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By Supro, October 30, 2014 Affect3D Store

It’s a frightful time at the Affect3D Store! We’ve got a special that’s so scary good, you’d thought we’ve gone mad! A deal so good, it will give shivers down your spine! This weekend only, you can get 31% off your… Read More »

By fredfred5150, October 28, 2014 Affect3D Store

Futa fans get ready for a hot weekend as we’ve got a new dickgirl title ready for you in the Affect3D Store! Lustful Sorceress by Lord Kvento is on release now! When these two sexy sorceresses engage in a steamy… Read More »

By DeathsUncleBob, October 28, 2014

Angel Blade is a Hentai parody OVA (Original Video Animation) created by Masami Obari.

By fredfred5150, October 27, 2014 Media of the Day
By Supro, October 26, 2014 Media of the Day

It’s almost Halloween! There’s a lot of spooky stuff out there, but at Affect3D, we’re treating you with more content every week! Check out what we having coming up!   Affect3D 3DX 10K Fund! Looking for funding for a 2D/3DX… Read More »

By Supro, October 25, 2014 Affect3D Store

Today is a HUGE day for the Affect3D Store as The Merovingian returns with his most anticipated release to date! Prepare yourself for Attack Of The Orcs V: Orgy of Evil, available now at the store! After defeating the Orc… Read More »

By fredfred5150, October 24, 2014 Media of the Day

Today’s Media Of The Day comes from artists Qoolman and goes to show that sometimes the classic themes just can’t be beat.

By Supro, October 23, 2014 Staff Picks

Welcome back to the everyoneinawhileifeellikewevebeendoingthiseverythreeweekslately column that you all know and/or seen, Affect3D Staff Picks! Here’s what we have this time!   Miro’s Pick: PRISME “Tiaz, the composer for G4E, has been working on a little side project called ‘Prism’…. Read More »

By fredfred5150, October 21, 2014 Affect3D Store

We’ve got a trio of terrific mid-week treats lined up for you as “Monster Sex Trilogy” from 3DZen is released in the Affect3D Store! The tale is a lust fuelled epic involving a very sexy elf almost outwitting 3 Orcs… Read More »

By fredfred5150, October 21, 2014 Media of the Day

Todays’ Media Of The Day comes from popular artist Exgemini and can certainly be considered to be a portrait of a strong woman!

By fredfred5150, October 20, 2014 Media of the Day
By fredfred5150, October 19, 2014 Affect3D Forum News

We’re back again with another fine forum features round-up, giving you an “at a glance” update on the happenings in our forum. We’ve had a few more artists join our forum and share their own handcrafted 3dx delights with us,… Read More »