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Bloodlust: Cerene – Royal Descent Trailer and Release Date!

Posted September 15, 2018 by Staff

Watch the Bloodlust: Cerene - Royal Descent Trailer!

The Bloodlust: Cerene – Royal Descent Trailer is now live! Please join us on the Royal Descent event page for information on the upcoming release and all future updates on the Bloodlust: Cerene series!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #43

Posted August 31, 2018 by Alice

DLC Status Update & More Of Sophia’s Double

We mainly need to focus on the cum shots of scene 3 and scene 4 from this point on. As soon as we finalize the cum shots, we should be able to complete the scenes fairly quickly. In the meantime we have been testing with the Windows and Mac software applications as well, which are looking good. When we have all of the final scenes, we will be able to run some final tests on both versions.

Check out WIP Update #43!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #42

Posted August 17, 2018 by Alice

DLC Status Update & Audio Preview!

This week we have a treat for your ears brought to you by the sultry ladies of the voice acting department. There’s a little snippet of the moaning during the scene 2 blowjob waiting for you. Close your eyes and enjoy… Also, see if you can guess how deep Cerene’s cock is inside of Sophia’s throat during this clip. 😛

Check out the Audio Preview in WIP Update #42!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #41

Posted August 3, 2018 by Alice

Fun Stuff Boobs, Previews & DLC Status Update

We have new preview images of the cock balancing position in scene 3! And as you could probably already tell from the featured image at the top of this post in which Sophia mysteriously gained a few cupsizes, we’ve also got some Fun Stuff positions to show off. 😀

Regarding the DLC status, we’ve received all the remaining voice overs for scene 3, scene 4 and the main Fun Stuff animations from our voice actresses this week. We also have the new version of the dialogue line we’re going to alter in scene 4, so we’re working on the sound edit for both scenes right now.

Check out WIP Update #41!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #40

Posted July 20, 2018 by Alice

DLC Status Update & 5 New Preview Images!

We’ve sent instructions for the necessary retakes of some dialogue shots in scene 4 to our voice actresses. The sex scenes in scene 3 and the main Fun Stuff sex positions are all ready for the moaning voice overs, so we’ve sent those out to our voice actresses as well.

Other than we’ve been continuing our work on the DLC software and the trailer.

In this WIP Update you’ll find 5 new preview images of the sex positions in scene 4! 😀

Check out WIP Update #40!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #39

Posted July 6, 2018 by Alice

DLC Trailer Status Update & WIP Images

Just a heads-up! This WIP update covers the progress we’ve made up until Friday 29 June because I’ll be taking a week off.

We haven’t mentioned the trailer up until this point, but fear not. We’ve been doing proper prepwork. 😉 We’ve started experimenting with some rough trailer drafts to decide on the best concept. We’re at 22% in the progress bar. In this WIP update we’ll also share some more preview images of the upcoming Bloodlust DLC.

Check out WIP Update #39!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #38

Posted June 22, 2018 by Alice

DLC Status Update & Fun Stuff Previews

Miro is currently working to finish the fixing the technical errors that came up during QA. When he is done cleaning up scene 4, he’ll continue with finalizing scene 3. We’ve also compiled a list of definite changes that we want to make to the audio.

Miro is working off the list of Fun Stuff animations that we’ve planned for the DLC. The main ones on the list are basically done, they just need rendering. There are a couple of ‘nice to have’ animations on the list, although we won’t prioritize these for the release.

In this WIP update, you’ll find some previews of angles that we’re thinking of adding to the Fun Stuff section.

Check out WIP Update #38!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #37

Posted June 8, 2018 by Alice

DLC Status Update & New DLC Scene 3 Preview Images

We’ve compiled a list of things to take care of based on the feedback we received from our QA testers for scene 4, which we’ve started working through. There’s been good progress with scene 3 as well. Miro finished the video edit of the sex positions and cum shot of scene 3, so we’re working out the best schedule to get the moaning takes from our voice actresses right now.

Scene 3 has some great angles, so in this week’s WIP update we’ve added more preview images of what’s to come! 🙂

Check out WIP Update #37!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #36

Posted May 25, 2018 by Alice

DLC Scene 3 Preview Images

Miro has started working on his first revisions for scene 3. We’ve already shown you a basic preview of the missionary position in this scene a while ago, but this week we’ll take a peek at some more angles. Make sure to click the link below to view all the images!

Check out WIP Update #36!


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #35

Posted May 11, 2018 by Alice

Scene 4 Status Update & Preview Images

Miro’s revisions for scene 4 took a little longer, but he completed the video edit this week. This only leaves the sound edit, which we’re planning to complete over the weekend. As soon as that’s done, scene 4 will be sent to our QA testers for its first external review. Then we can get to working on scene 3!

We have some new preview images of scene 4 for you this week, so make sure to click the link below to check them all out!

Check out WIP Update #35 for more


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #34

Posted April 27, 2018 by Alice

More DLC Scene 4 Previews!

We’ve made good progress with DLC scene 4. Miro is close to finishing the transitional scenes and the dialogues. We also received the audio recordings for the sex scenes and the cumshots from our voice actresses. This means that we can put together the scene as a whole and send it to our testers for external review soon.

In this week’s WIP Update we have a couple more preview images and a short preview clip to show you! 🙂

Check out WIP Update #34 to see all the preview images and the preview clip

We also have the winner for our last Fun Stuff Animation Poll #3: Option B-3 won. So we will fully animate and add this sex position to the Fun Stuff section.


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #33

Posted April 13, 2018 by Alice

Fun Stuff Animation Poll #1 & #2 Results and more!

As usual we have a little status update about the progress we’ve made with the DLC.

The winners of the last 2 polls are Option A-1 and Option A-2! That means we’ll have another blowjob and autofellatio in the Fun Stuff section. We will do one more public poll to decide on an additional Fun Stuff animation, so consider your option wisely! You can vote until Thursday April 26th.

Vote on your favourite position in WIP Update #33!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #32

Posted March 31, 2018 by Alice

DLC Updates & Fun Stuff Animation Polls!

Good news! The revisions for DLC scene 2 are all done, which means we’ve completed 3 scenes of the DLC. 😀 We have a little status update about scene 4 as well.

This week we have two Fun Stuff section related polls for you. You get to help us decide which images of the Non-Canon Interactive Story deserve to be animated! So make sure you vote on your favorite options before the deadline (Thursday April 12th) expires. 🙂

Check out WIP Update #32

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #31

Posted March 16, 2018 by Alice

This week we’re updating you on the current status of all the remaining DLC scenes that still require revisions. We’ve sent off scene 2 to our testers for the final QA review, so we’re waiting on their feedback.

We also have the first preview images of scene 4, so make sure to check those out!

Check out WIP Update #31


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #29

Posted February 16, 2018 by Alice

DLC Scene 2 Preview Shots

We have more preview images for you this week! This time we’re showing you some of DLC scene 2. We’re also including something different this week: a sneak peek in the jiggle physics workflow of the production team with gifs of breasts jiggle included. 🙂

Check out all the preview images in WIP #29!

If you haven’t seen the preview images from scene 1 yet, go here: WIP #28.

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #28

Posted February 9, 2018 by Alice

More DLC Preview Shots!

We bring you more good news! DLC scene 1 went through all the QA sessions, so the production team managed to finalize scene 1 this week. To celebrate, we decided to share some preview images of the cast in this particular scene.

Check out all the preview images in WIP #28!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #27

Posted February 2, 2018 by Alice

New DLC Preview Shot!

Miro decided to treat us to a preview image of DLC scene 4. This scene is packed with the hottest sex scenes, so make sure you check WIP Update #27 to see what he has in store for us. 😉

We also have another update to share about the progress that we’ve made with the completion of the DLC. Be sure to read up on that as well. 🙂

Check out WIP #27 now!


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #26

Posted January 19, 2018 by Alice

Holiday WIP Animation Is Done!

There’s been some delay, but WIP Update #26 is live!

We posted the Holiday WIP animation this week, so check it out now. It’s a tasty one. 😛 We also included a status update on the progress we made with the Bloodlust DLC.

