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Ayako & Tara, an erotic short story.

Tara returned from her business trip just after dawn on Monday morning. Her red-eye flight had been miserable, and the two weeks she spent with her co-workers were atrocious. “Those corporate men are so disgusting,” she thought to herself, “They have no idea what to do with a woman.”

At over six feet tall in heels, Tara was a towering, almost intimidating woman. Long and lean, her 42-inch legs seemed to stretch out for days. Her golden blonde hair was the envy of every woman that knew her, and her emerald green eyes were simply enchanting to anyone she met. “I’ve got all this great equipment, but they can’t even give me a bit of foreplay… such pigs.”

As she sat in a taxi cab for the ride home, Tara found her mind wandering; she had been looking forward to spending the next few nights cuddling with her adorable roommate Ayako. During the whole two weeks while she was away, Tara often found herself fantasizing about her voluptuous body, velvety tongue, snake-like fingers, and especially the way she moaned and cried out when she came. Those fantasies kept her satisfied during her trip; dreaming of Ayako as she rubbed herself to sleep nearly every night she spent away.

Tara scooted up in her seat, and crossed her legs together in such a way as to rub her pussy between her thighs. She let her fingertips wander along her legs, from her calves to her hips, reveling in their smooth, muscular shape. Tara’s legs were her pride and joy, and she took extra special care of them in the gym; devoting almost eight hours a week to keeping them strong and toned.

Soon the familiar site of her street and stylish condominium came into view. Tara felt her heart leap with excitement. She wondered if Ayako would be home waiting for her. Just inside her apartment door, Tara dropped her bags with a hefty sigh; it was good to be home. She was about to call out for Ayako when suddenly her senses were aroused by a powerful scent emanating from the living room. Kicking off her heels, Tara tip-toed carefully down the hallway and peeked around the corner. What she saw nearly made her faint.

Ayako was sprawled out naked on the floor, her legs spread wide and limp, and her well-used pussy agape for everyone to see. At first she was shocked, but Tara observed the gentle rise and fall of her roommate’s massive breasts as she breathed, so she knew Ayako wasn’t hurt. As Tara moved closer, she noticed how Ayako’s lipstick and mascara were smeared all over her face, and how her entire body seemed to be stained in sweat and dried, sticky semen.

“That fucking slut!” Tara seethed. “How could she do this to me?”


Immediately, Tara recognized the scent that had struck her so powerfully; a man had been here, and from the looks of her roommate, they must have been fucking all weekend long. Tara took in a deep whiff of that infectious scent, and she felt her pussy tingle, and her heart began to thump loudly in her chest. The sight of Ayako’s gorgeous, well-fucked body aroused her deeply, and Tara fell to her knees beside her sleeping form.

Tara reveled in the sight before her. It seemed as if Ayako had been bathed in sperm, it was everywhere; her face, her neck, between her breasts, all over her belly and thighs, even her feet were shiny and sticky with man spunk. She wondered if Ayako’s man was still around, but the whole house was silent. Still, he must have been here recently, as Tara noticed a trail of fresh sperm still oozing out from Ayako’s well-fucked pussy hole.

Now Tara zeroed in on the source of that delicious scent, and the sight of that thick white juice dribbling out onto the floor made her delirious with lust. She quickly ripped off her blouse, and wiggled out of her skirt, tossing her lingerie and stockings all over the room in a rush to satisfy her urgent desires. In a rush, she dove between Ayako’s legs and sank her face into the busty girl’s dripping snatch.

Tara rolled her tongue up into Ayako’s cunt, lapping up the last few drops of cum pooled inside her. The taste and aroma of that semen ignited in her brain like a fuse to a powder keg, driving her to moan and groan with satisfaction as she voraciously bathed her roommate’s pussy with her slithering tongue and sucking lips.

It wasn’t long before Ayako began to stir awake, and she was immediately struck by the powerful vibrations emanating from Tara’s hungry, groaning mouth. She felt as though her clit was on fire, throbbing urgently between the blonde’s wet lips.

