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NEW Store Release: All Our Secrets

Fans of glamorous dickgirls rejoice! Today not only brings us a new release from The Dude, it also marks the start of a new series! Available at our store now he will bring you All Our Secrets, which brings some spicy new dickgirl-on-dickgirl action!

This set will introduce you to two lovely new girls, a blonde bombshell called Mari and a busty brunette called Marcella. Both packing a large dick as well. Mari actually used to be a very innocent girl, that was until Marcella came along and showed her a whole new world. Mari has now given in to a life of sexual indulgence. Or has she? To put her girlfriend to the test, Marcella has taken her to a nightclub. Will she be able to persuade Mari to have sex with her in front of everybody in the club?

Starting off with some drinks and sexy dancing, Marcella soon whips out her cock from underneath her tight dress. Without a moment of doubt Mari gives in to the temptation, ready for a night they (and other club attendees) will probably never forget.

With 73 high quality images, TheDude3DX will treat you to some amazing dickgirl action. Watch as two beautiful girls caress each other’s bodies, licking and sucking their boobs and dicks. Follow Mari as she loses her sense of decency and takes on Marcella’s cock on the sofa and the table for everyone to see. But wait, there’s more! This image set also comes with a written introduction by our own Marie Fasolt. And as an extra bonus a voiceover audio track will be included as well, starring Marie as Mari!

So what are you waiting for?! You can get All Our Secrets at the Affect3DStore for only $12.95!

Buy All Our Secrets At The Affect3D Store, Today!

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  1. jack pinder

    Good to see lots of feedback. Like the story. Location is super but the loss of an audience in the latter part of the set makes me curious. Seeing other onlookers in the frame while the passion is progressing seems wrong somehow and I personally like the way this set finished up with but the two of them. Its a plus being surprised by an image set and I try to enjoy whichever way an artist chooses to take their story. Sometimes, at first a slight disappointment but several viewings later the images seem to speak to me. An excellent build up to the penetration. Would have preferred a widescreen aspect presentation, horizontal or vertical but will support your choice. Marie does sound as if she is a method actress. Believable. Was that a fuzzy image of Tati in that scrumptious gray dress? Looking forward to your sequel.

  2. Kron

    Bought the set and i got to say it was pretty amazing especially with the extra stuff from Marie. Can’t wait to see the sequel to this!

  3. Kingsizednuts

    It works if you unzip only some of the files inside. But unzipping the whole zip file at onec doesnt work…

    About the set: I was happy with some parts of it and not too happy with some…

    – The girls looks very good.
    – Good dresses and setting.
    – The moaning from Marie is very good.

    – I was expecting a blowjob when she just licked on the shaft instead… I have no idea what the deal is with licking the shaft… most useless thing in sex….
    – Lack of penetration. But hoping there will be more in part 2. However, due to this, the set felt uncomplete…
    – Some pictures seems cut too short. We all have zoom, so no reason to do that for us… I never got the point of that… please show whole bodies in all pictures please… and dont use a zoom to increase the picture count by 1. It is a bit lame…

    • Kingsizednuts

      You have a great potential TheDude, but these small things does take away from some of it so far…

      I know some other artists does some of the same ‘tricks’, but it hurts more than it does good. Like using 4 pictures on basically the same picture, just turning the camera 10 degrees, or zooming. Seen the same from a few other top artists before, and its a waste of hard drive space and bandwidth. Then it is much much better to gain easy added images if you use the penetration trick. Where you have one image with the cock almost out, and one deeper inside. Then maybe also xray during cumshots (but I guess that is harder).

      • The Dude The Dude

        Hey, so thanks for the feedback. I wanted to leave a comment addressing your points.

        – This set is designed to be foreplay. That’s actually why the first bit where Mari licks Marcella’s cock doesn’t turn into a full blowjob. This is usually the way I structure multiple-part sets.

        – Not as much penetration is again due to the nature of the set. Also due to personal taste. I think penetration works best when you see the process, which is why I included the sequence of shots where you see Marcella press herself in. I thought that was an amazing series of closeups because not only does Mari’s pussy look great as it wraps around, it’s also the best way to do penetration in an image series. Burying a dick inside someone without a leadup only serves to hide the dick. That’s not my style.

        My sense of erotica focuses around getting the best angle for a bodypart, highlighting it as best as I can. If I can’t get an angle on a bodypart that I like, or it’s hidden inside/behind something, it’s not a render worth doing.

        – If you zoom, you lose image resolution. I prefer to render a closeup at full res. That is not to create fillers. That is because I think the image warrants it. I could’ve released this series with around 80 images if I had wanted to, but I actually cut a number because I didn’t think they were interesting enough. That doesn’t sound like someone who’s interested in padding a release with filler content, I think.

        If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ve probably noticed that I have a really aesthetic sense of erotica. I like emphasising bodyparts and curves and creating something that’s very pleasurable to the eye. Other artists get their erotic value from the sex itself, but if I have to choose between looks vs action I usually go with looks. That said, there’s a lot of action that I find to be super hot, so that’s why I decided to split this into multiple parts.

        I usually don’t decide that beforehand. I go into set production thinking it’ll be a one-off. Then halfway through rendering I realise that I probably can’t do a set justice if I make it all into one part. That’s where I usually make the decision to do a lead-up set (you also see this with Glam Gone Wild from late last year), followed up by an explicit action set. The end result is that you don’t have to wait so long until I have it all bundled together. I just release what I already have, and then follow that up with a sequel later. It’s very informal, but I think it works.

        • Kingsizednuts

          My comments still stand… you just worded it differently. Your optics focus relates to me pointing out that you have talent. When it comes to angles, zoom and positions, the improvement potential is there… a cock inside a pussy never has to be a hidden cock. Facial expressions and x ray fixes that concern. But it might be a bit hard to do at first.

          • Kingsizednuts

            Just looked at the set again. Another place to improve is that on some pictures ot seems like they are more posing towards the camera than actually having sex. Even the facial expressions tells of some 20 year old who doesnt enjoy sex, but wants to look good on instagram. Not the nypho expressions we would expect two dickgirls with 17inch boners to have…

    • The Dude The Dude

      Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure about strapons myself, because the girl who uses one doesn’t actually feel anything. It’s just a plastic toy. Strapons are pretty hot in lesbian porn, but when it comes to futa I figure the girls are better off with having cocks that they can actually feel 😉

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