For status updates on the DLC, please visit the DLC Event Page!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #25

Posted January 5, 2018 by Alice

Holiday Theme Poll Results & DLC Status Update

Happy New Year! We’re kicking of 2018 with the Holiday Theme poll results in WIP Update #25. We will post the WIP animation next week!

We also have a DLC status update for you. The WIP image on top of this post is actually a sneak peek of a very steamy scene. 😉


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #24 (with poll!)

Posted December 29, 2017 by Alice

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you’ve had a fantastic time. 🙂

In WIP Update #24 we’re getting into the Christmas spirit with a Holiday Theme WIP animation poll, so make sure to get in your vote before the deadline (January 1st 12:12 PM EST) expires!

At your request, we’ve also added the DLC Event Page background without the trailer window.

To check for specific progress updates on the DLC, visit the DLC Event Page!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #23

Posted December 22, 2017 by Alice

DLC Event Page Is Live!

In WIP Update #23 we explain a few details about the content that’s currently available on the Event Page.

To check out the Event Page directly, follow this link: https://affect3d.com/bloodlust-cerene-dlc/

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #22

Posted December 16, 2017 by Alice

WIP Animation, DLC Status Update and Event Page Preview!

The WIP animation of poll #4 is done, so we’ve added it to this week’s update. We have also included an elaborate update on the current status of the DLC. It should answer some important things you may have been wondering about, so make sure to read it! Last but not least we’ve added a few preview images of the DLC Event Page, which we’ll be making public soon! 🙂

You can view the WIP animation and read all the status updates related to the DLC in WIP Update #22.

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #21

Posted December 8, 2017 by Alice

Poll #4 Results, DLC Event Page and more!

We have lots to share with you in this week’s update. The WIP animation poll results are in, which means we’ll post the animation soon. We also have a few DLC related updates waiting for you! Lastly, we took some time to highlight an interesting new job opening, so keep reading if you’re interested in joining our team! 🙂

Check out the WIP Update now: WIP Update #21.

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #20 (poll)

Posted December 1, 2017 by Alice

Bloodlust: Cerene DLC – warm-up WIP animation poll!

We’re close to finalizing the DLC, so we thought it would be fun to bring back Cerene and Sophia for a little warm-up session. We dove back into our archive of the Bloodlust Dickgirl Interactive Story (Non-Canon) and selected some of the hottest WIP images.

This week we ask you guys to vote on your non-canon favourite. The winner shall be made into a WIP animation!

Check out the poll in WIP Update #20!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #19 (animation)

Posted November 24, 2017 by Alice

Poll #3 Animations are ready!

Ready for your viewing pleasure that is. There was a slight delay with the follow-up of WIP Update #18’s poll, so thanks for waiting! We nearly ended up with a tie between option A and D, but as the poll closed we had a winner: option D!

Check out all of Miro’s poll animations here: WIP Update #19.

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #18 (with animation poll!)

Posted November 10, 2017 by Alice

Check out the animation poll in WIP Update #18!

In WIP Update #17 we showed you a little preview line-up of poll options that are going to be our next candidates for a new one loop animation of Sayako and Cerene. We also asked you guys if there were any poses you would like to be part of the poll options. This week we’re back with 4 final poll options to choose from!

Check out the poll in WIP Update #18. Make sure you don’t forget to vote on your favourite!


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #17

Posted November 3, 2017 by Alice

Sayako’s ass & We want your suggestions for poll options!

In this week’s WIP update we’re updating you on the shape and size of Sayako’s ass. Side by side comparison images of Miro’s current ideas are included in the post.

We’re also planning another poll that’ll let you pick new poses for a quick one loop animation. This time we’d love to hear your suggestions! Make sure you leave a comment at the comments section in WIP post #17 to tell us what kind of poses you want to see animated. The nicest ideas will be rendered as still images and showcased as poll options in WIP Update #18.

Click right here for the WIP update: take me to DLC WIP Update #17!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #16 (with animation!)

Posted October 27, 2017 by Alice

Poll #2: Results & Animations!

Last week we asked you which of three options for Sayako and Cerene to relieve some sexual tension you wanted to see animated. Option C: Sayako begins to dry-hump Cerene came out as the winner! Meaning that this week we’ll get see two sensual animations of Sayako and Cerene. Oh yes, two. Did I mention that Miro decided to show this sexy pose from various angles? 😉

Click right here to see the animations: Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #16


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #15 (with poll!)

Posted October 20, 2017 by Alice

The Crossover

Oh, look who we have here. 😀 It seems that while we were busy comparing Cerene’s and Sayako’s sizes, the girls took notice of each other each as well… Friendly competition? Lust at first sight? What could this be? Find out in this week’s update!

We’re doing a sexy poll this week that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. 😉

Check out all of the good stuff in Weekly WIP Update #15!


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #14 (with animation!)

Posted October 13, 2017 by Alice

First animation with Sayako’s new model (WIP)

Just as the title says, we have an animation waiting for you in this week’s WIP Update! As you may be able to tell from the image, it’s gonna be a really fun one. 😉

We’re also showing you some new WIP images that show you what kind of changes miro has made for the shape of Sayako’s cock.

Click right here for WIP Update #14! 

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #13 (featuring Sayako)

Posted October 6, 2017 by Alice

And then Sayako got her hands on some lube…

What ever shall she do? Well, you’ll just have to read this week’s WIP Update to find out, now won’t you? 😛 We’re bringing you new WIP images and of course the results of last Friday’s poll!

Check out Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC WIP Update #13!


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #12 (featuring Sayako!)

Posted September 29, 2017 by Alice

Hope you’re ready for round 2…

Because this week Sayako is paying us another visit! 😀 In this week’s update you’ll find full body shots of her updated model. If you haven’t seen her new look yet, make sure you check out WIP #11 as well so you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff! Trust me, you’ll want to see it all. 😉

Last but not least, we’re doing a poll through which you can help miro decide on her new hairstyle!

Check out the WIP update: Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #12.

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #11 (with special guest!)

Posted September 15, 2017 by Alice

Whose fine ass could this be?

If you have been keeping up to date with the Bloodlust: Cerene WIP Forum recently, you should know exactly who this is! If not, Miro has been talking about a mystery girl making a guest appearance soon… Someone none other than Sayako!

Miro has been working on her new model and he has some preview shots to show us.  This update includes several preview images of Sayako and a few short clips of miro moving the camera over her figure. Please keep in mind her look is still a work in progress and we would love to hear your feedback! 🙂

Go to WIP Update #11 to see all the goodies!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #10 (with preview clip!)

Posted September 8, 2017 by Alice

It’s preview time!

Weekly WIP Update #10 is here! It has been a while since we showed you something DLC related, but that’s about to change. In this week’s post you will find preview images and a short preview clip of a blowjob scene that miro has been working on. Of course it isn’t final yet, but it will give you an idea of what’s to come. 🙂 Click on the link to check it out!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you thought. 😀



Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #9 (with animation!)

Posted September 2, 2017 by Alice

More images added to WIP #8.

Before you head off to WIP Update 9, I should let you know that new images of Cerene G’s anal scene have been added to last week’s WIP post! So if you haven’t seen those juicy renders yet, you should click here and check them out!

Bloodlust Dick Girl Interactive Story (non-canon) Poll #6 Result!

Of course Option D: alternate Cerene G anal and Sophia pussy won. No surprises there. 😉

Check out miro’s one loop animation in the ninth Weekly WIP Update! 😀

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #8 (with vote!)

Posted August 25, 2017 by Alice

Last Installment of the Bloodlust Dick Girl Interactive Story (non-canon)!

This week’s WIP Update will be the last to feature the interactive non-canon story for now. We’re sad too. 🙁

Luckily, we do have some more juicy images to share with you from our previous poll, because you guys voted for the sexiest option of all: Option D: alternate Cerene G anal and Sophia pussy!

Miro also thought it would be fun to put a poll with a twist this time. Instead of choosing from new positions, you will choose from past poll options which already won the polls in previous WIP Updates. The winning vote will be made into a short, single loop animation. So make sure you vote! 😀

Click right here for the WIP update: take me to DLC WIP Update #8!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #7 (with vote)

Posted August 18, 2017 by Alice

It’s here!

