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A Message from Miro

For order enquiries or if you’re having difficulties with your download email: service@affect3d.com


You can buy Girlfriends 4 Ever from:

Discrete BMT Micro ordering: //affect3d.com/girlfriends4ever



July 23

Quick update – Fix for mac users & BMT download workaround

Sorry again about the download issues. Been a wild 18 hours. On the one hand we’ve been really amazed at how awesome the response has been on the other we thought we had the bandwidth issue cornered, but alas download limits on BMT’s end meant Affect3D staff again had to put down their pencils and paint brushes and deliver external links around the clock to the majority of BMT orders (we’ve contacted them about it) on top of the traffic issues the store has been experiencing. It’s been crazy fun and crazy wild all at the same time 😀 Huge thanks again to Supro, Alpensepp, Uthstar01, Fan3D, Frefred5150 and Tiaz some of whom worked shifts of 14+ hours to keep things afloat. Amazing work! With all that some emails fell through the cracks and some of you had to wait far too long for download links. Sorry!!!! It wasn’t a well tuned process rather something we improvised off the cuff. Still most of you were so patient! You are the best!

So I have a couple of quick fixes for you. Firstly some Mac users have experienced issues.

Mac Player Fix

Refer to the guide at the Girlfriends4Ever diary page

BMT Download Possible Workaround (updated)

Also for those who’ve been experiencing BMT download issues try the following workaround submitted by “nextinline“. Some appear to have mixed results, but success rate seems high, try… and I quote:

The BMT “wait an hour?” “NO WAY gimmee G4E NOW!” workaround….
1–open the BMT Product Information email (the one with the DL links) in a new window.  In gmail, holding shift will do this.
2–click on the first link about 30 times, or, until an all-white tab shows up.  Just ignore the error messages on all the tabs.
3–if the all-white tab starts downloading, look for the download animation in the lower left in Chrome, then just wait for it to finish.  Depends now on your connection speed.
4–if the all white tab fails, then, delete all the tabs and repeat steps 2 and 3 using the second email link
5–repeat and so on until you hit.
6–the third email link does not seem to work?  Ignore it.

Vote is up!

If you’ve purchased and managed to get through to the end, don’t forget to vote for your favorite. Click on the vote link of your player to get to the vote page and vote now!


July 22

Big apologies about the one day delay and ongoing server issues the site’s been experiencing. The delay was caused by last minute changes to the bonus showcase, which weren’t communicated as well as they could have and likely contributed to the issue of funneling visitors, the thing we tried to avoid this time round. We expected similar traffic to the trailer release, which our servers could have handled, but with over three times as much traffic and a heavy app like our store, our server was yet again pinned to the ground. You guys are relentless!! But I love you :D

The good news is, G4E will be available in store soon. Once the initial waves of traffic abate a little we’ll actually get to thoroughly enjoy it… maybe even as much as the two girls themselves!! :D I’ve been inundated with emails and I’m trying to get through them. Supro, fredfred51, Alpensepp and Uthstar01 are helping out a ton. Thanks guys!

If you’re getting a user/ pass login to the store, it means traffic is currently too high and we’re locking down the store temporarily to reduce load. Check back in a few hours!

So just for your reference the procedure during the initial high traffic period for when you do mange to the through to the store, is to send a link to service@affect3d.com with your order number after purchase, we’ll then send you fast external download links which don’t affect our servers at all. In addition to that a BMT Micro link will be available soon, which offers discrete purchase as well as external high speed download links.

Our main priority is to get things up and running and functioning asap. We’ll have this worked out soon. And also on a much lighter and sexier note, I’m going to talk about my thoughts on the Girlfriends 4 Ever journey thus far, the free bonus content and what’s in store for us next!

Thanks for everyone’s support!

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  1. bfgamer

    wow after messing with bmt links all day I sent my order number to affect3d and got a response in less than 5 minutes thank you.

  2. Aero800

    I don’t know if this question has already been answered or not, but for users that have purchased G4E via BMT, will we, eventually, be able to redownload it from store.affect3d.com?

  3. Xenos42

    This whole process has been a nightmare. I ordered though BMT with no problems, and clicked on the links provided on the order confirmation page to begin my download. The dl moved at a snail’s pace for about 4 hrs until it finally timed out at 1.4 gigs. Now the problem I’m facing is I can’t restart the download to try again because clicking the link took me away from the order confirmation page and BMT never sent me an email receipt! This also means I no longer have access to my order confirmation number. Is there anyway to resolve this problem or am I just screwed out of my $34.95?

