Monster Sex 02

9.3 Overall Score
Format: 8/10
the Girl(s): 10/10
Variety: 9/10
Design: 10/10
Originality: 9/10


About the Artist/Circle

Black Adder is one of the premier 3DX artists out there. With voluptuous women and top notch graphics seen in 3DX today, Blackadder continues to create amazing artwork. His work has been previously been featured on Affect 3D as we interview him several months back. You can check his other works over on his official site.



Monster Sex 2 is the second part of a multi-series set as planned by Blackadder. This set includes 52 images (63 including the cover) featuring Blackadder’s busty character Gisella Moretti. Unlike the previous one where she contends with two creatures at human level, she takes on three small creepy looking creatures that have a certain attribute that gives her a HUGE amount of pleasure. As the cover states, Monster Sex 2 features titty fucking, oral and anal. The format for the set is in a single and convenient PDF file and is currently priced at $10.


The Girl

As with our previous reviews featuring Gisella Moretti, we love this bombshell character. Blackadder might’ve use Lara Croft as inspiration, but he clearly had a few ideas to improve upon her and making a entirely new (and possibly better) original character. From the amazing curves on her ass to the huge breasts that are just jaw-dropping, you can’t help but think Gisella fell from heaven. As always, a perfect 10 for her.



As with most of Blackadder’s works, the graphics are excellent. The setting is not as detailed as the previous releases, but the wood texture is realistic with the right amount of shine reflected off. The creatures, on the other hands, are ugly little buggers. They are not the prettiest thing to look at with their extremely short stature, giant bald heads and creepy looking faces. But they relatively fun and amusing with a nice skin texture that’s smooth unlike the more brutish creatures from the previous Monster Sex. Plus, with how short and ugly they are, I feel jealous of how big they are elsewhere. :(



The series starts off with the creatures locked in up in two jail cells aroused at the sight of Gisella’s smoking hot body. Gisella, turned on by the sight of their huge cocks, decides to play with them. She begins orally pleasuring one of the creatures, unbeknownst to her at the other cell, one of the creatures manages to escape (because one of the holes is bigger their bodies). But instead of fleeing from the place, he decides why waste a good moment and begins to fuck her backside. The other two get out of theirs and the fun continues.

This is one of the most creative sets from Blackadder. Due to the creatures’ smaller height, they ended up being more versatile and allowed for more creative ideas. The cell jail blowjob and attack from behind were great starts, but it continued to get better. At one point, Gisella gets double penetrated with her boobs smothering one of the creatures completely. As depicted in the scene below, Gisella is fucked in her asshole while one of the creatures jumps on top of her body to get a titty fuck and the other is deepthroating her. They’re fun scenes that were extremely creative on the part of Blackadder. The creatures, while ugly, were proven to be versatile and I’m hoping we see more of them in the future.



The camera work is one of the strongest suit for Monster Sex 2. The different angles were really well crafted and improved what is presented. You get enough of Gisella without showing her gratuitously. Close-up shot done not to the extreme, but with enough restraint to allow you to absorb the hotness of the scene. Even a nice POV shot was included when Gisella is riding one of the creatures. There’s also enough various sex positions in the set that you have plenty to enjoy.

Like with Monster Sex 01, there are no bonuses included. But this set does feature 11 more pics than the previous. Those additions really do help the set out allowing for more build on some areas and more action. So those who are leery about the price, it looks to be an even better deal with enough action to go along.


Overall Impressions

For those looking for an excuse not to buy it, the creatures are probably the only major turn-off as to why you wouldn’t buy it. And even then they don’t deter, but improve, the action present. For those who are fans of Blackadder’s works or just a fan of awesome 3DX works, this is definitely a must buy. Monster Sex 2 showed us again why Blackadder’s a premier name in the world of 3DX. With how well this set was done, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with the third. :D


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2 Comments on "Monster Sex 02"

  1. 2y29 March 9, 2012 at 9:15 am - Reply

    His art keeps getting better and better! Love both parts so far.

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  2. miro
    miro March 2, 2012 at 11:10 pm - Reply

    Blackadder is really pushing the limits with his current work, really fantastic work!

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