In our previous poll of the Bloodlust Dickgirl Interactive Story (non-canon) you guys voted for option C: the return of double cock licking. Well, the wait is over! Miro made us a set of sexy images of Sophia and Cerene G putting their tongues to good use, which we’re sure you will enjoy. 😉

Our latest poll features penetrative sex positions only. We know you have been anxiously waiting for this part, so make sure to vote for your favorite position!

Go check out the WIP update right now: take me to DLC WIP Update #7!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #6 (with vote!)

Posted August 11, 2017 by Alice

Are you guys ready for some autofellatio?

Then have a look at our latest WIP update! We’re continuing the Bloodlust Dickgirl Interactive Story (non-canon). Although it was a very close call, during our last poll option E: autofellatio topped as the winning vote. This means we’ll be showing you shots of Cerene performing the art of self sucking for the very first time!

We’ve prepared another poll as well with new scenarios that should lead up to some long awaited threeway action. 😉

Click right here: take me to DLC WIP Update #6!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #5 (with vote!)

Posted August 4, 2017 by Alice

Next installment of the Bloodlust Dick Girl Interactive Story (non-canon)!

We gave you guys a pretty hard time with the last voting round. It was a close call, but eventually option A: blowjob topped the poll. The interactive story will continue in this week’s update, so you’ll find a new poll at the end of the WIP post.

There are even more options to choose from this time around so we won’t be going easy on you just yet… Miro created some more delicious images for us to gaze upon, so go check them out now!

Check out the new update here: DLC WIP Update #5.




Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #4 (with vote!)

Posted July 28, 2017 by Alice

Continuing the Bloodlust Dick Girl Interactive Story (non-canon)!

We got a lot of votes on the poll we set up in last week’s WIP update. Thanks guys! 😀

This week we’re showing you the juicy images the poll results brought to life, so be sure to check out the new update! We’re also continuing the interactive story in this week’s update, so we included a new poll for another voting round.

Check it out here: DLC WIP Update #4.




Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #3 (with vote!)

Posted July 21, 2017 by Alice

We want your votes on a Bloodlust Dick Girl Interactive Story (non-canon)!

We are back with the third installment of the Weekly WIP Update. As usual we bring you some thoughts on the upcoming DLC. This time, however, we’d also like you to join in on some non-canon fun we’ve been having with the characters!

Miro brought a side story to life in which anything is possible… including the Duchess facing the challenge of taking on not one voluptuous vampire queen but two of her. Yes, you read that right. The best part? You get to decide how Sophia will react to this plot twist!

We set up a poll at the end of WIP Update, so you can vote. The poll will close at midnight on Sunday (23 July).

So what are you waiting for?

Check out DLC WIP Update #3 and take your votes!

Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update #2

Posted July 14, 2017 by Alice

We posted the second installment of the Weekly Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC WIP Update!

Check out the update here: DLC WIP Update #2.

You definitely won’t want to miss this one. It includes a recording of miro spinning the camera on a steamy new pose that he has been working on. We already received a bunch of excited comments from the participants of the Bloodlust WIP Forum thread. Let’s just say it’s something you’ll want to sink your teeth into. 😉

Additionally, we’ll also focus on some interesting comments from the forum participants. One erotic scene in particular made for a fun topic of discussion.

Check out the Bloodlust WIP Forum thread to share your own feedback.

Starting Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC Weekly WIP Update

Posted July 7, 2017 by Alice

We’ll be kicking off a regular weekly WIP update where we’ll summarize miro’s progress on what’s to come in the Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC. We’ll be showing you screenshots of miro’s current designs, exploring any ideas ranging from poses and character interactions to erotic attire and locations. We’ll also cover interesting feedback from the forum members participating in the Bloodlust WIP Forum thread.

You can check out the weekly update here: Weekly WIP Update.

Your own feedback is welcome, so feel free to join the Bloodlust WIP Forum thread.


Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC work in progress

Posted June 5, 2017 by miro

The Bloodlust Dick Girl DLC is now in production

check out the Bloodlust WIP Forum thread.

Bloodlust Cerene – Update 1-1 Live!

Posted May 30, 2017 by miro

The Bloodlust Cerene Update 1-1 is live including the following enhancements:

What is updated?

  • Minor updates to scene 2 duchess sex
  • Various updates to scene 5 vampire sex including missing sex positions from behind and fast from behind
  • Minor adjustments to the video edit
  • Adjustments to the music and voice
  • Adjustments to the credits
  • Addition of English sub titles in srt format
  • Playtime is now: duchess scene approx 10:20, vampire scene 9:40, other 7:00, total 27 mins

Note: the zip file contains all files in one folder, so you do not need to download the video files separately

The English sub titles are contained in the zip file only!
To view the sub titles on Windows place the srt file in the same folder as the Bloodlust video and use a player like Media Player Classic (MPC) or VLC.

How will I access the update?

It should be assigned to your account now accessible via the ‘my downloadable products’ section.

If you have issues accessing your update files, contact [email protected] .

Bloodlust Cerene – Update 1-1 Update

Posted May 28, 2017 by miro

The Update Bloodlust Cerene 1-1 is scheduled for release very soon!

Once the update is active you’ll be able to access the updated video, sub titles and other extras via your ‘my downloadable products’ area.

We’ll post again once the update is live!

Bloodlust Cerene – Update 1-1 in progress

Posted May 24, 2017 by miro

Bloodlust WIP forum thread>>

The work on the update is in progress and the vampire sex scene in particular is getting a lot of attention and will be extended.

In addition to the updates listed in my last post we’re also adding English subtitles!

If you have specific questions or want to learn more about the update and upcoming DLC check out the Bloodlust WIP Forum thread.

Bloodlust Cerene – Update 1-1

Posted May 22, 2017 by miro

In the hectic last hours of video editing several issues slipped into the final cut that will be addressed in an upcoming product update. Apologies about the necessary corrections. We will get this fixed asap.

What is updated?

  • Scene updates to scene 2 duchess sex and 5 vampire sex including missing sex positions from behind and fast from behind
  • Adjustments to the video edit
  • Adjustments to the music and voice
  • Adjustments to the credits

When will be updated?

Our current ETA is this week. We will post an update on this page as well as via the newsletter.

How will I access the update?

It will be assigned to your account automatically and you will be able to download it via your download area.


Due to these circumstances

we’re extending our 20% discount until the end of the week, the price will remain at $19.95

If you’ve already purchased the product at full price please request a $5 store credit by contacting [email protected] with your order number.


Bloodlust Cerene – Release Day!!!!

Posted May 21, 2017 by miro

This is a historic moment for us, yes, the shortest ever main release event in the history of Affect3D.com 😛 We hope you’ve enjoyed the new format 😀
Bloodlust Cerene has been a blast to make and now it’s your turn to thoroughly enjoy the fruits of our labour.

It seems that our newsletter may take too long for some, so we’re making the coupon public for just this week-end only.

Pick up Bloodlust Cerene for


Make sure to enter Coupon Code


during checkout to get $5 off the regular price of $24.95.

It’s been amazing having you at the very beginning of our new series Bloodlust.
Big thanks to all the Affected staff and of course you the Affect3D community!
Till next time 😀

Bloodlust Cerene Release and Price Info and Contest Winners!

Posted May 19, 2017 by miro

The imminent release of Bloodlust Cerene

So excited 😀 to finally get this labour of love out to you guys. This time created by a whole team of very talented people. Hopefully the trailer has gotten you pumped for the main course because ready or not Bloodlust Cerene is going to be all in your face with her slightly smaller than average tits 😛 The release is scheduled to launch for sometime late Saturday, early Sunday US time(!) a window of 12 hours. As usual we don’t give a specific time to mitigate concentrated traffic. I highly recommend you do NOT constantly refresh on Saturday evening, but rather wait for the announcement email to arrive on or before Sunday and then take advantage of the discount below.