“Ooh fuck, Tara… TARA! OH SHIT!!!” She blurted out, bucking her hips against her roommate’s face. Tara responded by locking her lips tightly over Ayako’s clit; forming a tight, wet vacuum as she sucked the busty girl to orgasm. Ayako’s body thrashed and convulsed as the powerful vibrations from Tara’s mouth tickled her clit relentlessly until she spilled over into a nerve-racking climax. Soon Tara’s iron grip on her hips relaxed and Ayako rolled her head back in ecstasy, panting sharply from nervous exhaustion.

“Get up bitch,” Tara growled, spinning around on the floor, “You’re not done yet!”

“Oh no, Tara,” Ayako protested weakly, “I can’t anymore, I’m too tired.”

“Shut up slut!” The blonde ordered, lifting Ayako’s legs and sliding into a scissor position to grind the busty girl’s pussy against her own. “Now move your ass!”

In her state, Ayako could barely move, let alone withstand Tara’s vigorous humping. She moved her hips slightly, feeling the velvety skin of Tara’s snatch rubbing feverishly against hers, but she just didn’t have the strength to fuck back. Tara noticed, and quickly became angry with her roommate.

“You’re pathetic!” Tara grunted angrily. “You stay up all night fucking a man, but you’ve got nothing left for me!” The blonde snatched up Ayako’s wrists and tugged her up off the floor, pressing their pussies together tighter. “And I’ve been missing this pussy for TWO… AHHH… WHOLE… UNGH… WEEKS!”

Ayako shrieked as Tara continued to handle her roughly, jerking and yanking on the busty girl’s arms even as their pelvic bones smashed together in a raucous chain of sopping wet thrusts. Ayako was at her wit’s end when, at long last, Tara seized up and bucked hard against the busty girl’s inner thigh. Tara fell out from between her roommate’s legs with a resounding groan, falling back on her elbows as she reveled in her first good orgasm in weeks.

“Please Tara, no more,” Ayako pleaded, “let me take a bath and get some sleep, then I’ll let you fuck me all you want.”

“Oh I know you will,” Tara retorted, still fuming in her lustful rage, “but I’m not about to let you off that easily.” The blonde vaulted up onto her feet, and grabbed a handful of Ayako’s dark purple hair.

“TARA!” Ayako cried out as she was dragged up onto her knees and onto the nearby sofa. “Stop, you’re hurting me!” After a few moments of being jerked and wrestled down, the busty girl found herself stretched out on the sofa, perched across Tara’s thighs.

“You owe me big for what you’ve done, baby” Tara growled, “and I’m going to repay the favor for you… in spades!”

Suddenly, Ayako felt a hard slap against her left butt cheek followed quickly by another to the right cheek. Tara then stroked the busty girl’s trembling thighs, and kneaded her fingertips into the quickly reddening flesh of Ayako’s tight, round ass.

“Ayako baby, you know how hard I work to provide for you,” Tara purred, the anger in her voice disappearing, “if you’d just show me the *SMACK* respect I deserve, then I wouldn’t have to *SMACK* punish you like this.” Tara rubbed her palm gently along Ayako’s buttocks before dropping it down again with another resounding slap.

“Owww,” Ayako shrieked softly, “please no more… *SMACK* AHHH!” Tears began to well up in her eyes as she pleaded with her roommate. “I promise I won’t do it again… *SMACK* please Mistress, be nice to me!”

“Tell me, my pet,” Tara cooed, “How many times did you make that man cum?”

“I don’t know,” Ayako pleaded, “please, Mistress I… *SMACK* OWWW!” The busty girl soon found her resistance slipping away, and she felt compelled to confess. “It was a lot …maybe ten times.”

“Okay then,” Tara relented, “I’m going to give you one more slap for each load of cum that you took from him.” Ayako started to protest, but quickly corrected herself. “And when I give it to you, you must thank me properly. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” Ayako replied sheepishly, wincing in anticipation.

“Alright, shall we begin?” Tara’s voice was now calm and regal.

*SMACK* “One… now tell me what you did wrong.”

“Thank you Mistress… I’m sorry that I brought a man home while you were away,” Ayako pouted, wiggling her bottom slightly.

