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I recently had the pleasure of playing through A-Model’s Shiro & Kuro Runaway Gals Do Anything For A Place To Stay. A-Model is a relatively small production crew but they always deliver some pretty enjoyable stuff.


As far as cliche tropes go, this story seems original, even if only due to its quirky twists. You play as a well-to-do businessman who crosses paths with two runaway girls who live semi-permanently in a Love Hotel. Now after some proper seduction which also serves as the game’s tutorial, we get into the heat of things. The girls will do just about anything to keep you as their benefactor (read: sugar daddy). The story takes you through several scenarios, usually involving threesomes but also some roleplay every now and then. However, that’s the limit to the story’s appeal. Did I mention the dialogues are all in Japanese?
For the not so well-versed, you can either make some blind decisions or just await an English patch.



Now the characters is where the game really shines. There isn’t all that much development but each girl has her own distinct personality and the crisp artwork and filler story panels really show it. From idle conversation to the middle of a steamy midnight romp, each girl stays true to her characteristics. Kuro, the dark skinned girl, is the wild nymphomaniac. Meanwhile, Shiro is the typical entitled trust fund baby looking to have fun. If you find yourself between the fuck fests and the cumshots, every line adds humor. Fear not non-Japanese speakers, the illustrations are sufficient to follow and quirky enough to keep you entertained as you build up to the next scene. Speaking of scenes, you “unlock” the pretty straightforward rewards, gifts and sexual favors you get to save for later. This feature is almost a staple in most Japanese ero-games and is always appreciated.

Gameplay & Audio

There’s nothing revolutionary to speak of gameplay-wise. But the game does help you out in terms saving all your scenes as you unlock them. It also gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing girls, their dialogues, and sexual behavior. Besides that, it is a typical dating sim style affair, albeit much better looking in almost every way. Furthermore, the soundtrack is really pleasant, not overtly shrill and loud but rather a melodious track. Voice acting is also pretty spot on, but by this point that is to be expected. It stays well within standards without raising the bar.



Now this deserves a lot praise in my opinion. With every scene you can tell that a lot of effort went into it. From the ahegao expressions in these young beauties’ faces as you fuck them silly to the post-sex scenes and fillers with their cum drenched bodies we get pure eye candy. Additionally, the variety in the settings and roles also keeps things constantly fresh. Plus, the ability to keep these scenes saved mean you can always cherry-pick what you’re in the mood for. A-Model has a fair bit to go before hitting their A-Game. But as one of their current four works, Shiro & Kuro Runaway Girls is a gem!

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Worth Checking Out!

Gameplay & Audio
Final Thoughts

For such a small game, Runaway Girls packs a punch and makes an impression. It's a good thing you can keep going back to it for more and stay pleasantly engrossed for quite while. The easy going gameplay, the humorous story, the sweet music go hand in hand to complement the beautiful artstyle!

Overall Score 4.4 Final Score
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