What’s included with Bloodlust Cerene

  • Main scenes: 5, intro, the duchess’ farewell, the prince enters the vampire’s lair, ending, approx 6:30 mins
  • Sex scenes Duchess Bedroom: 8 x sex scenes @ 3-5 short looped angles, various transitions, insertions
    • Main story play length excl. main scenes approx. 9:00 mins
    • Positions include: blow job, cunnilingus, reverse wheelbarrow, standing 69, shirikoki, from behind, orgasm, cum shot
  • Sex scenes Vampire Lair: 7 x sex scenes @ 3-5 short looped angles, various transitions, insertions
    • Main story play length excl. main scenes approx. 6:30 mins
    • Positions include: blow job, cow girl, standing from behind, standing leg up, half nelson anal, laying anal, 3 cum shots
  • Total Content: play time at default settings, approx 23:30 mins
  • Format: 1080p HD video @ 30 FPS

Bloodlust Cerene pricing

As usual we want to reward regulars and early bird buyers.

Regular price


Discounted price with $5 coupon


To take advantage of this discounted price you want to be signed up to our newsletter and wait to receive the coupon code, which you are then able to enter during check out. (Note from Marie: If you subscribed recently but did not receive a “Please Confirm” email after signing up, try signing up with a different email address. Once you click the confirmation link in the “Please Confirm” email you are in the system and will receive your discount code prior to release.)


Now, our Contest Winners!



(read in your best Sir David Attenborough voice)

Attracted no doubt by the proud display of her wondrously large breasts, the young male stares blankly as we witness the unmistakable, “Self High-Five”, performed by the female Vampiress. A sure sign of recognition that her desired mate has fallen deep into her primitive seduction and is ready to find himself deep into something else long into the night.


Cerene: Loook into my eyes, loook into my eyes, you are powerless to…. Hey, pretty boy I said eyes… EYES! Look up… c’mon! Fine! Look at my boobs, you are powerless to resist!


Vamp: Sweetie you should dress more carefully.

Princ: But mom i am not little kid anymore i know how i should dress.

Vamp: Alright sweetie.

Princ: Don’t call me sweetie, people are watching.

Vamp: And you should stop starring at mama boobs, sweetie.



The gong of the heavy bells in the cathedral chimed the first second of midnight. And, with it, the fabric of her blouse was torn open, her heavy breasts spilling free into the moonlight. By the second chime, his strong hands had lifted her skirt and ripped her undergarments clean off, dropping to a pile of delicate tatters beneath them.

At the third chime, he pressed himself into her, this stranger in the night. He was so cold, his flesh unyielding, but she was hot enough for the both of them, wet enough to accept every thrust of his ivory cock.

He penetrated with each chime of the bells, as if he was the night itself. Four…five…six… until her cheeks and chest flushed red. Seven…eight…nine. She screamed into the night air, gripping his shoulders as her body trembled. Ten… eleven… twelve. He slowed and kissed her neck, something sharp brushing against her skin. Had she imagined it? He lingered there, his lips around her jugular until she felt weak, until the silence of the night enveloped them once more.

Giga D.

“… Vampires corrupt the mind and body of young girls. Stay away from them!”

I had to see for myself. The men captured her last week. Her cell was makeshift, a peasant’s woodshed. I slowly approached the unconscious and bound vampire I spent my life wandering about. Her body was cold and dead to my eyes. I dare my hand to touch her and instantly her cold dead skin became indistinguishable from my own. My heart pounded as if beating for the both of us. I became overwhelmed by lust as I stared into her lifeless face. I climbed atop the crude workbench used to imprison this beautiful creature.

My desire overpowered me as I sat just out of reach of my unknowing seducer. My wet pussy couldn’t be ignored any longer. As if possessed, my hand furiously forced my fingers deep within my now drenched and clenching pussy. I covered my mouth to muffle my ecstasy. The pleasure forced my other senses to shut down. I sensed an energy from my dormant lover as lust conquered me completely. As the pleasure hit its climax, my eyes awoke to a huge, pulsating penis near climax itself. The vampire opened its eyes.


Her name is Krystin. She’s the most stunning woman I have ever seen. I’d never seen her before and I come here a lot. We barely finish our first drink together before she’s asking to go back to my place. Must be my charming personality, right?

She’s all over me in the taxi. The way she’s kissing my neck… Mind-numbing! The disapproving cabbie keeps touching the cross hanging from his rearview mirror. What a jealous prude!

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” she teases at my door.

“Where are my manners? Voulez-vous entrer, mademoiselle?” I play along. Smooth.

Inside, she excuses herself to freshen up. When she returns, she seductively asks, “How do I look?”

Any mirror would have told she’s the fairest but I’m speechless. Did she get even sexier? My stunned silence amuses her.

“I have a surprise for you,” she whispers in my ear. “Close your eyes.”

When I open them, she has her tight skirt raised to reveal her hard, throbbing cock. Wow! That is a surprise. I’m even more turned on now. I can’t help but wonder what blood and cum taste like together.

I bare my fangs, get on my knees and feast.

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Meet the Bloodlust Team: Video Editors

Posted May 18, 2017 by Bianca Rose

Just as it takes a village to raise a child (even the village crazies), it takes a team to build an animation so good, it’s going to blow your mind. Well, maybe not just your mind. Two of the people who literally put the movie together are Alex (also the voice of Tristan) and Jake Farhill, Bloodlust Cerene’s Video Editors! We sat down with them to ask a few questions as we countdown the days to Bloodlust Cerene Day! Woo!

We know it took a team to put Bloodlust Cerene together, but you guys literally put the video together. Tell us a little more about what you do.

Alex: Edits begin all the way at the beginning with the test cameras, little play dough looking people having sex. We decide the angles again and again, each time rendering the video in better quality as parts are taken care of like lighting and hair. We add voice over, sound effects, make the voices echo if they’re in a chamber, add music and it comes together in a nice pretty package you can get off to.

Jake: We start editing the video in the early stages of production. We work closely with the Animators and Lighting Artists to ensure the edit makes sense. The Production Designer for Bloodlust Cerene was Lord Kvento. Working with him is a blast. He is awesome. When we get our final renders we finalize visual effects, color correction, depth of field, motion blur, and all that good stuff. We also work closely with the Music Composer, Voice Actors, and Audio Editing. And we come up with Teasers, Trailers, Behind the Scenes videos.

I’m under the impression that you guys worked on different parts of the video and put them together like a sexy masterpiece. Which parts were your favorites to work on?

Alex: Any parts with boobs are phenomenally more stimulating to work on, I have no complaints with those. Actually matching the voice to the animations was incredible fun because that’s when it REALLY feels like a living scene with real characters.

Jake: Cum shots of course! 🙂 Oh, and boobies. The person who invented jiggle physics deserves a medal.

So you guys see all the pieces as they come together. Of course every bit is important, but what do you think is critical for the animation to come together as a whole?

Alex: Depth of field is really what makes this stand out. I wish I could show you what I see on my screen, but that last touch brings it to life so much. It looks like one flat, evenly lit shot until that step and then it feels very cinematic. I knew what was coming and I was still very very impressed.

Jake: The Animators worked very hard and spent a lot of time to get all the details just right. Lighting is also very important for adding emotion to the scene. The lighting artists and miro did a great job. And finally, especially for 3DX, jiggle physics. Amusteven X did a lot of the difficult so called” Soft Body” shots. You can’t have good 3DX without the jiggly parts.

In traditional movies, a film editor is the key to a good movie. Everything could be excellent, but if you cut or time things awkwardly, it could spell disaster. How do you guys make key decisions for the movie, since its production is such a team effort? Any decisions that fall on your shoulders alone?

Alex: Well in this case, it takes like 6 minutes to render one frame. There is not a frame out of place that wasn’t pre-planned. What is more important to mention is rescuing bad renders – in certain scenes we’ve had to hand-trace characters out of the bad environment/lighting/whatever frame by frame and paste them into a different one. This was common on special effects shots like teleporting or the bra disappearing magically.

Jake: Puppet Master did the Previz (the very first animated version, cameras and characters in place) and well begun is half done. But there’s still a lot of timing to be sorted out. A shot will go back and forth between Animation, VFX, Hair Sim Team, Miro, Video Editing, and the Composer, which can all affect timing. A lot of message boards, emails, and Skype to make everything work. All decisions are made in consultation and after seeking feedback.

Any part of the process that you don’t like or don’t look forward too? Is it harder to do one part of the process than another?