*SMACK* “Two… and what did you do with him?”

“UNGH… Thank you Mistress… first I stroked his cock in my hands, and then sucked him off until he came in my mouth.”

*SMACK* “Three… tell me about his cock.”

“Thank you Mistress… his cock was huge, it was the biggest I’ve ever had.”

*SMACK* “Four… and what else did you do to that cock?”

“Thank you Mistress… I rubbed it between my tits while I sucked him off.”

*SMACK* “Five… and then?”

“Thank you Mistress… then he fucked me in my pussy.”

*SMACK* “Six… is that all?” Tara mused, hovering her strong right hand over Ayako’s reddening bottom.

“Thank you Mistress… no, he also fucked my ass… I didn’t ask him to, but he…”

*SMACK* “Seven… but you liked it, didn’t you?”

“Thank you Mistress… yes, I loved it,” she gasped, her eyes glazing over.

*SMACK* “Eight… what did you do after that?”

“Thank you Mistress… while he was asleep I rubbed his beautiful cock with my feet, then I rode him until I came all over it.”

*SMACK* “Nine… what was the last thing you can remember?”

“Thank you Mistress… he took me from behind and lifted me up into the air… ungh… it was so good!”

*SMACK* “Ten… well, now that we both know you’re nothing more than a dirty, cock-hungry slut… I guess I can’t go easy on you anymore.”

“I’m so sorry Mistress,” Ayako pleaded, as tears ran down her face, “it won’t happen again, I promise.”

“Go and get yourself cleaned up,” Tara instructed, releasing the busty girl from her grasp, “once you’re done, come to the bedroom. I’ll be waiting for you there.”

“Yes Mistress,” Ayako slowly stood up from the sofa and walked slowly towards the bathroom. Her legs were still bowed and wobbly from the long night of fucking, and her pale ass cheeks were now a dark shade of red from Tara’s vicious spanking.

The welts left on her buttocks stung her relentlessly, and they were certain to leave a bruise. Ayako began to fear that whatever Tara had in store for her next would surely be worse. By comparison, a nice hot bath was going to feel like heaven.


When Ayako returned from her bath, she found Tara waiting for her in her bedroom. The tall blonde was seated in the center of the bed, dressed only in her silk robe. She had Ayako’s cell phone open and was searching through its contents.

“My my my…” Tara taunted, not even looking up from the screen, “just how many different men have you been seeing behind my back?”

Ayako froze, unable to muster a reply.

“Come here, slut,” Tara ordered, “strip off that towel and kneel down in front of me.”

The busty girl did as she was commanded. Tara turned the phone to face Ayako then snapped a picture of the naked girl using the built-in digital camera. She then punched up the screen for her contact list.

“So, my pet,” she continued, “which of these boys was here last night?” She scrolled through the list, noticing that each entry had a rating next to their name; between one and four stars. “Was it him?” She asked, turning the screen back towards Ayako.

Ayako shook her head.

“No… maybe this one?” she repeated, displaying another entry. Again the busty girl denied it. After a few more guesses, Tara produced a name from the list which caused her roommate to gasp slightly. “Seems we’ve found our man,” she chided, noticing the guilty look on Ayako’s face.

“Only three stars, huh?” The blonde mused, “I guess after last night he deserves a fourth, am I right?” Ayako refused to answer; she merely lowered her head and stared down at the carpet.

“Let’s give him something nice to remember you by,” Tara teased, “I’m texting him the picture I just took of you… hope he likes it.” Ayako blushed, clearly embarrassed.

“Now get your ass up on the bed and lie down flat on your back,” Tara commanded, standing up from the bed and brandishing two pairs of steel handcuffs. Ayako did as she was told, and the blonde proceeded to arrange her arms and legs together in an uncomfortable triangle. Once Tara was done, each of the busty girl’s wrists was handcuffed to the corresponding ankle; pinning her arms down and spreading her legs wide open. Ayako could barely move.