    • miro miro

      Here is simplified version:

      1 Open a terminal (CMD+Space to open Spotlight, type TER and press ENTER to open the terminal)
      2 type cd (path to where the start.app is located) to switch to said folder
      3 type “chmod -R 777 start.app” and hit enter

      • xeph

        This fix works, and a chmod 777 isn’t necessarily terrible, but always be careful when typing a random terminal command on your computer people… anyone that knows rm -rf /*… Ps, don’t type that. =)

      • bk

        Thank you!!! will try it when and if the download ever finishes… it crapped out on me at 1.2GB out of 1.8GB >_< Trying again now… speed is pretty good

  4. darkkham

    If another vote for “internal cum through specific position” can be made and added, that’s will be more awesome plus with already ‘how sayako will release her cum’ vote. Just saying although not having internal cumshot scene kill abit my boner

    • nextinline

      or how about “cum all the way through??”…. Tara’s hands clenched, eyes wide, cum spewing out her mouth and nose from a deep anal….Tara coughing… choking…. on cum

    • maxlinkmax

      agree! a huge internal load that inflates tara’s womb will be extremely hot! and then after the cock is pulled out of tara, cum squirting from tara’s pussy will make it even hotter!!!

  5. tentahenta

    just wanted to say to anyone that has yet to get theirs… it is totally worth the wait. I’ve been a 3DX fan and member of many paysites. This is the best I’ve ever seen and a bargain considering the content you get.

  6. Brian23Palmer Brian23Palmer

    Man I’m having so much trouble with this, my card won’t work have to wait once more….

    Man I feel bad for you guys 14 hours+ That has to suck.
    Oh I can’t wait to see how it is!!!!

  7. greyfox5150

    Why is it that I am still getting asked a username and password just to go to the store when I click on the link. Why won’t it let me just go to the damn store page and then login. I recieved an email yesterday saying that I was registered in the store so I know that this is not what is causing the problem, but it STILL will NOT let me login. I can’t even get the page to load, it just keeps making the login info box pop up in my browser. I just want to buy this game already and enjoy it. I don’t get why others can get in now but I am still having problems.

  8. Vlad The Impaler

    Do i need to write anything in the mail ? Or you guys just prefer something like a blank mail with
    as a text ?

  9. C4th0de

    2 questions.
    Can the coupon code still be used through BMT?
    If bought through BMT, will the purchased items be listed under ‘My Account’ after this all gets sorted out for future downloading (unlimited downloads, or something to that effect as shown in the How to Order screens)?

      • C4th0de

        Is there any idea as to how that will be sorted out in the future (proof of purchase being my guess), or is that a situation for another day? Understandable if the latter, I just don’t want to have some assurance that a repurchase won’t be necessary in the future, if need be.

  10. MacrosTheBlack

    It may have took a little while but I have fully installed and enjoyed GF4E. Miro and his team have really created a great product here. Just wanna give a shout and say thank you!!!

  11. Why it doesen't work ?

    I bough G4E over 12 hours ago and even if the payment went perfectly fine the downloading isn’t.
    Let me explain: I received the links in my mail and i’ve been trying to download them unsuccesfully retrying almost once every hour to avoid DDOS-ing the system and one of the following events happens:
    a)I get bounced by the .htaccess request for username and password so i guess the machine is under severe loas or;
    b)The links prompt me to login in the user area wich i do … i go to the downloadable content page and once i click again on the link nothing happens, i only get a white web page.
    Is this whats supposed to happen ? 🙂

    Anyway i noticed your server signature is on … you might want to turn ServerSignature on apache to Off and expose_php on … well php.ini … to Off as well.
    Its not a big deal, but i’m always worried some kid with too much time on his hands start searching for vulnerabilities on my servers ^^

    So back to my problem … what should i do ? 🙂

  12. Romanthony

    I went over to BMT to buy it since that link was offered and they said no Bandwidth issues would be had. I placed my order, got my email pretty fast and then got my 3 links So i try the first one.

    Too many concurrent downloads for product (number) on this server.
    Please try again in 60 minutes and/or try our other servers.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    So i try the second one

    Too many concurrent downloads for product (number). Please try again in 60 minutes

    And i try the third.

    Which on my Firefox, i get a “Problem Loading Connection Timed out”

    So i figure, ill wait 60 min like the first 2 said and try again… Same Message, so wait again same message. again and again.

    So am i unlucky with my timing, Is traffic too high? Or did i just pay for something i wont get? xD Lucky i have the code for a month before it expires i guess…

  13. nu11627

    Is anyone else having issues on Mac? it works just fine on my PC but when I try to run the app on Mac it says file corrupted.

