Review – Gunfight at the Oppai Corral

Legal Highs’ side-scrolling adventure, Gunfight at the Oppai Corral is a game filled with big tits, scantily clad Amazonians, and shootouts at high noon. These elements together could make the ideal porn game, unfortunately, this game is a few rounds too short to live up to the big gun it tries to be.



The graphics of Legal Highs’ new title is reminiscent to the CG scenes you usually find in PS One titles such as Final Fantasy VII or Parasite Eve, to say the least. This means the detail of the game’s characters are far from being aesthetically pleasing. They’re just a step away from being polygonal in their design. They’re practically dolls with their stiff movements and shiny skin whenever they’re nude!

Much like the characters, the environments are also subpar. While the intention is to bring players into a Western-style porno theme, it’s hard to stay engaged when everything looks so bland. It’s almost as if they took some of the backgrounds of Super Mario Bros. and rehashed them as their own for each level.

As for the user interface, it’s about as retro as the game itself. Considering this is only Legal Highs’ second game, I feel like they still have room to improve.



Never have I ever played an adult game that was so stingy on the sex scenes until now. True to its description, Gunfight at the Oppai Corral treats sex as a reward. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the repetitive onslaught of enemies that continue to spawn makes the task downright tedious. This game has a total of five stages and twenty areas. Defeating the boss leads to the sex scene players painstakingly worked so hard for only to be gifted with characters that are as lively as a sloth. Even the losing sex scene isn’t satisfying.

There’s not much variety in regards to the positions. This game usually sticks to doggy style or missionary. Even if the sex part of the game was taken out, it just wouldn’t be worth playing until adjustments have been made.


The music of this game isn’t that bad. It’s like a mashup of 8-bit techno meets country. While there’s no spoken dialogue, the only voice acting comes from the sex scenes. Regrettably the squeals and moans of the actress can be a tad grating on the ears. In addition to the voice acting, the sound effects are far from realistic. There’s no sloppy wet sounds of flesh-on-flesh to go with the “rough sex” this game tries to portray. Instead there’s a clicking sound in its place. This could withdraw players from the game’s experience. The only proper sound effects are in combat mode.

Control and Gameplay


In Gunfight at the Oppai Corral, players will take on the role of Monica Coxxx, a porn star ready to shoot her next film only to find out all the men have been kidnapped by horny Amazons. It’s up to Monica to save the guys and make some movie magic. It’s easy to play, but the constant auto-spawning takes the fun out of the game. As I’ve previously mentioned it can get repetitive rather quickly. While there is a creative arsenal at the player’s disposal, the result is hardly impressive. Each unique weapon used results in a special effect equivalent to MS Paint. There’s also an occasional lag in combos against multiple opponents. Even casual gamers like myself would find this game frustrating.

Legal Highs’ newest title still looks like a work in progress. While this product has its faults, I’m sure as this team continues honing their craft they’ll come out with something great in the future. Still curious about this game?

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There's room to grow

Final Thoughts

Like with most things in life, practice makes perfect. Legal Highs might be new to the 3DX scene so as long as they continue to practice, they will soon thrive.

Overall Score 2.1

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