Alex: I think the worst part is when you’re in the zone, throwing together boob scenes and blowjob shots, and the drive crashes or windows freezes for a week. I’m editing the finals and I have about 3TB of footage we’re working with so it gets to be very hard work on the drive. Sadly, nobody but me and the other editors will see the Bloodlust Cerene we saw, the uncompressed renders straight from animation. We have to send out 1080p mp4 files, and even though they look great it’s not the same as what we see. I wish everyone could download 1tb of Bloodlust Cerene but we understand that such a file size is ridiculously huge 😛

We’ve released the characters now, so we can be a little more specific. Who’s your favorite and why?

Alex: Cerene, obviously. She’s got the most control on the situation and had the patience to learn vampire magic, balance the politics of men inside her realm, and is still nice enough to bump privates with Tristan at the end of the day.

Jake: Duchess! I have a thing for brunettes.

Anything you’d like to leave those of us looking forward to Bloodlust Cerene with?

Alex: This is, in my opinion, miles high above anything we’ve made. Definitely the best 3DX I’ve ever seen hands down, and I’m glad I got to be among the first to see it in its final form ❤️

Jake: Did I mention jiggle physics?

Bloodlust Cerene Trailer!

Posted May 17, 2017 by alexaazuline

Watch the trailer above!


The time has finally come. Here at Affect3D, we are proud to present to you the trailer for Bloodlust Cerene. After seeing this, I for one can’t wait for the full animation. From beginning to end there is nothing but incredible rendering and beautiful characters. But most importantly, we get to finally see Prince Tristan, Duchess Sophia, and the vampire Cerene in action!

What’s really intriguing is their involvement with one another. And by that I mean Prince Tristan having two women all to himself (and one of them is a sexy vampire with huge tits, totally jealous). He takes no time in giving these two exactly what they want – his huge cock. Nothing is off limits for these three. Oral, doggy style, being upside-down, anal, whatever these women want. Prince Tristan is sure to not only get himself off but make sure they will never want anyone else. If the trailer only reveals a taste of what’s to come in Bloodlust Cerene. I’m completely sold, I can only imagine what the full animation has in store. Don’t forget, this Saturday is the official release for Bloodlust Cerene!

Watch the trailer above!

Video – Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak of Bloodlust: Cerene!

Posted May 16, 2017 by The Dude

Funny thing, but you know what gets my heart pumping faster? Masterful 3DX design. I don’t even need to watch the porn itself, the design of it alone is enough to put me on the edge. It was the G4E DLC 1 teaser that prompted me to start on my journey as a 3DX artist. If that was any indication, the Behind The Scenes video of Bloodlust Cerene might accomplish even more than that.

Narrated by the sultry and seductive voice of Marie Fasolt, voice of the titular Cerene, we’re taking you for a backstage tour. How do you go about producing something that’s never been done to this degree in 3DX? What is the process behind moving boundaries? We take you in for a closer look at the three characters and their motivations, as well as a few quick preview clips of the action itself.

I’m not easy to excite when it comes to porn, but Affect3D manages to hit the right notes every time. I guess there’s a reason I work here! I hope you’ll like this BTS video as much as I did. Enjoy!

A Taste of Bloodlust – Voice Samples

Posted May 15, 2017 by miro

In my very biased opinion our voice actors Pip (Sophia), Marie (Cerene) and Alex (Tristan) did an exceptional job at conveying their respective characters in both dialogue and sex scenes but have a listen and judge for yourself 🙂

And of course check out their interviews below!

Meet the Bloodlust Team: Voice Acting

Posted May 14, 2017 by Hana

Welcome to the our final team interview! In the past 2 weeks, we talked to the animation/VFX and sound teams. Today will feature, last but not least, our voice acting cast! For this we will be talking to our voice actresses Marie and Pip, as well as our voice actor Alex.

Interview #1: Pip

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a Dutch VA for Affect3D and I go by Pip. The rest is best left a little bit mysterious.

Is Bloodlust Cerene your first big project, or do you have prior voice acting experience?

I started out by making NSFW audios on Reddit. It was there I got scouted by Miro and I’ve worked on several projects since, such as voicing Sayako in G4E DLC.

With all the events going on this month (teaser, concept art etc) all our readers probably already know about the characters and perhaps even who is voicing them. But could you perhaps still give a short introduction about the character you are voicing?

I’m voicing the Duchess who is Tristan’s lover. She’s in quite the precarious position in the story, obviously very worried about the prince and would prefer to keep him safe with her, far away from any danger. Luckily for us, things can get quite heated when you’re not sure if it’s the last time you’ll see your lover.

How was it to voice this specific character? Was it difficult to get into the role?

Well, our personalities aren’t very alike. But caring deeply for someone and not wanting anything to happen to them is a universal thing. Just like attraction. So I hope I did OK. It’s hard to not to slip bits of your own personality in, sometimes. You’ll say something just a bit more coyly or jokingly when the character might be very serious. Generally I’ve voiced playful women, which fits me well. With the Duchess the fun was in balancing the playfulness with an air of sophistication.

Generally speaking, could you tell us a little bit about the process that goes into voice acting? Any special preparations you need to make, how does the recording go etc?

Nothing special happens in my process. I just sit down, review the material, get in the headspace and press record. Makes it sound rather dull, really. A fun detail might be my practice method, which consists of me saying all sorts of dirty things in different voices and intonations, while I’m biking. It’s pretty entertaining if a bit risky.

How was your experience working on the Bloodlust Cerene project?

Exciting! Seeing how much the team has improved, watching updates of the characters as they evolve and how much love goes into every detail has made me confident I can be proud to be a part of it.

Interview #2: Marie

If you’d like, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Marie Fasolt. I’m a freelance writer and amateur voice actress, and I also recently joined the Affect3D staff to help out with social media, analytics, and site content creation. Outside of my creative work, there’s not much to say about me, as I live a pretty mundane life. My writing is probably the best way to acquaint yourself with me (if you’re inclined) so you can find that here at Affect3D.com, or at my personal blog, GeekySexBlog.com.

Is Bloodlust Cerene your first big project, or did you do a lot of voice acting before? (Can be other collaborations with Affect3D, but can also be with other companies/projects)

Bloodlust Cerene is the largest voice acting project I’ve worked on, but not my first. I’ve been working with Miro and Affect3D as a voice actress since Ayako: Sex Addiction. Miro essentially “discovered me,” offering me the gig after he heard me speak in a YouTube video I produced with Destiny, a famous StarCraft streamer. Since then I’ve voiced Tara (as well as some of the moaning and SFX sounds for Sayako), Neva from Virtual Lust’s Neva mobile game, and Velna in Amusteven’s Velna 3.

With all the events going on this month (teaser, concept art etc) all our readers probably already know about the characters and perhaps even who is voicing them. But could you perhaps still give a short introduction about the character you are voicing?

I play both the narrator and the story’s main antagonist, Cerene. There’s not much to be said about the narrator, but Cerene… Well, technically, we don’t know a lot about her either. Her actions are largely what set the story in motion, but her motivations are a complete mystery. We know that she’s old and powerful, but we don’t know to what extent. I can tell you, however, that she’s definitely sexy, but you’ll see for yourself when you watch Bloodlust Cerene.

How was it to voice this specific character? Was it difficult to get into the role?

Cerene was a unique and challenging role for me. Because she’s a villain, the role required a wider range of expression than I’m accustomed to in adult voice work. Typically I only need to be sexy, charming, sweet, sometimes funny, and that’s about it. Cerene is charming and sexy, but she’s a dominant character who can be very aggressive and condescending at times. That’s a huge departure from the roles I’ve played before, as well as my own personality. I think of myself as being more submissive so Cerene was not a character I initially thought I’d be able to do. Miro asked me to read for her, however, and I surprised myself quite a bit.

Generally speaking, could you tell us a little bit about the process that goes into voice acting? Any special preparations you need to make, how does the recording go etc?

Before any given recording session, I’ll sit down and review the script and scenes to be performed. With spoken lines, I’ll just make notes on the script and review any audio references given by the director or screenwriter. For sex scenes, I’ll watch the scenes several times over, make notes, listen to references, and then review my previous work. The reason for reviewing my old work is because I’m always aiming to build off what was successful before, and having a benchmark fresh in my mind is very helpful.

