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Umemaro – past, present, future!

Umemaro’s 1st work: Aya

How does one begin to qualify perfection?  Is it possible to say that something is perfect, and then later say another is more so?  For the past ten years, anyone interested in 3DX has seen the work of Umemaro, and each time he releases a new title we’re left chanting the same reaction: “It’s perfect.”  Those of you recently introduced to the Master of 3DX by smash hits like “Dr Sugimoto’s Lecherous Treatment” have only scratched the surface of what this man has accomplished over the years.  Over the course of my review, I’ll cover Umemaro’s distinguished career, elaborate on his major breakthroughs, and attempt to qualify the objects of his inspiration: those gorgeous 3D girls!

Umemaro's 2nd work: Kasumi

I first encountered the work of Umemaro in 2001 when I downloaded (uh… pirated) a copy of the Hentai action game “Eden” by Forst.  It was my first exposure to 3D porn, and it left an indelible mark on my psyche.  Before that I had thought of animated porn as nothing more than silly efforts to pervert the (seemingly) pure medium of hand-drawn animation (e.g. La Blue Girl), however after watching “Eden” and its sequels over the following years, I found myself consistently impressed by the depth, realism, and sensuality of Umemaro’s debut works.

Umemaro's 3rd title: Sasa

Umemaro's 3rd work: Sasa

Watching the heroine Elin writhing and gasping with sweat dripping down her face and breasts, I came to compare the experience to a dream about sex; where the girl looks real, but she’s somehow better than reality; perfectly proportioned, and living in a world where times moves slower, sexier, and with greater intensity.  From that experience, I was left saying “It’s perfect… it doesn’t get any better than this,” how happy I was to be proven wrong!

Umemaro's 4th work: Mai

By 2004 I was a frequent visitor to DLSite, usually to pick up rarer Doujinshi and Manga works that didn’t see much circulation on Hentai websites, and it was then that I learned the name of Umemaro.  Upon the release of “The Crazy Female Teacher,” his work had made a quantum leap in terms of graphics, animation, and character design.  Furthermore, with the high profile criminal case of Mary Kay Letourneau spewing sex scandal all over the American news media, Umemaro seemed to capitalize on the controversy (whether by luck or by design) by creating a character which cut to the very heart of our lascivious interest: a sexually assertive female teacher who loves fucking her virile young students!

Umemaro's 5th work: The Crazy Female Teacher

Miss Mimi Minami symbolized the erotic fantasy inspired by Letourneau, and gave it an accessibility that Umemaro’s western audience was hungry to embrace.  The total effect was a great success, earning Umemaro the top sales during the week of its release, and placing him in the top ten selling titles of 2005.  In December of 2005 he followed up with the wonderfully playful daydream “Senpai,” and just when I thought “it can’t possibly get better than this,” Umemaro bowled me over with the work he cooked up next!

Umemaro's 6th work: SENPAI (Senior)

“Lewd Bust Bomb Female Teacher,” marked another turning point in Umemaro’s work; his animation seemed less concerned with still-life image, and more obsessed with perfecting the physics of motion.  The title’s lead vixen, Miss Miyuki Kageyama, possesses a body that ripples and undulates more than her predecessors.  Though just as sexually assertive as Mimi Minami, Miyuki’s form bears a more fluid animation; revealing a tenderness that is both endearing and erotic.  Her enjoyment of sex is clearly elaborated as she takes her student’s hard cock between her massive breasts, and maintains continuous eye contact as she transitions to mounting and riding him towards their mutual ecstasy.  It is this added dimension of sensuality that even most live action porn creators never grasp: the importance of eye contact and dirty talk, and within this title Umemaro demonstrates not only his extraordinary animation skills, but moreover the deeper characterization of his leading lady coupled with a flair for seeing into the heart of erotic fantasy.  Could it possibly get any better?  Oh hell yes!

