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NEW Store Release – Merovingian’s Attack Of The Orcs Part 1 & 2

Affect3D is excited to announce a new vendor joining our ranks at the Affect3D Store. The Merovingian brings to you his series called Attack Of The Orcs. In Part 1: Assimilation, our heroine of this tale, Fantasia finds herself in the company of three massive orcs who have desire in their eyes and proceed to fuck every of Fantasia’s holes non-stop. In the sequel Part 2: Lust, Fantasia wants more even using her feet to satisfy the three hard cocks in front of her. These two sets feature one of the wildest orgy, you have to see to believe! I truly love what Merovingian has done in creating a wonderful character like Fantasia, featuring her in some of the hottest action in 3DX. If you love hardcore gangbang action with plenty of oral and anal, then you will love this set.

We spoke a bit with Merovingian about how he got into 3DX and what you can expect in store with AOTO.


We haven’t really seen much of ‘Mero Vignan’ before Attack of the Orcs. Where did the name come from? How and when did you get into 3DX? What was the interest?

I first heard of the name “Merovingian” from The Matrix trilogy. The character was introduced on part 2 of the trilogy. I thought it was a great character and felt like he was interesting. Later I found out that there has been a Merovingian dynasty from the middle of the 5th century, which I won’t go into too much details here…I’ve always been into movies, video games, computers and special effects. I was introduced to CGI back in 1998 and have been hooked into it since then.


Tell us a bit about your character ‘Fantasia’ and how she found herself in such pleasant company in ‘Attack of the Orcs’? How will the story continue?

I came up with Fantasia from my own perverted fantasies. She’s heavily based off the work of Frank Frazetta. I’ve been a fan of Frezetta’s art since I was a child. Basically she’s your average fantasy princess. She’s beautiful, lives a fancy life of riches and loves to stroll around her fantasy world half naked. Fantasia will continue her journey as she learns more about her own self and desires… Only time will tell how far she will go.


What future releases can Affect3D viewers expect to see from you? What are your plans?

I’m currently very busy working on AOTO part 3 as well as a whole new character for a entirely new story.

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Both part 1 and part 2 are now available at the Affect3D Store. You can purchase them separately for only $10 each or you can get both at a low price of $15.95 when you buy the Attack of the Orcs Bundle!

BUY Attack of the Orcs Part 1

BUY Attack of the Orcs Part 2

BUY Attack Of The Orcs Bundle at the Affect3D Store

or for more discreet ordering via our BMT Micro page now!

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  1. munrah

    I’ve bought the bundle (part#1+#2),it’s awesome.It’s a new reference in the 3dx family.
    Fantasia is used as a sexual toy by the orcs squad.A lot of oral and anal action, i’m totaly satisfy.

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