Announcing the Affect3D 3DX10 – 3DX $10K Fund!

Affect3D is putting it’s money where our mouth is, literally! We see a bright future for 3dx and in many ways where porn has become “same old” we think 3dx can bring the much needed innovation and breath of fresh air to the world of adult erotica.


What is 3dx10?

3dx10 is the catchy abbreviated name for the USD$10,000 (maximum) investment Affect3D’s company is willing to make in any innovative 3DX related project. You need to tell us why you think your project is unique and appeals to a broader audience and if we agree we’ll help you make your project become a reality and success!


How much money exactly?

The USD$10,000 is the maximum level of investment we’re willing to make in your project (not the amount you’ll automatically get awarded), meaning we’re open to projects big and small and the amount awarded will depend on the scope of the project. Our minimum level of investment in smaller projects would be around the $500-1,000 mark.


What other kind of support will I get? What do you expect in return?

Arguably the monetary investment is not even the most beneficial aspect of 3dx10, it’s the fact that your project has been scrutinized by Affect3D staff to be commercially viable and that it also comes with the full support and experience that Affect3D has to offer. You’ll get invaluable direct input artistically and we can help with all aspects of the 3D creation process including audio, visual but also in terms of marketing and business support. Working with Affect3D will put your project on the right path to success.

For commercial projects we’ll take a stake in your project, for noncommercial projects we expect nothing in return.



What kind of 3dx10 projects get funded?

We’re looking for any project erotic or sexually explicit in nature, which is either 2D or 3D based (we do not currently accept projects with real life actors). We’re looking for anything from small image sets, flash, mobile or desktop games, 2d erotic art/ 3dx related websites, software, animation or any other creative endeavour you can think of. Whilst we consider projects of all kinds, making it commercial in nature will have a greater chance of getting approved and will likely attract a higher level of investment.


How do I apply? And what happens next?

Submit an email to with the following:

  • A one paragraph summary of your project
  • Answer the following questions:
    • what benefit does your project bring?
    • why do you think you’ll succeed?
    • what makes your project unique?
  • the amount you will require (between $500 to $10,000) to kick off your project and how you intend to spend it
  • your portfolio, prototypes, concepts, related artwork, details of your experience – it’s important that you show us more than just an idea

The process of getting approved involves assessment of your project’s viability, putting together a project plan, investment structure and schedule of deliverables, milestones and help with executing your plan.


Go ahead and submit your project now!



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  1. Dickibabe

    Hi. that scene of Sayako, Tara and the other dark haired girl is that a full movie because I’ve been trying to find it and had no luck. What’s the title called to it? I’ve only seen a short trailer which is called bonus video when I downloaded girlfriends 4ever part 1 & 2 this came with it.
    Anyway looking forward to this next new movie miro loves 3dx. These 2 beauties just keep on going nonstop like a never ending battle and neither one can win but only tie!

  2. redox99

    Hi Miro,
    Loving your art and the whole GF4Ever project. I am not an artist myself but have a brother who is a brilliant graphic artist and is currently surviving on freelance work as his main client just went bust due to Brexit as they had a biz loan to expand into Europe cancelled.
    Not sure how to introduce this to him but will give it some thought. I realise you don’t have time to contact people yourself so he’ll need to come up with an idea.
    I’m thinking the future in online porn will be with 3d helmet/specs screens for VR surround vision and sound to blow the mind. The Orgazmatron in Barbarella was great back in the day. Can someone come up with an experiential VR machine, like a full flight simulator but a wired sex simulator that could even bring relief to paraplegics.
    Best wishes for your success.

  3. Chris

    This seems really interesting. I have a lot of respect for what you’re doing – not just the work, but trying to expand the 3dx adult art industry in general. I do have some questions / hesitations though. Maybe I’ve been watching too much shark tank but when I hear investment, I wanna start doing math. So when you say, “for commercial projects we’ll take a stake in your project” – the premise seems fair but the details could be the difference between a mutually beneficial relationship and getting screwed. Now, I prefer to be somewhat of an optimist but the issue here is that there is no NDA before submission. If someone sent you a great idea but you couldn’t agree on what size that “stake” would be, what would stop you from just taking the idea for yourselves?