Developing my skill as an adult voice actress has been a gradual process since I didn’t have any acting experience prior to meeting Miro. When I recorded the very first takes for Ayako: Sex Addiction my approach was to just record myself masturbating, but that didn’t end up working too well. Miro and I agreed the realistic approach didn’t match with the rich, visual fantasy of 3DX, so we just kept pushing the levels and the intensity until we arrived at where we are now. The sounds you hear me make are still based in my reality, they’re just a lot more forthcoming and frequent than what you’d hear from me in a typical sexual encounter. What you hear ends up being a bit like a Marie highlight reel, capturing the best and most interesting sounds I make during sex.

And while I don’t typically masturbate during recording sessions anymore (though I did for Neva’s orgasm in Neva) I usually do need to take a break after about an hour of recording… Just because it’s hard to be in that mindset for so long without getting overwhelmingly aroused and distracted.

How was your experience working on the Bloodlust project?

Great! I’m looking forward to doing more with Cerene in future installments. I really wanted to see what her and the Duchess get up to, both together and with Tristan.


Interview #3: Alex

If you’d like, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 25-year-old guy in the US, no vampires in real life, though I have dated a few. I spend most of my time in video production, doing voice over or filming and editing. I played football until college, I still go to the gym everyday. People ask me for fitness tips, they want to know how I find the inspiration. I don’t really, I hate it, I only do it to negate my desperate addiction to cheesecake and milkshakes. I’m also the editor for bloodlust as well, yes that is a weird skillset I know but what can you do.

Is Bloodlust Cerene your first big project, or do you have previous voice acting experience?

No other roles. Prince Tristan is the role I was born for. After hundreds of thousands of dollars in Shakespearean theater and voice training, I have finally reached my ultimate form. Actually, most of the voice work I do is for things like training videos, disclaimers, kickstarters and cheese commercials. Bloodlust is miles above the other work I do as far as raw sexuality and stimulation, second only to the cheese commercials.

With all the events going on this month (teaser, concept art etc) all our readers probably already know about the characters and perhaps even who is voicing them. But could you perhaps still give a short introduction about the character you are voicing?

Prince Tristan is really just your normal guy. He puts his pants on in the morning, eats breakfast, then goes between fucking a Duchess at 10am and a Vampire Queen until sunrise. I’m more concerned about Tristan’s ability to correctly gauge the danger of a situation, as he has decided to head out after the Vampire alone in the middle of the night by walking through her front door. This and his sex addiction aside, he seems like he’s trying to do good 🙂

How was it to voice this specific character? Was it difficult to get into the role?

Ugh. SUCH a burden being forced to imagine being a sex-slave to a vampire queen, I don’t know how I found the inspiration /s. Since I had the source material to look at, it was very easy to get into Tristan’s exploits.

Actually, Tristan does a lot of accusatory yelling, which is tough to get right in a mic. If you just talk loudly you’ll sound like a weak, whining man so you have to actually yell. My neighbors are well aware of my repetitive feats to recapture my kingdom from the vampire that plagues my lands.

Generally speaking, could you tell us a little bit about the process that goes into voice acting? Any special preparations you need to make, how does the recording go etc?

The next time you speak to someone, think about how often you stumble over words. In a casual conversation it doesn’t matter, but when you have to get the words perfect you wind up getting desensitized. After saying “You foul creature!” enough times, Creature starts to sound like a made up word. You wonder if it was ever even a word or if you just imagined it right now. Is it Cree-Chure? Cree-toor? Who can really say these days. You have to look up YouTube videos “How to pronounce creature,” of which there are not many resources. You realize you’re an idiot for forgetting in the first place. Got it, onto the next line.

How was your experience working on the Bloodlust Cerene project?

I had a very fun good time working on Bloodlust because it’s blatant high-fantasy, which is always super fun to get into. I love that shit, elves, orcs, glowing swords, feudal stuff. In addition, I love the staff at Affect3D, production all know each other pretty well despite being from all over the place we get along, so its always fun to work on 3D tits with your friends.

The production itself is actually…well, I don’t know what to say. I was looking at the source material the whole time for voice over, I did voice over when it was still bald naked people, and I knew what was coming. I thought it was finished when it was about 1/3 of the way rendered, until I saw the finals I could not believe that it came out this good. It doesn’t even feel like I’m seeing a video of my voice, it looks so unbelievable it’s like I’m watching the story for the first time. But also, after this experience, I have to live with knowing that Cerene and I will never actually be ☹️ But at least I have gotten closer to her than most men ever will, and we will always share that ❤️

Final Character Revealed – Vampire Cerene

Posted May 13, 2017 by Bianca Rose

Step right up and peer into the soul of Bloodlust Cerene‘s leading lady! It isn’t often that you have a chance like this, to understand the inner workings of a vampire. But here, we ask that you read her whole summary and judge her actions only after  you’ve seen just how far up her ass Tristian’s dick can go.

Cerene is a master vampire and has been watching the Prince’s entire life unfold before her. Immortality lends her the patience to watch her prey play their human games of politics, war, and romance. She knows they will stumble and she waits for that opportunity to strike. So she is confident in her plans and in herself.

She knows she is beautiful and powerful and she uses that to achieve her goals. Cerene sees Tristan as a project.  She wants to deepen his sense of perversion and widen his sexual outlook and experiences. She’d rather have him learn to value all the different pleasures she can teach him than have him groomed for the throne. Tristan will have to decide what he really wants.

Bloodlust – Environments and Setting

Posted May 12, 2017 by miro

Beef that some people had with G4E was that it got a little bland in terms of the one setting. I’m of the strong opinion that environment isn’t a key or even necessary element to building an intense sex scene, but if done well it can of course add a great deal of immersion and with a period piece like Bloodlust Cerene it was the perfect opportunity to give our characters the right play ground to get physical in. And these were great fun to set these up 🙂

For Bloodlust Cerene we assembled and partially modelled three scenes:

The Duchess Bedroom


The Vampire Lair Exterior

The Vampire Lair


A Taste of The Bloodlust – Cerene Soundtrack!

Posted May 11, 2017 by The Dude

The Dude

Hey everyone! Today as part of the Bloodlust – Cerene release event we’ve got an interview for you with our soundtrack composer as part of the Soundtrack Release.

When you think of sound in pornography, it’s easy to just think of girls moaning. And when you think of music in porn, it’s even easier to think of those corny porn beats that nobody thinks should even exist. But as you might have noticed, if you’re a follower of what we do here at A3D, we like to take it a step further. The mastermind behind our epic scores? Tiaz! Thanks for taking the time for us today.


Thanks for having me!

The Dude

So let’s start with the obvious question: how does one get started as a soundtrack composer for something like G4E? Because that was your first release with us, wasn’t it?


It was my first release indeed. I approached Miro and sent him a demo. He then gave me a shot at composing for G4E. It all went naturally since then.

The Dude

So take me through the thought process of someone who composes soundtracks for a porn release? Oftentimes porn music is incredibly simple and repetitive, but that’s not the case with your music at all. It has a very cinematic style. Is that a conscious decision?


Absolutely. I wanted more than just background music for g4ever and a very cinematic score for bloodlust. Both titles were extremely different to score though. In G4E there were mostly sex scenes. Bloodlust for example, is very story driven. It is not only about sex, but a complete story. You just get to see what you normally don’t in regular movies. Characters have emotions, goals and struggles. The music had to somehow translate all of this.

The Dude

Take us through the process a little bit. Between Bloodlust and Girlfriends 4 Ever, there are a lot of different sounds for different scenarios you use. How do you determine which sound is right?


I always start by talking with Miro about the story and/or what *mood* he is looking for.
Then before doing anything else, I try to find sounds that correspond to those ideas. These sounds will then be used throughout the score. Choosing the right sounds can be a long process. It comes down to personal preference in the end. It’s about what emotions need to be expressed.

The Dude

And this stage, the sounds are still unrelated to each other? As in, you have more a mood board in a concept stage than an actual score?


