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3DX Direct – May 2016

Hello there everyone! As promised, here is our second 3DX Direct! In it, we discuss tomorrow’s big release, Neva by Virtual Lust, as well as some upcoming changes to the site. A certain sex-crazed couple may also make an appearance…😉

Check back later this evening, as we will post the full trailer for Neva in anticipation of its release tomorrow!

Feel free to leave feedback below. If you have any news tips or heard any big news in the world of 3DX, feel free to email us at news@affect3d.com.

Take care, and enjoy!

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  1. Bob

    Another awesome episode and preview of some pretty amazing things coming out soon. Can’t wait for their release. Keep up the good work.

  2. price

    i have to agree, people come to this site for the 3dx, you are wasting your money with a live actress reading a teleprompter.
    a voiceover would suffice, heck even text would be fine by me

  3. Kingsizednuts

    Preferred the former actress. This one I’ve never heard of, and no interest in googling. Otherwise, May sounds a bit dull after a really good april lineup :/

  4. Stephen

    Would like to see more interactivate high quality stuff like Girlfriends4ever (the app, not the standalone movies). But sadly most content are pictures only. From the few videos that are getting released half is less quality and the rest is static only.

    I’m not quite happy to see money is going to spend on girls that are reading text, instead I would like to see the money spend on some more interactivate content.

    • Wobbegong

      You do know the artists are the ones doing the animations right? And affect3d is the website hosting their work? It’s not a question of finances

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