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Have you ever watched a series that was so cheesy you couldn’t help but watch it? When I came across T-Rex’s Binkan Athlete to suit my swimsuit needs, it felt like I was watching a bad series hoping it would get better. Unfortunately my expectations were too high. I admit the cover art of the sexy main heroine piqued my interest along with the plot summary, but after completing this series I couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied.

The story is centered on Shigeru, a university student who recently gained a part-time job at a prestigious gym as a masseuse. His supervisor Ayako decides to put his skills to the test by having him fondle her breasts only to discover that he has “golden fingers.” To put it simply, Shigeru has the magic touch when it comes to massage therapy. Ayako informs him that he is required to help the promising female athletes relieve their “stress” so that they may continue to provide accolades to their gym. Not a bad job right?


Binkan Athlete starts off interesting after that introduction, but it quickly grows stagnant as the story continues due to the fact there is no conflict and the main character has no personality.

He literally has the magic touch.

He literally has the magic touch.



Throughout this 30 minute episode our protagonist encounters four of the gym’s finest athletes. After teasing the lovely MILF Ayako at the beginning it would’ve been nice if she was also included for a session. His first client is Megumi, a volleyball star who knows little about sex aside from the occasional lust and frustration she feels.

SistersShigeru proceeds to relax the star athlete with a thorough breast massage leading to a release from her pink petals. While coming down from her climax she decides to repay his generosity in kind by satisfying his desires.

Our hero is next seen on the ice rink with two figure skaters who decide to pull a prank on him. As punishment, Shigeru decides to subject the sisters to the might of his golden fingers. At this part is where things get a little cheesy. The moment his hands touch their crotches, his hands glow and tear through the fabric like magic. The masseuse’s revenge play only put the skaters in heat which led to a threesome out in the open.

BukkakeLastly, Shigeru tends to Asaka, another volleyball prodigy and heroine on the title page. Her scenario is probably the most interesting compared to the others. After winning the championship with the focus she gained through repeated “sessions” with Shigeru, she embraces him on the court and confesses her love to him. Asaka’s love for her masseuse is reciprocated and she decides to take the initiative by making love to him all night. Once morning came and she sees that her boyfriend is still erect, Asaka is raring to go for another round.

The story itself has an uneventful plot and as I’ve mentioned before there is no conflict whatsoever. For me it’s hard to stay interested in a story where everything is going the hero’s way. It might be because I’m old fashioned. It does however alternate different fetishes for each character from fellatio, doggy-style, tanlines, and even tights so at least the erotic scenes aren’t repetitive.



The voice acting alone is enough to make one cringe. There’s no emotion in any of the characters’ voices. Mix that with 80’s themed music and you’ve got a recipe for a corny old school porno. Binkan Athlete would honestly be better if the voices didn’t sound so forced in the love scenes. Since there’s no passion in the acting it’s hard to fully enjoy the eroticism of the anime. The sound effects alone are what you’d expect from a hentai series, so at least that part was done right. Although the music is one of those keystroke tracks you hear in classic porn. You might enjoy it or you might find it hilarious, either way it’s catchy.



Asaka_lsT-Rex’s animation was made in 2009, but the designs appear to be a little dated, almost in a 90’s moe fashion. I’m aware that every artist has their own style so I won’t criticize that aspect, but for me as a hentai fan there’s a certain aspect of realism I appreciate in the characters designs. Binkan Athlete’s designs for their heroines are a tad bit unbalanced. Don’t get me wrong, I love big breasted anime girls as much as the next guy, but not if they’re obscenely larger than the girl’s torso.

It’s a wonder how the skater sisters can skate so well with mounds that massive. The only character with realistic proportions is Asaka. As for the animation, it seemed to be in synch with the sound effects throughout the love scenes. From penetration to climax T-Rex Production did a decent job orchestrating those necessary elements together.


Binkan Athlete is not the worst hentai I’ve seen, but it’s certainly not the best. Honestly I kept watching it hoping it would get better to no avail. It’s pretty much a “to each their own” type of story. For me, it’s 30 minutes of my life I won’t be getting back.

A real letdown

The Girls
Final Thoughts

I've seen worse, but this is something I won't be watching again.

Overall Score 2.9

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