The sounds are already related to each other, but just in my head. So yeah, at this stage it’s more about ideas than actual score.

The Dude

What was the specific mood you were going for in the case of the main theme?


Something otherworldly. Dark with a pinch of hopefulness. Something that is immortal, never sleeps and has always been there, living through the ages without being affected by the rest of the world.

The Dude

Yeah I can definitely hear that. It’s interesting, but as a listener the process is inverse for me. Kind of. I can hear a soundtrack to a movie without ever having seen the movie, and then determine what kind of mood it is right for. You do the opposite, which is impressive because then you actually have to put those sounds together. So the next stage is composition. How does that work? What kind of software do you use?


I use what is called a DAW, a Digital Audio Workstation. This is where most of us compose music. To each his own. Inside this DAW, we use different kinds of music libraries. Instruments, percussions, synths, etc. What I do is simply load up the scene into the DAW, and compose on it. When composing for a scene I first try to find the tempo of that scene. Key moments if you will. I usually watch the scene many times before doing anything. Really trying to understand what is going on. After I have ideas popping in my head, I simply try them out. Sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes you get it the first time!

The Dude

Are there any other scores or artists that you take inspiration from? Composers that you admire or look up to?


One composer I love and that is relevant to the topic of Vampire movies is Paul Haslinger. He scored the underworld movies.
I’m also a big fan of Howard Shore, who composed the music for The Lord of the rings trilogy. I could go on and on, but these are my two favorites.

The Dude

We’ve come off a bit of a dark age of porn sound design. Many live action shoots don’t even properly take care of the audio side of things, they are content with just giving you the visuals. Obviously you’ve put a lot of work into both Bloodlust and G4E. Do you think 3DX will contribute to revitalising sound design in erotica and pornography? Could this be the start of a new golden age of porn?


People, now more than ever, want to be immersed into what they are watching. Sound is an extremely important part of it, and I think that the 3dx world is starting to realise it. With VR technologies growing increasingly more popular we should expect sound to be of better quality each time.

The Dude

That sounds like a good note to end on! Let’s hope that Bloodlust as well as future A3D release can have a positive effect, with your help, on how porn and erotica creators look at sound design in their releases. Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us! In the meantime, I would encourage everyone else to stay tuned for the remainder of our release event, because we have a lot more content coming up over the days to come!

Writing and Caption Contests! Win Bloodlust!

Posted May 10, 2017 by alexaazuline

Your last chance to win a free copy of Bloodlood Cerene!!

Imagination is a wonderful thing. You can create a multitude of worlds and anything is possible. Now, take that into creating your own sultry story about whatever you like. Big boobs with an ass to match, dickgirls, medieval castles, pentagrams, werewolves or maybe…vampires? The possibilities are endless. Now, here’s your chance to put your creativity to good use, enter one of the contests below and get in the draw to win a copy of Bloodlust Cerene.

There are two contests you can participate in.

Writing Contest!

to enter: comment below with hashtag #blwriting 

The rules are simple – write in 200 words or less your own vampire fantasy. It can be about whatever you like but there is one key condition – NO mention of the G4E girls. As tempting as it is they cannot be used in this contest but feel free to let your mind wander and come up with something that will get everyone craving more! Relating it to what you know of Bloodlust Cerene so far is a plus, but not required. To enter this contest you simply comment below with the hashtag #blwriting

Caption Contest!

to enter: comment below with hashtag #blcaption

Think of a caption that would best suit either (or both) of the two stills provided. Get creative with these! Choose from this Image Caption A:


Or this Image Caption B:

To enter, comment below with the hashtag #blcaption. Remember to be creative and have fun with these contests! Good luck!

Entries due 12:00 AM EDT (4:00 GMT) May 18! We look forward to your entries!

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May 19, 2017

cant wait

May 19, 2017

Hey, when do you guys going to update the 19th

May 19, 2017

Im waiting New Movies for a long time. And Now The Amazing Movie is comming soon. The Bloodlust Cerene is so very very cool. Thank all Creators

May 19, 2017

Its the 20th and the 19th update not released yet, damn time zones and our need to fap ASAP 🙁
Hoping this release goes nice and smooth.

May 19, 2017

I already have 20th May come o xD

May 19, 2017

Looks very good, but where is our internal cumshots? This time around I was waiting for some of that. I am sure some x-ray fading of part of the women can make that doable…

May 19, 2017

Man i can’t wait for this!

May 19, 2017

I am excited to meet cerene 😉 good graphics you too ;))

May 19, 2017

Can we get some details on things like price, size of the file, length of the video, and content before release day? Im super excited for this but I feel like I know nothing about the product.

May 19, 2017

Hello miro! A question please … Has Sophia some difficulty in BJ action or has she some experience already? thaks tousand for your work!

May 19, 2017

So fucking hyped! I’m hoping I win the caption contest, but if not I will be buying it the second it goes up. Love the characters, the design, everything is top-notch. G4E raised the bar for 3DX and set a new standard, but Bloodlust is going to shatter it and blow it away. Don’t know if MIRO will see this, but I’m curious about his inspiration for Cerene’s castle and lair. It’s very Castlevania-esque. I wonder if that was one of his inspirations.

May 19, 2017

Best ever animation!

May 19, 2017

Nooooo I was waiting for the social media contest’ winners! But still, a nice interview from Alex and Jake. I was wondering that there were some people left to give their insight and there they are! I’m really proud you all went jumping on the ship and go along through this journey together.

I’m sure there are some things to improve (I caught a couple of things in the trailer :O ) but this is a pretty damn good start for all of you! I concur with Alex: this can be the best 3DX ever, nowadays. And I surely hope this is a call for improvement to all the artist of 3DX works.

May 19, 2017

Very attractive, nice work

May 18, 2017

When are the social media winners announced? I thought that was today.

May 18, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great if the first physical product that affect3d sold, was a hard drive with that 1tb-version on it?

May 18, 2017

1TB Version?!!

May 19, 2017

Alex mentions in the latest Interview that they edited a 1tb-version which they then have to compress into an mp4-file

May 18, 2017

When will you made girlfriend4ever II?
Looking forward to that

May 18, 2017

Has anyone thought of Sayako and Cerene together?
Loving that idea!

May 19, 2017

I’m pretty sure MIRO has alluded to that happening. Perhaps in some Bloodlust DLC? I’m with you, Victor, that sounds fucking AWESOME!!

May 18, 2017

I’m very of story Porn Fantasy,
I see the hard work of all people on the realisation of the movie.

1)-Very Good Quality Models
2)-Good Voice
3)-Good Animation

I am proud to see the film 🙂

May 18, 2017

What happened to the Social Media contest? Who won?

May 19, 2017

social media winners will be contacted privately we’re explaining that tomorrow together with the writer contest winners

May 18, 2017

The date for winner announcements on the schedule is May 19.

May 18, 2017

That’s for the writing contests. There was a social media contest. Schedule initially said those winners would be announced today.

May 18, 2017


Image A: Why don’t we play cock hide and seek?

Image B: Do you even understand how this works? You’re supposed to let ME find it instead of showing it to me.

May 18, 2017

Really hope Cerene has a tittyfuck scene. Would be a shame to let the opportunity pass with those melons

May 18, 2017

in case paizur is not shown now in this upcoming one, chances are bigger in dlc, would be a shame not reaching that achievement with miro’s 1st dickgirl vs dickgirl, hehe, the horizon looks good on that
i’ve hopes that miro will amaze us with that one too 😀

May 18, 2017

paizuri *

May 18, 2017

It’s not a question of DG, xxx or sex. Soft body simulation, subsurface scattering four liquid simulations, shrink or nearly shrink, history, music, highly erotic characters, always unique. Miro’s work and staff is great. They would make a frog even sexy .. PIP I love you!!!!

May 18, 2017

Nice. Waiting for Bloodlust Cerene and Booblust Tristan.

May 18, 2017

Im so excited!

May 18, 2017

I hope the music from the trailer comes also in the finished film before 🙂

May 18, 2017

Two sisters are desperate to find a way to survive, without money and with a house falling apart with nothing to eat, when one day they hear in a nearby bar that deep in the forest there is an old castle, of what once Was the home of a very rich queen, but one day disappeared, leaving behind all her treasures, at that moment the sisters make the decision to enter the forest and look for that castle that may be their last hope or his curse.

