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NEW Store Release – Arche.01

We’re super excited to announce the release of Haneto’s Arche.01 completely uncensored at the Affect3d store!

You’ll be getting a “4 sets in one” pack of goodies adding up to 50 images of some of the best quality 3DX you’ve ever seen! You get glamourously seductive pinups, sexy centerfold style nudes, smouldering straight sex action, sensual girl-on-girl play and elegant Elven love that will leave you wanting more. If some of the stranger fetishes in 3dx aren’t for you, then the classic sexual sensibility of Arche.01 will be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

It’s rare to have such exquisitely crafted 3d art combined with this level of sensual (and hot!) sexuality. This is simply a must have title that no self respecting 3dx fan should be without…and did we mention its totally uncensored? Haneto may be an artist whose name you never knew before now, but once you’ve feasted your eyes on this absolute gem of a title, you’ll never forget it. Prepare to add a new name to your list of favourite 3DX artists!

If you love sex, crave variety, and demand quality, this title is all these things and more. You can get Arche.01 at the Affect3D Store today for only $10! You have no excuse not to get Haneto’s Arche.01! Go buy this right now!

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The Haneto Arche.01 Contest Winners!

Before some of you do that, we do have to announce the winners of the Arche.01 Contest. We’ve selected the four names created by you, the 3DX community. Four lucky people will not only have their chosen title immortalized in Arche.01, but will be receiving a free copy shortly. Just email us at supro@affect3d.com or miro@affect3d.com if your name was chosen (Please use the same email used when commenting). Here are the titles and winners:

  • Act I: Veiled Love (from Liyka)
  • Act II: Her Caress (from trowa42)
  • Act III: Till The End (from slepine08)
  • Act IV: Desire (from NikrubZz)

Congratulations to the winners!

Buy Now Arche.01 over at the Affect3D Store or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

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