Monster Sex 5

8.5 Overall Score
Format: 8/10
the Girl(s): 10/10
Variety: 7/10
Design: 9/10
Sex Scenes: 8/10

Blackadder has been keeping busy, releasing several titles in as many months, but does this quantity mean an overall deterioration in quality? Well having reviewed Monster Sex 04 myself, who better to look at Monster Sex 05!



The image series is a 54 page PDF file, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but does make navigating the story a simple matter of using the mouse wheel. Each page consists of a single high-resolution image, with no speech bubbles or text. Rather than telling the story by words it is the actions of the characters within each picture that ties the images together into a coherent storyline


The Girl

The star of this series is Blackadders new and improved Skyla, some who have caught a glimpse of her have stated she bears a striking similarity to a certain Hollywood actress (can you guess who?). Regardless of that Skyla is stunning in her own right, from her luscious deeply tanned skin and golden hair to her beautifully proportioned body and face she just oozes sex appeal. While I may personally prefer a more slender, lean body type, the ample curves of Skyla’s body are delightfully round and firm in all the right places and left this reviewer wanting to see much, much more of her in the future!

Her monster assailants are impish goblin-type creatures, naked with little pot bellies, pointy ears and an impressive penis considering their small stature. These “mini-menaces” convey a sense of semi-wicked naughtiness rather than pure malevolence, which should help to avoid any squeamishness in the newly converted or faint-hearted monster genre aficionado.



Quality of image design and production is one of Blackadders strengths, consistently producing high-quality art, and this title is no exception, with every image displaying rich textures and warm lighting. The posing and expressions made by all the cast members really do a good job of telling the story and letting you know just what is going through their minds at any given moment. At some points the characters look real enough to reach out and touch (or run away from), and the setting/background has a suitably disused, grimy look and feel which contributes greatly to the atmosphere of proceedings



Fans of image series which contain a high proportion of sexual pictures, will be pleased with the contents of this release. After the first eleven images have established the scenario, the sex becomes an almost non-stop three-way, with Skyla’s diminutive captors making full use of her smouldering body to satisfy themselves. With the exception of a few teasing “softcore” type images, all of the sex is shown in explicit detail from several different, and very well chosen angles.


Sex Scenes

As mentioned previously, the sex in this title is almost non-stop and explicit from start to finish. Although Blackadder’s releases tend to be relatively vanilla in sexual content compared to some titles in the “Monsters vs. Girls” genre, it is nonetheless erotically-charged. One particularly nice sequence of images depicts Skyla engaging in oral and vaginal sex with both her captors simultaneously before moving onto the classic doggystyle-DP position. With the exception of one relatively poor picture, all the sex is portrayed with a high degree of visual accuracy. From Skylas’ pussy spreading around a cock to her throat bulging while engaged in deepthroat, everything looks exactly how the average porn viewer would imagine. It’s also worth noting that this title one of the most realistic depictions of semen this reviewer has seen. Credit to Blackadder for achieving this level of visual realism.


Overall Impression

The relatively “Vanilla” nature of the sexual content in Blackadders releases is something you really either enjoy or not, and should be taken into account when considering whether or not to buy this title. I’m sure that existing fans of Blackadders past releases will get exactly what they expect from a title bearing the artists name. Overall, a sexy and sometimes humorous edition of Blackadders Monster Sex series, and a welcome addition to the genre of monster sex in general.


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Monster Sex 5, 4.6 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

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