Review: 7 Days ~if~ by Zero-One

It’s nightfall and everyone has decided to turn in for the evening. Everyone except for you of course. You now have the poolside to yourself at the resort and you want to be a little more daring with your partner. There is something exhilarating about having sex in a public area, after all. This is the story behind 7 Days ~if~ by Zero-One.

Story and Characters

There isn’t a story in this animation, though it seems to be an offshoot from the regular 7 Days series. The beginning sequence has some kind of context; however, it’s in Japanese and there aren’t any subtitles. From the environment it looks like a resort.

There are only two characters in this animation. The man and the woman are present from beginning to end. It’s a bit of a surprise to see the focus on both characters. Often times the focus is solely on the woman and you see everything from the man’s perspective. It was a pleasant surprise to have both characters involved in this title.


Sex Scenes and Animation

If you’re wanting to watch something that includes various sex positions then look no further. In the beginning of the animation the woman has her breasts fondled. The man slowly works his hands down to her panties before proceeding with fingering her. The man gets on top for a tittyfuck and follows with inserting his penis inside of her. Other positions include reverse cowgirl and doggy style. Throughout most of the animation the man is fondling the woman’s breasts paying extra attention to her nipples. With every position that are multiple camera angles for them.

However, there weren’t any cumshots in the entire video. Whenever there is a climax there is a flash of white light or the video fades to black and moves onto the next sex position. It was awkward and disappointing to say the least.


The only sound in the animation is the moaning from the woman. While that’s always a plus for me it would have been nice if there was some interaction between the two characters. Or maybe even some background music lightly playing.

The animation was fluid for the most part. There is a great amount of detail put into both characters. Some instances the woman’s hair was a little bit awkward but it was nothing that took away what was taking place. There were also instances where the man wasn’t actually touching the woman. The hand placements were correct; however, from different camera angles you can see that there isn’t any physical contact.


Overall, I enjoyed the animation. The genitalia was censored unfortunately. Most Japanese titles have censorship; however, with the amount of detail that was put into these characters, it would have made all the difference to have the animation completely uncensored. There also aren’t any cumshots in the animation which was disappointing. There aren’t any subtitles either – you can create your own story but it would have been interesting to know the dynamic between these two characters.

7 Days ~if~ is a good product despite the issues that I have with it.  Not only that – the various sex positions make it far from dull.

You can check out 7 Days ~if~ at DLSITE!

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