    • sgj

      Running smoothly on a mac here. Slight problems with slow loading times but overall I can access all content in a timely manner. imac 21.5″ 2011

    • miro miro

      Here’s is the mac fix:
      Open a terminal (CMD+Space to open Spotlight, type TER and press ENTER to open the terminal)
      use cd to switch to the folder that contains the start.app and enter “chmod -R 777 start.app” without the quotes a slightly more restrictive 755 seems to work as well. Or just change the permissions of the Flash Player: “chmod a+x start.app/Contents/MacOS/Flash\ Player” (again without quotes)
      Hope that helps.

      We’re releasing an official patch where you just replace the file shortly.

      • Xeph

        Thanks for the fix and the intended update. I feel sorry for your release woes. On the other hand the server load means you’re probably earning more than I could in ten years… so haha! No, sorry I actually just look forward to the next futanari project…after some post release, well, release, for you. 😉

    • Fantom7

      I’m running parallel desktop on my Mac, that shouldn’t be any problem since it’s basically a windows virtue machine. The start file for Macintosh indeed is corrupt somehow.

    • Crisismagnet

      I have that question too. I’ve been unable to even get to the store the past two days but I’d rather not blow 20 bucks on something I can’t even play.

      • xeph

        Yea, mac version doesn’t work. Something wrong with the flash starter. It does work on PC though… at least a Windows 8 development VM. =) It’s worth the money… I like to support my amazing futanari artists. But if you’re on a mac especially, just give it a couple days. They’re obviously having some server/IT/release issues, but those will be fixed in time.

      • nu11627

        Actually I found a solution. It wouldn’t work when I extract the files on the Mac, but when I extract them on the PC and then transfer them to the Mac then it works. If you don’t have a PC to do that with though, then I guess it’s not much help.

  14. ForeShadow

    Having the same trouble…ordered through BMT, but none of the three download links work. They all give me a server error. I’ll keep trying, but if it doesn’t work so I contact Affect3D or BMT?

  15. Pandam00nium

    Well I’m having issues just like everyone else.. I even sent an e-mail out last night asking for the alternate link everyone is talking about and I have yet to get a response.. I provided the order number and all that jazz.. :/

  16. TheDude

    I am getting a little frustrated…I was finally able to buy it about 14 hours ago through the BMT site…I got the links to download in my e-mail which I have prolly clicked and refreshed literally thousands of times with no luck…so I send an e-mail with my order ID to affect and I even got the alternate download from them pretty quickly…when I click on the alternate download for some reason my security software blocks the link…I shut the security off and try again, but now the link is no good because it is only good for one time….Now I think the guys sending out the alternate downloads are taking a break to sleep or something (which is well deserved, they’ve been working hard)….I feel like the unluckiest guy on earth right now!!!! Well, now its back to the grind of clicking on my BMT links, this sux

    • xeph

      The more you ping the servers the harder it is for them to finish up with the current downloads and move on to yours. I know it’s super hard not to keep checking, but it’ll ultimately go faster if you just try back once an hour. Ten thousand people hitting refresh over and over again causes a lot of server stress!!

    • Lunatic

      You’re not the only one with this frustrating problem. And I just bought it a mere 2 hours ago. At least you got a response from the email after the BMT didn’t work. I haven’t. They must be taking a break and I’m so down cause of it. -_-

      • TheDude

        I don’t know if they are taking a break or not man I just got another alternate download link….just my luck it didn’t work again…after I entered the password it ended up telling me that the download had already been reserved for another user….maybe the next link will work i dunno anymore maybe I’m doing something wrong

        • miro miro

          We haven’t taken a break since release but at some times we’re staffed thinner than others. Please send an email to service@affect3d.com and we’ll help you. If you haven’t received a reply for several hours, please resend your request, in case it has fallen through the cracks. Thank you for being patient!

          • TheDude

            I sent another request e-mail like you said in case it fell through the cracks. I’m really hoping this one works without a problem, Thanx ahead of time Miro for what im sure is gunna be an awesome game, and thanx to all your staff for their hard work

  17. fy6914

    Tried the clicking tip from the BMT email.

    An faster solution is to hold CTRL and click each link one after the other. I use Mozilla so with this method you dont need to switch tabs. Eventually after around 100 click if you’ve set Mozilla to download automatically the file should start downloading. Give it a go can’t wait to finally get down to business 🙂

  18. captain

    Sent the email just a few hours after release and still haven’t heard back. Emailed again an hour ago. Hopefully it will work. I keep trying the stupid BMT links, but they flat out refuse to function. I don’t know what else to do at this point.

  19. JackNoName

    Watching it right now… GOD DAMN. Guys, its worth the wait. All is forgiven about this mess once everyone gets it.

  20. Coor107

    Hey, I just stumbled onto this wonderful website and am trying to access the Store and its prompting for a log in and i’m not seeing any place to register. I tried looking through the posts for an answer but obviously didn’t see one. Any info would be awesome.