After three days in the confines of the forest and with few food rations, they could see something in the distance, a silhouette, which resembled a great fence, finally managed to find the castle, They happy runs to enter the castle, when they manage to find the way to enter, They notice how the castle has not suffered the passage of time, in the great hall they see a big ruby blood red which they took, but in that Moment the candles are lit throughout the room so that from the darkness the silhouette of a beautiful woman appears, then a voice is heard saying delicately ” hehehehe new toys for my amusement”

May 18, 2017

lol that is definitely not an understated trailer.

May 18, 2017

Very excited for this

May 18, 2017

It looks mighty impressive.
It does little for my imagination though. A hot guy fucking two hot women… cool, I guess.

May 18, 2017

maybe you’ll find cooler the dlc with those hot women as dickgirls fucking eachother 😉

May 19, 2017

Heh, not much. Dickgirls are of even less interest to me than a generic boy/girl scene. I’m just weird that way.

May 18, 2017

Alright! My body is ready. Nice work, team! Hope it really turns out being something really cool and enjoyable 😀

May 18, 2017

Looks amazing Miro and crew!

Have a question. What kind of release will this be? Is it just a mp4 type format or Flash like GF4E?

Approx how long will the feature be and should I be concerned with my specs? Thanks in advance!

May 17, 2017

Not bad. Not bad at all!
What the hell am I saying?
That was freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!

May 17, 2017

I did not think I would ever say this but after watching the trailer, i gotta say, I’ll find it hard to return to G4E – it simply looks dated compared to BL:C. I wish you and your team all the best with this release, Miro, you’ve certainly convinced me although I was rather disappointed about no DG at first. You’re about the set the new standard for the second time.

May 17, 2017

Glad to finally see the trailer, look forward to it. While Tristan might not be the equal of Sayako, the boy has some girth going for him.

May 17, 2017

I don’t see the trailer anywhere. What’s up with that?

May 18, 2017

Oh. There it is. Sooooooooooooooooooooo good. I get that dickgirls is a huge thing on this site, but I am glad to see some straight content too. This looks awesome!

May 17, 2017

It’s almost Thursday the 18th. Is the trailer not up or is my phone just not working. Where’s this trailer?! I can’t wait anymore, the hype is real!!

May 17, 2017

I hope I am not disappointed.
Tara and Sayako got me interested in Miro as the number one 3DX artist. Nothing compares to G4ever.
I hope this is as good or better.
Especially now that Miro has company. 🙂

May 17, 2017


“… Vampires corrupt the mind and body of young girls. Stay away from them!”
I had to see for myself. The men captured her last week. Her cell was makeshift, a peasant’s woodshed. I slowly approached the unconscious and bound vampire I spent my life wandering about. Her body was cold and dead to my eyes. I dare my hand to touch her and instantly her cold dead skin became indistinguishable from my own. My heart pounded as if beating for the both of us. I became overwhelmed by lust as I stared into her lifeless face. I climbed atop the crude workbench used to imprison this beautiful creature. My desire overpowered me as I sat just out of reach of my unknowing seducer. My wet pussy couldn’t be ignored any longer. As if possessed, my hand furiously forced my fingers deep within my now drenched and clenching pussy. I covered my mouth to muffle my ecstasy. The pleasure forced my other senses to shut down. I sensed an energy from my dormant lover as lust conquered me completely. As the pleasure hit its climax, my eyes awoke to a huge, pulsating penis near climax itself. The vampire opened its eyes.

May 17, 2017

Bit worried about the size of T’s cock. He’s way too close to Sophia’s ass when he’s about to stick it in…

May 17, 2017

Okayokay, it could habe been bigger but it will do for now 🙂 As for the Rest? YESYESYESYES!!!

May 17, 2017

Ok. I see it. Never mind.

May 17, 2017

Where did you see that?
I still don’t see the trailer yet.

May 17, 2017

Godammit I see it this way too now… why did you do this to me !

May 17, 2017


May 17, 2017


A: You’re going to need something bigger than that sword to slay me

B: My my. Now that’s a proper sword.

May 16, 2017

Holy shit, it looks really good so far. I am very excited for the trailer tomorrow! Also, I cannot wait for the crossover to see Sayako have her way with Cerene – or the other way round?

May 17, 2017

Damn, that would be SO hot!

May 16, 2017


A: Cerene: ‘Don’t try to be cocky when you don’t have the cock to show for it.’

B: Cerene turned Tristan into a vampire, giving him more endurance and stamina, making for an even better lay.

May 16, 2017

good showcase from the voice acting post but now eagerly waiting the trailer more than before to have a better impact from it for cerene and sophia because from that audio i cant help it imagining tara and sayako xD
nice tristran voice btw, i felt he was going to sound like that when first saw it

May 15, 2017

Image A: Eyes up here my pet…for now.

Image B: There…aren’t they worth the wait?

May 15, 2017

Prologue 2
The woman races through the forest. After decades, this day has finally arrived. The woman is beautiful and young even after all these years. A scarf covering two small neck scars flutters as she runs. She reaches the long abandoned church. She races up the empty sanctuary to the altar. She strips naked in an instant, having long mastered the skill and enjoying it often. She lays across the altar, completely bare. It is time. Prince Tristan’s birth was announced to the kingdom. The ritual. For my mistress. Her fingers begin moving. She massages her full breasts, pinching the nipples. One hand remains while the other moves down her toned stomach to her vagina. Using her fingers, she probes while her thumb caresses her clitoris. Both hands increase in intensity. The woman begins moaning softly, then without abandon. Her cries echo across the nude statues watching her. Her free hand goes to her mouth. She kisses her fingers and sends them down her side. She grabs the full flesh of her butt and then goes probing from that side. The wave builds until she lets out an orgasmic cry. The altar hums with energy. A word glows blue flame: Cerene.

May 15, 2017

Prologue 1
The young woman moaned as Cerene’s fingers worked expertly. The two women lay naked on an altar in a long forgotten church. Cerene’s body looked like she was carved by the goddess herself. The woman was ugly by this world’s standards. But, she would be loyal, and that is what Cerene needed. Cerene would create the beauty. She combed her fingers through the woman’s hair leaving behind jet black silk. Cerene traced her hands down the woman’s face, their lips locked, smoothing the plump cheeks, adding a curve to the nose. Cerene’s full breasts pressed into the woman’s moderate chest adding fullness. The vampire’s hands moved down her abdomen trimming the waist to enhance the curves of the hips. Cerene caressed the woman’s soft butt into a voluptuous finish. Finally she massaged each leg into long, full glory. The woman was beautiful. Cerene’s fingers danced to the woman’s clitoris as she kissed across her body. “You will submit to me. You will be my eyes. And when he comes, you will summon me.” “Yes,” the woman moaned in ecstasy. As she came, Cerene sunk her fangs into the woman’s neck completing the familiar. “Now I must sleep until he comes.”

May 15, 2017

I would love to see Sophia letting down her hair at some point.

May 14, 2017


Image A:

With the prosperity of Veridian and the life of his sweet Duchess Sophia hanging in the balance, Prince Tristan knew he had to resist the other-worldly charms of this blood-thirsty seductress. He refused to be distracted by her impossibly perfect breasts. He won’t give her the satisfaction of being the first to break eye contact.
Little did the prince know that staring straight into Cerene’s hypnotic gaze was the worst thing he could have done. In a few short moments, his willpower will be sapped and his mind broken. He’ll be all hers to do with as she pleases.

Image B:

Before enthralling him for eternity, Cerene restores the prince’s will and mind. She patiently waits as he recovers from his confusion. Even without his mind under her control she knows exactly what he’s thinking. Where am I? Why am I here? Oh, right! I came to end this madne… Why is my armor removed?! Why are my undergarments removed?!!!
She’s seen the same looks of confusion in countless victims. Few moments give her more pleasure than these. The fear and helplessness in Prince Tristan’s eyes tell her that soon she’ll be experiencing some of those other, more pleasurable, moments. She loves playing with her food.

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