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NEW Store Release – Wicked: Tale One

Is that a shiver running down your spine? It might be, because new vendor Nox brings the dark horrors in this new series Wicked! Its first installment, called Tale One: The Queen, is now available in the Affect3D store!

Samael is part court scribe, part highly accomplished wizard! He lives in an attic above the orphanage he grew up in, and only gets robbed twice a day! What a fantastic life. He shares his living space with his demon-possessed brother, and when a succubus comes to visit the both of them, things turn into a demon-driven fuckfest in a hurry.

The story in Wicked: Tale One is quite crafty, and there’s a lot more behind it than just the description I gave above. The renders are top-notch and the sex is as slippery as it is intense! But more than any of that does the red-lipped lady you see in the big banner up top take center stage, as you’ll have never seen someone who’s simultaneously that freaky to look at and that fun to see fucked. If you’re into a slight horror tinge to your porn, Wicked caters exactly to your needs. You’ll have seen demonic sexcapades before, but never quite like this.

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Coming in at 101 pages, Wicked is a piece of art that Nox evidently put a lot of time and effort into. As debut titles go, this ranks among the best. I’ve always appreciated attempts to blend narrative and porn, and Nox can hold his head high as he joins the ranks of other accomplished artists at Affect3D who’ve done the same,

If you’re looking to get freaky, look no further. “Wicked: Tale One – The Queen” is now available in the A3D store for only $11.22! So get it now!


Buy Now Wicked: Tale One over at the Affect3D Store

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  1. Taylor

    Really enjoyed this set but there were quite a handful of misspellings. Regardless, really look forward to seeing more work from Nox as this has some great quality and story.

    Anyway to reach out to Nox? Does he/she have a website?

  2. Agent47

    High quality set. Loved the fleshed out story and attention to detail. And 100 pages makes for a long read! Highly recommended and I look forward to volume two. Having The Dude and now Nox join the Affect3D Store has made for exceptionally great new content. The hard work is appreciated.

  3. Pathetic

    First, the set looks great…the renders (to me) look very high quality. And it looks like he did a rather elaborate storyline to it.

    But, for me, number one is always about the ladies. And in The Dude’s last set, the ladies looked fantastic. But here, the woman did not do it for me. She just looked a little haggard for my taste. And that kind of put me off the whole thing.

    This guy clearly does good/great work and I do not want to dissuade others from buying this. It is just that for me, I am more interested in the lady and the sex then the overall quality and the storyline (though a great storyline can really help).

    I gave it a 4…but I would have given a 3 had it not been for the overall quality.

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