Umemaro's 7th work: Lewd bomb bust female teacher

In October of 2007, Umemaro released what I feel is still his best title.  “Lewd Consultation Room” (LCR) not only marked another paradigm shift in the presentation of 3DX, but also introduced us to his most illustrious leading lady: Doctor Shoko Sugimoto.  With this title, Umemaro departed from his previous formats in almost every way.  The video is interactive, allowing the viewer to choose which girl he wants to get sexed by as the scenes progress.  Furthermore it’s the first of Umemaro’s works to receive a complete English translation with text and voice acting provided for western audiences.  While preserving the same fluid animation and sensual characterization as seen in Miyuki Kageyama, we’re treated to two gorgeous women who indulge us with sex in the benevolent hope of curing our “stress.”  In the end, we’re treated to alternate options for the final cumshots, and a strong desire to watch the movie over and over again!

Umemaro's 8th work: Lewd Consultation Room

Following the format of LCR, Umemaro released “Twin Succubus” in December 2008, where he consistently applies the high standards of animation with the extra-added dimension of hardcore eroticism; featuring his first treatment of anal sex, double penetration, and semen swallowing.  By this point, perfection is too simple a word to describe the beauty and eroticism of Umemaro’s works.  With the release of “Lewd Consultation Room” and “Twin Succubus”, it became clear that he not only dominates the genre, he defines it.

Umemaro's 9th work: Twin Succubus

In June of 2010, Umemaro embarked on another creative journey; assembling the whole of his works into an interactive world where we can experience many of his characters in a story-driven environment.  “Game of Lascivity OMEGA” encroaches on territory traditionally held by 2D text-driven Hentai games; presenting a story where our hero attempts to uncover the corruption that is turning his school into a den of wildly horny students and faculty.  To western audiences this effort may have fallen on deaf ears, where immediate sex action is delayed by the task of solving puzzles and uncovering plot elements, but nonetheless I can admire his ambitions to change the world of Hentai gaming.  It’s important to note that, despite the distractions of plot and story, OMEGA does contain plenty of hot sex scenes; including a threesome with Ayane and Manami (from the Senpai mini-movie), and a cameo appearance by Dr. Sugimoto.  To be honest, the only real disappointment from this title is the crippled menu system that fails to chain transitions and loops into contiguous sex scenes, but this does not reflect negatively on the quality of Umemaro’s work, only the quality of his programmers.  However, if there’s one thing that Umemaro is good at, it’s making his audience happy.  That is why his next work will undoubtedly be remembered as his greatest… at least until the next title is released!

Umemaro's 10th work: Game of Lascivity OMEGA (The First Volume) -Vampire vs. KungFu Girl

As a special gift to his audience, on December 24 2010, Umemaro released a title that granted our greatest Christmas wish; to have the sultry Dr. Sugimoto all to ourselves!  What follows is the most blistering hardcore action that Umemaro has ever produced!  Shoko is relentless in her duties as she proceeds to cure her hard-on stricken patient with a healthy dose of sexual indulgence, and the debauchery that ensues serves to enshrine our favorite school nurse as the single greatest character in the lexicon of Umemaro.  In scene after scene she drains the young stud dry, and takes him in every way possible, both realistic and unrealistic; as the hidden scenes reveal the boy to be a double-dicked demon that fills both her insatiable holes in a series of raucous double penetrations!  “Dr. Sugimoto’s Lecherous Treatment” has set the benchmark for what is possible in the world of 3DX, and like all the works that preceded it, this title is perfect!

Umemaro's 11th work: Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment

No matter what Umemaro decides to do next, one thing is certain; he will continue to surpass the high standards of 3DX animation and eroticism that he alone has established.  Furthermore he will continue to give fans what they desire most: a dreamwork reality that manages to fulfill our sexual fantasies, while simultaneously fostering a feeling of intimacy and enthusiasm that reminds us why we love sex in the first place!

Umemaro's 12th work: **Coming soon** Pizza Girl???

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  1. Amarantine

    excellent article, brings back some memories, the only thing I would say is that his last work Dr. Sugimoto’s Lecherous Treatment is actually hist best, Consulation room was great of course, but in Dr Shugimoto it’s just her (dont really like that other chick) plus the sheer amount of scenes is incredible

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