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So You Think You Can Make 3DX – Intense With Gens

Remember when we started this out as a tutorial for 3DX artists? Well, we’ve made it. After spending all this time getting you the skills you need to render pinups and spicy poses, we’ll now help you get truly explicit! The time has come to talk about genitalia. Pussies, dicks, and both combined!


Mari’s pussy, as seen in the header. This is based on the New Gens for V7 geograft, with some considerably customization.

Let’s start out by taking a look at the Renderotica female gens catalog. At first sight, it might seem like an overwhelming amount of things to choose from. But, like with our initial Daz Studio intro, once we cut out the static and reduce everything to essentials, we see that’s not the case. You’re looking at a lot of morphs and fixes for a handful of existing products. So let’s go over them one by and one and see what we’ve got.

New Gens for V7 is the most popular pussy solution. It has a host of morphs and a lot of very clearly defined surface areas that allow for great customization. It’s also a geografted prop, which is the best way of ensuring your renders come out looking right. Geografting is a process whereby a piece of geometry replaces similar geometry in a target object. So on a regular G3F, where there is no genitalia geometry present, this prop will insert itself into the G3F mesh and automatically copy surface and texture values.

The result is that you can bend and pose your character exactly as you would, without having to worry about adjusting pussy morphs to match, or running the render through Photoshop later.

Real Gens for G3F is a morph set for the G3F genitalia provided by Daz 3D. It’s not Daz’s responsibility to make sure that we can render explicit action, so it’s up to third parties to make this work. Like with the New Gens, the G3F gens by Daz are a geograft. You can acquire them as part of the Victoria 7 pro bundle. That said, in my experience these morphs aren’t as suited to extreme penetrations. So if you’re looking to render people with modestly proportioned genitalia, you’ll be just fine. If you’re more of the monster cocks variety, consider that Real Gens may be constraining.

G3F Genitalia is a custom, independent pussy prop. No previous ownership of anything required. It, is however, not a geograft. That means that the pussy will always exist independently of your G3F. If you start posing G3F, you will need to morph this gens prop to make sure it looks like it fits. As a result, it will not play well with extreme bending. You will also need to make sure that you retouch your renders to erase any potential seams or gaps.


This render features the Futalicious geograft for G3F, with the Roasty addon in place.

Here’s the catalog for male gens on Renderotica, which seemingly isn’t as expansive. Take a browse through it and decide what looks good to you. I’m actually not going as in-depth on the specific solutions here, because I don’t have a lot of experience with them. I will explain why in a second. For now, keep in mind that any product by Meipe & Xameva is generally a quality product, and that if you’re looking to get started with either hung male characters, or futa characters, the Dicktator and Futalicious, respectively, are great ways to do so. Futalicious also has the Roasty addon that adds a pussy in place of the testicles.

The reason I’m not as familiar with store-bought male gens is because I make a point of designing my own. Especially as a futa artist, I see dicks as being a signature item. Having a unique look that you can’t find anywhere else is crucial. Across the last year and a half, I’ve designed a couple of different looks and styles, but settled on a look now that I’ve been working steadily with my G3F-based characters.

There are a couple of different ways to go about doing this, but all of them require some knowledge of 3D modeling. The easiest way to get started is to download Blender, an open source 3D program and learn how to model and texture in it. Whatever you end up making in Blender, you will have export to Daz Studio. Then, in Daz Studio, you will need to learn how to add an animation rig and weight mapping to the object, so that you can pose it for renders. It’s a bit of an undertaking, but the end result is an expanded skillset and a product that looks unique. Not necessarily a long-term solution, but one worth considering.

Alternatively, you can download the Sculptris sculpting program from the Pixologic website. It’s a free yet more limited version of their paid solution, Zbrush. Sculpting is a more organic form of 3D modeling, with also a bit of a curious learning curve. To give you an idea of how this works, here’s an old timelapse of Miro sculpting Sayako’s cock for Girlfriends 4 Ever:

One point to note is that, unless you have exceptional skills, what you will end up making is a separate prop. Creating a geograft is a bit more complex. So anything designed in this fashion will mean that you end up running your renders through Photoshop. Now, even if you’re using geografts this is something you’ll usually want to do anyway. So don’t think of Photoshop as being optional. To maximise your results, it’s still an integral part of your arsenal. The only question is how much time you plan to spend in it.

Back next month!

The topic of making custom cock (or pussy) props warrants a closer look. So next month I’ll walk you through the steps required, and which tutorials/products are useful to help you on your way. After that, there are only a few more topics to get through. We want our cocks to shoot cum, and then we also want to make sure we’ve got our cameras in order. What’s cum without a good shot, after all? Then we’ll wrap things up with an in-depth look at actually rendering out an image. See you in April!

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  1. Ironheaded

    Thank you very much. I wasnt sure where to get extra accessories, to enhance the digital figures. Hey, I wasnt even sure which bodies to use, and you covered it. Thank you very much for this series.

  2. I have yet to learn to use Sculptris, as it seems much easier to do with a high end table, of which I have none. I will have to fiddle around with it more, but I’m afraid I’ll be concentrating on mutant, magitek cyborg alligators and not penises. 😀

  3. S.A.D

    Very interesting! I’m attempting to make a geograft onto New Gens for V6 and the main problem I’ve been running into is making good textures for it. Any plans for a guide on that?

    • The Dude The Dude

      Any graphics program will do if you’re good enough with it. Paint.net is a simple free solution that covers most the ground you’ll need.

      • Borsten

        Thanks man! Then i’m gonna take the low road and go with paint.net
        I got some Version of ps5 but boy does it have a fuckload of buttons!

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