“Ok, here are the rules,” Tara began, “you’re going to make me cum with that pretty mouth of yours, but you’re not allowed to have any fun yourself. You can’t rub your pussy or cross your legs, and I’m not doing anything for you until you give me some satisfaction.” Ayako merely whimpered as she listened to Tara’s orders. Soon the blonde slipped out of her robe, and climbed onto the bed to straddle Ayako’s face; her glistening pussy hovering just inches away from the busty girls mouth. “Now kiss it.”

Tara lowered her pussy into the busty girl’s moist lips, and Ayako began kissing and sucking obediently. Her roommate had one of the prettiest pussies she had ever seen; Tara’s smooth, puffy labia formed a tidy slit that seemed to caress her unusually large clit. She always kept it immaculately clean and bald with weekly Brazilian wax treatments, and she maintained a very strict diet to ensure that her juices were always sweet and aromatic. Over their years together, Ayako had definitely grown to appreciate her roommate’s exquisite vagina, and she always made an effort to give Tara’s pussy the honor it deserved.

“Ahhh… Oooh… fuck, your tongue is so good,” Tara gasped, rocking her hips gently, and grinding firmly against Ayako’s face. Gradually she began to let go of herself with a series bated moans; revealing just how frustrated she had been over the previous weeks.

“Gawd, I’ve missed you so much, baby… oooh OHHH!!! FUCK!!! Stick your tongue inside… ooh YESSS!”

The busty girl unfurled her tongue, lapping and bathing her Mistress’s gorgeous vulva with gentle licks and wet kisses, and soon Tara was singing a new tune; it was as if she hadn’t been properly eaten out in years.

“Now suck on my clit… SUCK IT… OHMYGAWD YES!!! I’M CUMMING!!! FUCK!!! CUMMING!!! AAAIIIEEE!!!” Tara shrieked and convulsed through her orgasm, doubling over as the strength in her quivering hips surrendered over to the sensations caused by her roommate’s velvety tongue.

The blonde sat still for a few moments, panting rapidly as the aftershocks of her orgasm rippled through her body. Slowly she began to lift her hips from Ayako’s face, but not before snapping another picture with the phone. Tara giggled fiendishly as she clicked away on the screen, sending another picture to her roommate’s new boyfriend.

“He should enjoy that one,” she mused, recalling the last picture up on the screen,

“you look simply delicious with my pussy juice all over your face.”

She showed the picture to Ayako, but she refused to look. “That’s cute, dear. You may try and act modest, but we both know that you love every second of this.”

Tara dismounted and crawled down to the end of the bed, kneeling down to get a good close-up of Ayako’s dripping cunt. Ayako heard the phone camera snap another picture, then another. “As I suspected,” she heard the blonde girl giggling, “your pussy is soaking wet, and your little clitty is just aching to be touched… isn’t it?” As she spoke, Tara purposefully let her breath brush up against her roommate’s vulnerable pussy, causing Ayako to gasp and tremble with excitement.

“Well now, since you’ve been such a good girl, I guess I’ll allow you to cum…” Tara teased, “However, since I know how much you love cock, I’ve decided to give you a little surprise.” Tara stood up from the bed, and removed the handcuffs from Ayako’s ankles, twisting her arms up above her head then re-locking her wrists to the bed post. She then disappeared into the adjacent bathroom.

With her legs freed, the busty girl began to squirm on the bed, folding her thighs together in an effort to rub her pussy, but it was no use, she just couldn’t find the right position to make it work. After a few moments she went limp, and heaved a heavy, frustrated sigh.

Tara emerged from the bathroom, and Ayako’s gaze was instantly drawn to the big black silicon dong bouncing and bobbing between her roommate’s legs. The dildo was at least nine inches long, and very thick. The shaft was riddled with rigid veins, and crowned by a large mushroom head. It dangled dangerously from a metal ring held against Tara’s pelvic bone by a sturdy leather harness. The busty girl felt her pussy lurch at the sight of it.

“So, what do you think, my pet?” Tara cooed, sashaying slowly towards the bed. She climbed up between Ayako’s outstretched legs, and gave her fake cock a few loving strokes before slapping the bulbous head lightly against the busty girl’s naked pussy.