  4. vad

    hallo! i saw the trailer of g4e and i think,if it had in it just to play with the camera it could be really awsome!i hope you ll make such a version in the future!(unless there is an opion like this in the game). also i hope i make mone to do a project like this one and send it the idea to u!thanks

  5. john

    You need to let people see more before trying to sing them up….. what you are showing you can get on any website…e.g. suck people in then try get them to sign up.. what you have is unique but you fail to really let to see what is on offer.


  6. Steven

    hey Miro.
    this is more than a hobby, you are genius in illusion and waking up my desires…. would like to get more and more from your very high quality 3D animation with the girlfriends forever and other. Please continue

  7. James Fireseed

    PLEASE make 180°/360° VR videos of these!!! You would appeal to a growing VR fanbase! And this would probably be the best VR offering on the market!

  8. Bob

    extremely well made 3D imaging. It seems like the avatars are actually reacting to the other. Do you plan to make more of this excellent 3D sex?

  9. Languid

    Miro (or anyone from the affect3d team), have you thought about having this translated into Japanese? There are so many great 3dx and 2dx amateur artists over there that I’m sure could greatly benefit from this kind of investment opportunity. Some are just small 1-2 man teams that dedicate a year or more into just one project with amazing quality to release for sale. Hell, just having them release their work on here uncensored would be amazing (I’m talking abou double soft cream, wantan works, dollhouse, akatsuki souken, dendendo, sakamotoj, mimia cute, bingo tart, final fuck 7, 7, mi po z, edge systems, sandwichworks, umemaro3d, jubei, jigoku group, and plenty more).

    I believe doing this and making sure the prominent circles/groups over there are aware is within your power considering you sell on dlsite.

  10. dtpman25

    I love what you have done with your site. I only have a problem with just what I have to down load to view the zipped files. If you would let it be known for what application you have to down load a certain version then we could ALL enjoy what you are presenting, but I LOVE the ” Girl Friends 4 Ever” and some of the free down loads. They are JUST WHAT I AM INTERESTED IN. 🙂

  11. trexnum1

    secret futa fuck world could be your next project please contact 4 more info wasnt a contest winner tried very hard maybe this idea will get me on the aect3d team i can help

    what benefit does your project bring? unlimited projects as soon as you release 1 you will be starting on the next like when i watched GFS4EVER 1st lol please contact for more info

    why do you think you’ll succeed? i feel like its meant to be not divine destiny is just what i see is cumming next for GFS4EVER i had this idea back b4 u were ever done with GFS4EVER i saw where you were going and this instantly popped in my head on top of all that my idea is SEXY AS HELL
    please contact for more info

    what makes your project unique? i doubt that you will her it come out som1 else mouth you dont need a story but u can make a story evry1 that enjoyed GFS4EVER will absolutely love it
    please contact for more info

    the amount you will require (between $500 to $10,000) to kick off your project and how you intend to spend it? 0 i just wana make it on the team and help make this real well not real but you no what i mean please contact for more info

    your portfolio, prototypes, concepts, related artwork, details of your experience – it’s important that you show us more than just an idea? the idea is all i have but i challenge you to find a better idea than mine please contact for more info

  12. Easy! do a Cock Hero with all the people from the Affect 3d and/or Renderotica universe. I just got into the cock hero and Fap Hero, Flux hero series, which for those who don’t know is like DDR with porn. it’s really addictive, wonderful, and even trains stamina! IMHO i really think taking 5-10 animations and making that would be AMAZING! /^^\ BTW if you do contact OPISAFAGGOT for guidance bc he did the best one i think. /^^\

  13. Amplus3D

    Investment? We talk about investments? OK. I am also a hobby 3DX artist and I’d like to accomplish in fact, we use the word “start” my personal projects 3DX. At the moment, I’m not thinking for profit because I consider myself an amateur, but got to this point I say: I could really use to get a valid and serious help to be able to realize my plans!
    What do I need?
    Simple, a new computer but most importantly, more powerful ..

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