Review: Cum Succubus KAMI ~makai version~ by Team Tanuki

A succubus has invaded your dreams. There is no way to escape, as everything goes according to her will. She decides to make you her plaything. How long can you take it? This is the challenge presented to you in Cum Succubus KAMI ~makai version~ from Team Tanuki.

Story and characters

The story takes place in a dream world. It seems you’re fast asleep and suddenly a Succubus invades your dreams. She takes full control and decides to play around with you. From masturbation till sex, you have to try to hold on till the end. If you cum inside her, it’s game over, or so she says.

The main character in this story is the well-endowed succubus Kami-tan. Purplish skin, large bat wings, pointed ears and fangs, a very sexy demon indeed. Tempting you with her body and taunting you with her words, making clear she’s in control. I personally really like her design, as it looks very demon-like, but also very sexy. Just like what you’d expect of a Succubus. She comes across as very powerful and dominating. Which makes sense if you take into account that she will do anything to try and make you cum.

The second character is you, the player, who she playfully calls Hentai-kun. It seems you’ve met Kami once before, and you’re actually quite pleased to see her again. (Referring to Team Tanuki’s earlier release featuring the Succubus)


Kami-tan is in full control, can you hold on for another 5 seconds?

Animation and game play

This product is a kind of animation game. You can advance the story by clicking on certain sentences on the screen, and you can also change the look of Kami-tan or the speed of the scene by yourself. So you get partly-animated images which are somewhat customizable instead of a full animation.

Even though it’s not a full animation, the animated parts that are look really nice. They’ve chosen to give movement to the most important areas, such as eyes, mouth, boobs and hand movements. They’ve also added several camera movements, light effects and zoom in shots to add more action to some scenes.

The gameplay is rather simple, as you move forward by clicking on the white sentences on the screen. As soon as you arrive at a sex scene, several more options appear which you can choose by either clicking or using shortcut keys on the keyboard. For example, while Kami-tan is giving you a hand job you can zoom in, change the expression on her face and you can speed up her hand movements. In the final sex scene you can even choose from different voice patterns, expressions and body movements. I think this is a really nice addition.


The starting menu has some really nice and upbeat background music. As soon as you start the game the music fades away. From then on, the succubus’s voice will mostly guide the game, accompanied by special effect sounds to raise the tension.

There are sounds when the scene switches or when the camera zooms in. There are some lightning effects and sounds when the succubus uses her magic and one really noticeable sound is a heartbeat. This heartbeat really raises the tension. It starts off slow when you move into a sex scene, and at the end it appears again and speeds up to lead into the cum shot.

I feel like Kami-tan’s voice is a really important aspect of the game. She talks to you in a very teasing way, as if she’s challenging you. The lines she says are also displayed on the screen itself. A downside may be that it’s fully Japanese, both voice and the text, so this may take down a bit of the experience. So it’s kind of a pity that you might not be able to fully understand what she’s saying. Still, the voice actor did a really good job and just from listening you do get the gist of the atmosphere.

Showing you some of the customization options. For example you can change expressions, boob bounce, and view.

Sex scenes

Apart from the short introduction at the beginning of the game, the rest are all sex scenes. In total there are three scenes: two hand jobs and one sex scene with girl on top. As explained before, all scenes are partly animated and are customizable, which is a really nice touch! This adds variety to the scene, and makes it less static. You can also watch the scene for as long as you like, as you can control when to move onward with the next one.

Kami-tan also speaks for a fairly long time each scene, so you won’t have moments of awkward silence. In the final scene you can even choose what sound you’d like to hear from her. Unfortunately there are only three scenes. So if you are someone who, even with those available options, quickly gets tired of one scene and rushes through the game, you’ll get to the end very quick.


It’s a nice game and the possibility to customize the scenes is really nice. The character design of the succubus is great and her voice is really fitting. Unfortunately there are only three sex scenes, so if you go through them quickly the game is rather short. Because the product is from Japan there is some censorship and all voices and text are in Japanese as well, so that is also something to take into consideration.

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Animation and gameplay
Sex scenes
Final Thoughts

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