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NEW Store Release – Eralin & Meralin + Contest Winners!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Since the beginning of last year, Lord-Kvento has been cranking title after title featuring some of the hottest futa action on the planet. After the release of the instant classic Twin Sisters, Kvento is bringing the girls back for a second round. We happily announce the release of Lord-Kvento’s first fully animated title Eralin & Meralin is now available! And you can get it exclusively at the Affect3D Store!

In this first chapter, Meralin recounts the day when her life changed completely. After finding an erotic spell book in the library, Meralin and her friend Eralin decide to try out some of the spells. The girls tested them on one another and, lo and behold, found themselves with huge throbbing cocks that were ready for plowing. The girls were extremely turned on by the sight of each other’s massive members and decided there’s only one thing to do: Fuck! The girls take turns fucking each other in the pussy, giving them a hard pounding with their newly acquired dicks. But what else is in store for our heroines? You’ll have to find out!

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Lord-Kvento has always provided us with his A-Game and this one is no exception. For anyone who enjoys Kvento’s works, hot dickgirl action or just wanna some animated futa, look no further than this title! Featuring some of the hottest 3DX animation, Eralin & Meralina is a can’t miss and a must buy! You can get this all-new title only at the Affect3D Store for only $14.95! So what are you waiting for? Check it out now!


Buy Now Eralin & Meralin over at the Affect3D Store

or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!


Book Of Spells Contest Winners!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Eralin & Meralin Book Of Spells contest. Below is the list of winners as selected randomly by the Affect3D Staff. Those who won should will receive the their prize in their Affect3D Store soon. Thanks again!

  • 1st place (Winner of the Eralin & Meralin, a slew of Lord-Kvento titles, and an additional $25 Affect3D Store credit): ThunderFi
  • 2nd place (Winners of Eralin & Meralin): jjuice05 and NRG101

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  1. Wonderful

    Stunning piece of work. I like to see less abrupt transitions and a better flow of the graphics between parts. Perhaps we can begin to see some anal action in various positions? Will definitely look for more.

  2. Anon

    why people complaining about 2 dicks saying it’s gay but a girl with a dick fucking a normal one aint ?

    Just be bi like me makes everything a loooooooot easyier and fun πŸ˜‰

  3. Denis

    I agree with Pathetic, sales will be better with one cock only because not everyone is gay, statisticaly it is less then %5 of them. For that fact it is interesting how they democracy voted for all 50 states with majority.. Also would be nice have cocks not circumcised – a Jew as a sex partner (virtual or not) is a puke, turn off, a bad joke.

  4. Lee

    This latest work from Lord Kvento is very much state of the art in animated porn. I wish the first release of these futa twin sisters was available in a download format like MP4.

  5. zhangjie

    This series of works is too wonderful, worthy of collection. I live in China, when buying bad operation, can have a simple way to purchase work?

  6. The Curious Cat

    OMG, I’m no fan of 3D animation, but this is awesome. This is definitely one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. This “tender heat” is breathtaking. Phew, I’m sweating while recalling how I’ve watched it.

  7. pathetic

    Excellent work…still wish for one penis less.

    If you want to release a version where the blond has no penis…I’ll pay another $15 for it.

  8. gcrock

    awesome work!!! by the way, i agree with your comments on futas tenderness and sensuality…makes it sooo much more hotter!!!

  9. james

    just a ideal with eralin and merain…. add two new characters two elves.. female …looking l for mates and power in the kingdom but Eralin and Marlin have something else in mind.. to fuck them till they cant walk.. but they don’t tell them there editions so they must seduces them to fuck them… the elves don’t think there any or enough to worry about so they allowed it to continue but the elves have a secret of there own …….will just a ideal let me know what you think

  10. Kingsizednuts

    Its great! a deffinate improvement over twin sisters and his other works!

    With stuff like this and Jared99’s secret of beauty 3, some pressure is lifted from miro’s shoulders I suppose.

  11. nrg101

    Haha, amazing! I’m really happy about winning πŸ™‚ was laughing to myself for about an hour just imagining the helicockter scene πŸ˜€

  12. ThunderFi

    Well I have the same reaction as jjuice05: “OMG! I won something???! Cannot wait to check out this new title.”

    A big thank you to Affect3D! πŸ™‚

  13. J

    Just finished watching this. It’s pretty good… great animation, cute girls. I really feel like the cocks were neglected, though. No blowjobs? In fact, most of the video is just penis in vagina sex.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s very good and worth the asking price. Maybe I was just spoiled by G4E.

  14. jjuice05

    OMG! I won something???! Cannot wait to check out this new title. If it is anything like Lord Kovento’s previous work, I am sure this one will be top shelf as well. thanks affect3d!

      • jjuice05

        just got around to watching it. Busy, busy these days.

        I have to say the work LordKovento did here was way above and beyond my expectations. Absolutely amazing work, it was definitely hot and the attention to detail was second to none. Well done! Definitely looking forward to more.

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