Review: Sex With Cosplayer In Class by Doujin Fetish

An after-school session with a sexy cosplayer, that’s what the product Sex With Cosplayer In Class from the circle Doujin Fetish is all about.

The school bell rings and everyone has left the building, except two people who decided to stay behind in an empty classroom for an intimate session. Does this sound familiar? It might, because it’s almost the same setting as in the product I reviewed last time, called Classroom Sex with Cherubic Teen Model. The products might seem quite similar but they are made by different studios and feature different characters as well.

Story and characters

Unfortunately there is not much of a story going on. As a person who finds it more appealing if there is a story behind the sex, for me that was a bit of a letdown. But in exchange for less story, there are more sex scenes. So it’s up to what you prefer.

As for characters, there are only two of them. We do not see much of the man, since the main focus is all on the girl. Sometimes we see everything from his point of view, and sometimes from a distance. However even then you will mostly only see parts of his body, not his face. The girl has blonde straight hair and green/blue eyes. The most distinctive part of her would be her outfit. She wears a sexy cosplay outfit, what seems to be some kind of armor. Of course her breastplates and underwear can easily be removed.

I think the outfit is also the main selling point of the product. It plays on the cosplay fetish. Last time we saw a classroom setting with a model in a bikini/lingerie outfit, and this time it’s a cute cosplayer.

Blowjob seen from various camera angles

Blowjob seen from various camera angles

The sex scenes and animation

If you’re a fan of blowjobs then you’re lucky, as the first 15 minutes of the movie will focus on this part. At first the man will be sitting down while receiving the blowjob, and after a while it will switch to a standing position. The scene will be shown from over 8 different camera angles, which brings some more variation to the scene.

The second half of the video will focus on the sex. It features doggy style, and again in two different positions. One with the girl leaning against the wall, and one where she is kneeling on the ground. As with the blowjob, this scene also gets shown through various viewpoints. The scene then ends with a facial.

boob-grabThe animation during the sex scenes is not that elaborate. They’ve made sure to get the main movements right, but didn’t really pay attention to the details. For example the body movements and boob jiggle look all right, but her expression, hair and outfit is rather static. This sometimes causes things to intersect, such as her large shoulder pads with her hair. It also seems like the man his hands can’t really grab things. Instead of fondling her breasts, his hand seems to float in front of it. Also when he is holding her by her arms, his hands aren’t really grabbing hers.

During the scenes there are not many sounds apart from the standard SFX sucking and slurping sounds.  The girl also doesn’t make a lot of sound except for during the sex scenes, where they added some nice moaning sounds. Those are always a plus point for me.



If you are not too picky about story and animation, and like girls in cosplay, this might be for you. There are only two main scenes, a blowjob and sex from behind. But they do show it from various camera angles which adds some variation. All in all it’s not an outstanding product, so don’t get your expectations up too high. But it’s still a nice enough product if you’re just looking for some simple sex scenes. Please do note that there is mosaic censoring on the genitals.

You can check out Sex with Cosplayer in Class at DLsite!

Cosplay fun

Sex scenes
Final Thoughts

Simple animation, with the focus on sex scenes featuring a cute cosplay girl.

Overall Score 3.1
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