    • TheDude

      like 5 comments below this is a comment explaining exactly what you’re talking about…it means there is too much traffic and it is there way to keep the traffic down i think

  21. Souryu

    I was finally able to download this last night, and today, IT IS AMAZING. OH MY GOD. REVOLUTIONARY PORN. For those of you that can’t seem to get through, I had the same issue for about 2 hours, and I just kept clicking, refreshing and more until I got the download thing to come up from the direct links. Don’t give up!

  22. Pereatmundus

    “If you’re getting a user/ pass login to the store, it means traffic is currently too high and we’re locking down the store temporarily to reduce load. Check back in a few hours!”
    ahhh nevermind. guess i´ll check once a day or something until its working, thx thx

  23. Pereatmundus

    Hi, store is down/broken or something. been trying now and then throughout the day. always get the server login/password popup when clicking the store link and then server error 401.

  24. TheDude

    Supro Thanx for the e-mail with the alternate download link but when i clicked on it my security blocked it and when i deactivated it and tried it again it wouldn’t let me download…can i get another link if you will?…Thanx for all your hard work again!

  25. hollowvictory

    Sorry, I know you are busy but I emailed twice trying to get an alternate download link and haven’t gotten a response yet. Pretty sad that BMT dropped the ball on this…

      • hollowvictory

        Thanks for the quick reply. Downloaded real fast with no issues. Good luck; hope you can get some sleep tonight

      • sean144

        Supro…everyone knows that you guys are going above and beyond with trying to help everone out…but there were a few of us that managed to find a way to download this with ease amungst all the confusion…it might save you guys a little headache and time to put a post up for everyone to see that the way to download with BMT links is to constantly click between the ORIGINAL 1st and 2nd links that were given to everyone via email when they ordered through BMT….after a few minutes of doing this (do not hot F5 or refresh)…they need to go back to the email link…the download will finally start and it only took about 10-15 minutes to download….”thiswroked” seemed like the first to figure it out…just trying to give credit where its due.

        • TheDude

          I tried exactly what you said when i first got the links for about 30 min and it did not work…waited a few hours tried the links again for another 30 min and it still didn’t work…i think you might have just been one of the lucky ones

  26. sean144

    just sent an email fro alternate download link…I know you guys are busy so when you get a chance…I patiently wait…cant wait to see the AMAZING work.

  27. thisworked

    what finally worked is just kept clicking on the BMT download links over and over….spent ten mins clicking and re-clicking the link (not a refresh but re-click the original links) ….finally the download started. just ignore the message and keep trying. Probably clicked like 100 times across the first two links. Deleted the tabs as they piled up. for some reason the 3rd bmt link did not work. G4E downloaded in about 12 mins. worth the wait!!

    • sean144

      This is they way to do it for those having difficulty with the BMT links….costantly seeing the “server too busy…come back in 60 minutes”….patience will prevail…just keep clicking the original link from your email for several minutes and eventually you will get the download.

  28. incognitus

    Hoping for an emailed alternate link. I know you are swamped though, so I’ll just wait for a reply patiently.

  29. TheDude

    Hey supro can I get a link sent to my inbox…pretty please…:) I bought the game about 12 hours ago on BMT and sent you guys a couple e-mails with my Order number but still havnt got a response…Thanx for all the hard work man!!

  30. Thejangler

    I get to the order in the store sometimes but I cannot give my Credit Card info. I want to download it anyway I can (alternative website or not) but I cant do that without the order being placed

    • Life

      Dont worry many of us paid for it and still cant download it hours later. You’re not missing out. Im actually waiting for a torrent so I can get what I paid for.

  31. darky3000

    14 hour’s after I bought and get links from BMT, I still can’t download game… I only bought a game b/c to support artist/artists who have worked on game. Now I will wait to get some pirated version, which I should do at first place…

  32. boptop

    It was a frustrating wait (I’m sure on your end, too), but it was worth it! Thanks Miro and everyone at Affect3D!

  33. sgj

    Sent 3 emails since the announcement of alternate download link shortly after the release. Still cannot download from any of the BMT links.

  34. Star

    I got to say I do really feel bad for those who are having trouble getting it they are missing out big time and I mean like WOW, jaw dropping Perfection, it is just WOW, some small thing I wish were in it but damn AMAZING, great work MIRO, this is your calling my friend, hope to see another in 7 months, 1 month for rest. 8D

  35. TheDude

    I’ve been off and on this site the past couple days trying to to get this great game just like everyone else and I just wanted to say that even tho the servers went down it seems like you guys are doing everything possible to get the customers what they want and it is much appreciated!

  36. TheDude

    I sent you guys an e-mail with my order number I hope you got it and are able to get to it in the next hour…I can’t wait for some GF4E!!!

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