Ayako - Sex Addiction (a3d02)

Ayako – Sex Addiction – Update Week 12

I’m currently wrestling with flash and action script to put a basic slideshow together plus the story mode will be accessible via flash only at this stage. I think it will work better, because with it I can speed up the transitions a little for the “action” scenes.

A word on cum. I know it’s a bit of “sticky” point and so I wanted to make sure it looked better than the last. I think it does. I think it looks more realistic, not quite as much splash but still lots of it. Of course I over did it again… just a little and so Ayako finds herself drenched in man juice and full cream facials more than half a dozen times.ย  I don’t really want to show it off just yet, cause for one well, it’s done it can’t be changed and secondly the cum shots are kind of the high light of the scene right, so I don’t want to give it all away. But I’m thinking of maybe having a cum shot as the main shot might work. Not a 100% sure yet, but I’ll probably add a sample at least with my next update.

Ok now to some more previews.

As expected Ayako’s boy friend is warming up for the main event.

Ayako oblivious to the dick that's hovering over her
He’s getting hard, real hard. Will he give her an anal surprise or go straight for pink pussy?

Ayako's boyfriend warming up

So, for the next update I’ll post a couple of picks for the actual promos shots, be sure to check them out and help me pick the best one!

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    • miro miro

      Wish I would have put her tongue to a bit more use in this title, but the next one I will try to remember! I think there are some tongue shots in the extras folders though, so make sure you check them out!

  1. Maxtor

    It interesting seeing both male and female characters in the scene.

    It’s got a nice warm color pallette Miro working there.

    Actually, is it possible not sure if its too late at this point.

    To give Ayako kinda like a blush to her chest/neck areas when shes getting steamed up. YOu know when girls are really horny they start to flush red. I’m not sure if u considered that or not. But I cant wait for your release!


    • miro miro

      Yes, they make for some good “inter-locking” scenes. Very “compatible” indeed!
      That’s a good point re the redness… won’t make it in this one, but I’ll always be on the look-out for such subtleties as I continue to make things more realistic looking.
      The release is coming along nicely… won’t be long now ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. greyfox

    Great shots as usual, Miro. If that were me, I would have to smack that ass first with it, before I commenced to fucking the shit out of BOTH holes! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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