Ayako shrieked and her hips jerked violently as she recoiled from Tara’s cock slap. Staring at that gigantic dildo poised so dangerously close to her pussy, she began to wonder if she could even take such a massive penetration… but she dared not protest, she was helpless, and Tara knew it.

“I thought you’d like it,” the blonde purred, rubbing the hefty shaft along Ayako’s slippery labia. “And now that I see how wet you are for my cock, I’m going to have to fuck you like this every night from now on.”

“Oh no…” Ayako gasped, feeling he giant mushroom head press in between her pussy lips.

“Here it comes, slut!” Tara grunted, pushing the fat dong hard into her roommate’s hungry little pussy. She felt the head slip inside, and was immediately sucked deeper by Ayako’s contracting pussy muscles. Grabbing hold of the busty girl’s hips, Tara began pumping the thick veiny shaft in and out of her squirming girlfriend.

“Oh no… OH FUCK!!!” Ayako cried out, shaking as the rigid veins along Tara’s cock shaft grated against her pussy walls. The thick base stretched her wide and ground hard against her clit each time Tara thrust deep inside her. Above the sound of her own moans and cries, she could also hear the phone camera click again and again.

After several raucous minutes, Ayako felt her pussy surrender completely, and the cold steel of Tara’s harness ring struck her engorged clitoris; ringing throughout her body like a tuning fork. Ayako realized that her pussy had swallowed up the all nine inches of that massive dong, and now Tara was completely wedged inside of her.

Ayako folded her legs around Tara’s hips to hold her still, and the blonde fell into her arms, bucking against her with short, hard thrusts. Tara took hold of her face, french kissing her deeply before showering her face with passionate licks and kisses.

“I love you so much, babe,” Tara gasped, as the two women embraced with all their strength, “Now cum for me… cum for your Mistress!”

Ayako felt the last of her restraints slip away, and gave herself over completely to the fierce rumble spreading from within her pussy, up her spine, down her legs, and then straight into her brain. The quake of her climax wrenched every nerve in her body as she jerked and convulsed violently beneath the power of Tara’s massive cock.

For a moment, Ayako saw stars in her eyes, then blackness as she passed out cold from the intensity of her orgasm. When she awoke, her hands were un-cuffed, and Tara was cradling her lovingly on the bed. She heard a few more clicks on the keypad of her phone, and started to recall everything that happened that morning.

“Oh my gawd… I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” she thought to herself, knowing what to expect once her boyfriend received those photos.

“Good, you’re awake,” Tara noticed, handing her the phone, “I want you to call your new boyfriend. Tell him to come over now!”


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  1. Jack

    Damm we need to see this in pictures!!! great work to the writer. I’m really excited to se Tara soon. She seems to be the bomb!.

  2. HLR HLR

    Thanks 2y29! I will definitely be writing more adventures for Ayako and Tara, but I have to coordinate with Miro first. I want to make sure that I don’t create any conflicts with his ideas.

  3. miro miro

    Just to clarify this is not actually Tara. This is Ayako’s twin sister stepping in to play the part so to speak. Tara, well I’m sure we’ll get to see her eventually but for now I wanted to something quick to go with the story, so I threw this together. I didn’t have much time so it could have been better.
    And I too would love to know how this continues =)

  4. angus

    Ooooh nice I hadn’t seen Ayako to be the type to be dominated but how I’d love to give that ass a nice slapping. I wonder if we get to see a full body shot of tara as well!

  5. HLR HLR

    Thanks for your feedback, and thanks to Miro for posting my work.

    I decided to write this story when I noticed that the lesbian and domination themes were dropping low in the polls, but the threesome idea was still going strong.

    I thought it would be fun to indulge in those themes while also creating a *possible* transition into the next episode of the Ayako series.

    Whether or not Tara appears in the next episode is entirely up to Miro. Don’t forget that Ayako’s twin sister is another possibility for a threesome…

  6. virtua-san

    Fantastic! One question though how will Ayakos boyfriend handle Tara? Given that she’s so dominant? Please continue. Want to see how this turns out 🙂

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