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By Supro, June 10, 2014

Over the past few years, Nova has been consistently releasing titles that have been crowd-pleasers. From his fantasy titles featuring the sexy blue-skinned Vanya to his futanari titles that features hot futa action, Nova has really shown off some of… Read More »

By fredfred5150, June 9, 2014 Media of the Day
By Supro, June 8, 2014 Coming Soon

It’s too hot to go outside. Why don’t you stay and check out Affect3D? We have plenty of things for you this month. Check out what we have coming soon!   Affect3D Store Update Now Available! Check out these great… Read More »

By Supro, June 7, 2014 Affect3D Store

We have a huge release for today as one of our favorite artist Epoch has joined the Affect3D Store and will be releasing select titles from his catalog! And for this weekend only, you can save 10% on any Epoch… Read More »

By fredfred5150, June 6, 2014 Media of the Day

Today’s Media Of The Day comes from the well known artist Detomasso who like many other artists finds the videogame character Lara Croft to be and endless source of inspiration.

By Supro, June 5, 2014 25 Contest

Affect3D Store is getting bigger and bigger each and every week because of the support from the 3DX community. And this Saturday, it’s gonna be massive as 3DX artist Epoch will be releasing select titles at the Store! Here’s what… Read More »

By fredfred5150, June 4, 2014 Affect3D Store

We’ve got another treat ready for your viewing pleasure as the third installment of Zzomp’s Tihanna Loves Orcs is available in the Affect3D Store as a free download! Tihanna has managed to satisfy both of her guards, but now a… Read More »

By fredfred5150, June 2, 2014 Media of the Day
By fredfred5150, June 1, 2014 Affect3D Forum News

Here at Affect3D we believe that you can never have too much of a good thing, which is why it’s time for another edition of Forum Features. Yes that’s right once again everybody’s favourite article returns. Let’s face it people,… Read More »

By Supro, May 31, 2014 Affect3D Store

Today is a big day for Affect3D Store because we’re happy to announce that select titles from acclaimed artist Galaxy Pink are now available at the Affect3D Store! Galaxy Pink’s Sexual Fantasy Kingdom game series has been a classic, showcasing… Read More »

By fredfred5150, May 29, 2014 Media of the Day
By Supro, May 28, 2014 10

Galaxy Pink has been a mainstay in 3DX, creating some of the most unique boy girl and futa titles with her Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series. But there’s a lot more to know about this artist, who’s been churning out works… Read More »