’m not holding out on you, this part is not yet finished =) She will go all the way, they will be humping like rabbits and Sayako will be shooting her first load center stage, only here at affect3d, lol! Witness Sayako lose her virginity! I will finish it off and post it tonight (hopefully… fingers crossed), in the meantime enjoy the first 4 images of this part.

UPDATE Added 2 images. Were going to have to take this nice and slow until I’m done with this part. I rendered the final sequence over night but wasn’t happy with Ayako’s hand position so I redid it this morning and got two of them done.

Maybe Sayako can sense there are so many people watching her and she’s getting a little stage fright, but then again looking at her she seems really determined now and she won’t even let Ayako’s half hearted attempts at holding her back stop her. The intensity of the situation! Its Sayakos virgin cum shot all over Ayako and both Ayako and Sayako are really feeling the heat as Sayako is sliding her huge cock deeper and deeper into Ayako’s ass!

UPDATE 2 Added 1 image, but it’s a strategic one. Ayako was a little resistant so Sayako lured her into a false sense of security by messaging her clit. Of course as soon as the hands moved away she went deeper =) The other thing is I can’t really split up the remaining images, they really have to go together until she cums. I’ve got the positions, etc worked out, will post the entire remainder of the set soon.


Few images in this one the final update for this part. This one took a while to create because of the number of images and changes, but hope you like it.

There is a bit of a jump, between 62 and 65, I was going to create a 2nd cum shot with Sayako’s cock still in Ayakoa’s ass, but I didn’t have the time to finish it so the focus is on when she flops it out and cums again outside all over Ayako.

For that second part I made the dick just very slightly bigger to emphasis how excited she really was, but lucky I got a 2nd opinion it and apparently that slight increase was a good 25% or so additional length, and I hadn’t even noticed o_0. I did remedy the situation and redid that whole part with the “small” dick. But just because the work had already been done, I thought I’d post it anyway with the big dick as well, hence the repeat and slightly different versions. I’m sure some will like the big dick version as well.

With the cum shot I went a different approach, rather than just plain messy I was aiming for thick streams of cum, as Sayako would shoot them over Ayako, but seeing this was my first attempt I think there’s still lots of room for improvement.

And oh yeah with regards to the rumors of whether Sayako is able to suck her own cock, well, I can’t obviously confirm or deny until she actually does, but judging from the last image I think there is tiny possibility she can, even with the “small” cock, lol!

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  1. luminox999

    A little disappointed I didn’t get to see Tara swallow that dickgirls thick load. I really wanted to see her mouth get filled with thick cum and try to swallow it all while seeing her cheeks buldge out from her mouth being pumped full of jizz. Also want to see dickgirls in schoolgirl outfits with kneesocks, skirts, and panties with their thick cock and balls trapped inside showing their huge throbbing bulge.

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  2. PeterPan

    How can I get the full pack of the Ayako X Sayako series CG? They are soooooo amazing and addictive and I can’t wait to see more of them

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