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By fredfred5150, July 11, 2014 Media of the Day

Today’s Media Of The Day comes from Laticis and is one of those images where the title is probably meant to be taken with a pinch of salt!

By fredfred5150, July 10, 2014 7 Affect3D

As grows, we want to do more to get the community involved. That’s why we’re giving everyone the opportunity to write articles for Affect3D. Starting today, we’re introducing a brand new writer submission process to enhance our existing editorial… Read More »

By Supro, July 9, 2014 Affect3D Store

We have a dual release at the Affect3D Store as FantasyErotic and Jepner have released their latest titles! Starting today, you can get either FantasyErotic’s High Elf Carolyn: The Rescue or Jepner’s Lustplorers 10! Or you get can both! Both… Read More »

By fredfred5150, July 7, 2014 Media of the Day
By Supro, July 6, 2014 Coming Soon

In the summertime when the weather is hot, you got Affect3D right by your side! With something new every week, you can be sure that we’re always making your summer better! So have a drink, have a drive! Go and… Read More »

By Supro, July 5, 2014 Affect3D Store

The Dead Tide series is back with a new installment! And this time, Gazukull has collaborated with acclaimed animator Chimera46 to bring you Dead Tide 5: The One-Eyed Terror. And you can get it starting today at the Affect3D Store!

By fredfred5150, July 4, 2014 Media of the Day

Today’s Media Of The Day comes from artist Codemonkey379 and should delights fans of the kind of image that just oozes sex appeal.

By fredfred5150, July 2, 2014 Affect3D Store

We’re delighted to announce another brand new title ready for you as the third in the Dossier series from Epoch, House Of The Paramours is released in the Affect3D Store! When an important intergalactic dignitary visits the house of the… Read More »

By fredfred5150, July 1, 2014 Media of the Day

Todays Media Of The Day comes from Chinsen3D and might prove to some that bigger is indeed better…in more ways than one!

By fredfred5150, June 30, 2014 Media of the Day
By fredfred5150, June 29, 2014 Affect3D Forum News

We’re back again with another fine forum features round-up, giving you an “at a glance” update on the happenings in our forum. One of summer’s mainstay is music festivals, but unlike those our forum is festival of erotic delights and… Read More »

By fredfred5150, June 27, 2014 Affect3D Store

We’ve got another title lined up and ready for you as The Chronicles of Dun’Ragon III: The Half Drow by 3DZen is released in the Affect3D Store! Sure we could tell you the story (which fans of fantasy will enjoy… Read More »