Review: Classroom Sex With Cherubic Teen Model by Love Guru Guru

School is over and only an empty classroom remains…or not? Upon closer inspection, two people have decided to stay behind for some after school “special” lessons. This is the setup for Classroom Sex With Cherubic Teen Model by Love Guru Guru.

Story and Characters

blowjobThe entirety of the story takes place in the aforementioned classroom. I guess it plays in on the “after school” fantasy/fetish. Two people stay behind in an empty classroom, the excitement rises and lust takes over. It can even bring some extra tension because, well, what would happen if someone suddenly walked in on the scene? Surprisingly enough, that last part doesn’t happen in this story, but it’s still nice for what it is. The video consists of 29 minutes of foreplay and sex scenes between a pretty girl in pink bikini/lingerie and a black-haired guy.

The girl looks cute and sexy. She’s got long brown wavy hair, blue eyes and a nice body. The boy doesn’t fully appear on camera. We can only see his body, his hair and at one scene you can see he wears glasses. Apart from their outer appearance you don’t learn much about the characters themselves. We don’t get an explanation of who they are or why they are there. So if you are looking for an interesting story, you will not find it here. But if you just want some nice sex animation, then you might be at the right place.

Animation and Sound

In terms of animation, I would say it’s rather simple. It’s not necessarily bad, but I’ve seen better. There are times where it’s not really that fluid or when some body movements look rather strange. For example, during the hand job scene they have focused on the girl’s face and right hand, but her left arm is just hanging there like she doesn’t know what to do with it. They could have added some more variation, for example make her stroke his leg or switch hands. Her boobs sometimes make some unnatural bounces as well. Boob jiggle is nice, but there are certain rules of physics they have to comply to.

Next up is sound. During the whole video you can hear cicadas chirping outside, giving it a summer feel. Other sounds are the usual SFX sounds during the hand and blowjob, accompanied with some moaning of course. After about 10 minutes the girl seems to get into it more, which causes an increase in moaning and she even says a few sentences. The sounds she makes are the most intense during the sex scenes, and I feel like this really adds to the scene. Like I explained in previous reviews I find sound to be a really important aspect, so it’s nice to hear they paid attention to that.


Sex scenes

This video focuses on the sex scenes, so you get 29 minutes worth of it. The first half of the video (around 15 minutes) features hand and blowjob. The second half features sex from behind and girl on top. So you could say there are two main foreplay scenes and two main sex scenes. All the scenes receive various camera angles, which is a nice touch. They show the scene from far away, close up, from front and side. And every now and then they show it from the outside looking through the window into the classroom.

The animation isn’t top notch, as explained before, but it does do the job. For example when she gets taken from behind, the body movements of the two characters, combined with the sounds, look really good. But if you pay attention to detail, for example the placement of the man his hands, then it’s far from perfect.

Also important to note is that there is quite a bit of censoring going on, with the male and female genitals covered in mosaic.


I wouldn’t say Classroom Sex With Cherubic Teen Model is the best animation I’ve seen. But if you’re just looking for some sexy scenes taking place in a classroom, you might find this video satisfying enough. It depends on what you find to be the most important in such a product. I guess you could say that this one covers the basics: There is a pretty girl, she makes cute moaning sounds, and there are several sex positions. But if you’re looking for something with a story, or something with top-notch animation, then this might not be for you.

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Final thoughts

Story and Characters
Animation and Sound
Sex Scenes
Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a simple animation to satisfy your needs, it might be worth checking out. But don't expect perfect animation or a fascinating story. This product just covers the basics: cute girl and guy having intense moments in a classroom.

Overall Score 3.3
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