Contest: Win A Copy Of Eralin & Meralin!

To commemorate the release of Lord-Kvento’s Eralin & Meralin, we want to give you a chance to win yourself a free copy of this highly anticipated title! Not only that, but one grand prize winner will receive $25 Affect3D Store credit and a slew of Lord-Kvento’s titles! Wanna know how to enter? Here’s how!


The Eralin & Meralin Book Of Spells Contest!

In Eralin & Meralin, the two are just ordinary girls who happen to be sorceresses. After finding a spell book, they magically turn themselves into a couple of well-hung dickgirls that are itching to fuck!

But let’s say they tried out a different spell, one with a different effect. What spell do you think they tried out next and what affect did it have? Was it a change with bodies or scenery? What do you think happens?

Just in case you forgot about Eralin & Meralin (which you shouldn’t have!), you can rewatch the trailer below:

How To Enter

In the comments section below, post what spell you think they should try next. Your answer can be serious, funny, sexy or even thought-provoking. That’s all you have to do! You have until Midnight Friday the 19th to enter. Winners will be selected by Affect3D Staff and announced on Saturday!



  • One first place prize: A copy of Eralin & Meralin by Lord-Kvento, and an additional $25 Affect3D Store credit. Plus a copy of the Lord-Kvento Futanari Bundle and Twin Sisters!
  • Two second place prizes: A copy of Eralin & Meralin by Lord-Kvento


Please note: This contest is just for fun and does not mean a title will be made based on your idea.

120 Comments on Contest: Win A Copy Of Eralin & Meralin!

  1. MattDark

    How about a spell that gives one of them a pair of dicks? Would be great to see them exploring the possibilities that would offer.

  2. SamStone

    They cast a spell that makes their bodies match their shadows ((at their will). . Maybe the spell starts out as finger-shadow games – Flap your fingers just so and the shadow turns into a bird and flies away. Then fun starts as they make their … Look at the 3DX Chat ad that always runs on See the shadow of the dickgirls cock? It almost looks like a second cock! Boom! The spell makes it happen

  3. Shane

    Have a devil tail grow from one of their tail bone. And have it caress the penis as it penetrates.

  4. BZG1995

    Well, I’d make the spell to duplicate themselves as dickgirls. We’d have two normal girls and 2 dickgirls. Funny? I think so

  5. Juggernaught

    I think, they should try a spell that manipulates fire around them by the level of their arousal. Starting at small flames and finishing into a blazing inferno.

  6. nrg101

    Eralin casts a spell on her cock which allows her to whip her cock around really fast. While Meralin is pounding her ass, Eralin winds up her helicockter and then they fly around the room, and out the window, out to the sunset…

  7. MrHappy

    a spell where each time they cum, the larger their boobs/penis gets. Eralin could be more aggressive and make meralin cum more at the start using toys or fingering/oral her, then Meralin could turn the tides and then fuck Eralin with her enlarged penis n boobs.

  8. Lightning

    A spell that will turn them into dickgirls but also sent them to where Sayako & Tera are fucking, then it turns into a foursome where they all fuck Tera with they’re dicks.

  9. stubby

    The next spell would be amor sui the latin word for self love. It would create a copy of the caster that would allow for some sexy selfcest.

  10. trowa42

    The next spell would be viagra cialis. This spell would make them instantly hard again to continue the fun. The third spell would be two tubs because apparently that is what you want after the second spell. Not sure why.

  11. sean

    The next spell summons angels, demons, aliens, slave girls, dungeon explorers, exhibitionists, ogres, sexy space explorers, and Lord Kvento himself- they then proceed to have an awesome naked dance party on the moon πŸ˜€

  12. Bodywork

    The secret book of spells has a hidden code that was made just for those who has been fulfilled with every type of sexual pleasure known to mankind and womankind. Since they accomplished this feat, They were awarded the key to unlock the use of the special spell.
    It was meant to be used for something that was deemed impossible to physically happen to anyone. Ever,

    The two joined in mutual 69 side by side on the royal purple carpet surrounded by fruit and wine pouring out of fountains. The mood was right.
    They thought about how hard it is to kiss each other passionately at the same time doing this position.
    So they wished they could do that with each other.

    Now, as the spell is read, what you wish comes true in a way that is a surprise unless you specifically say what you want. Unfortunately they did not plan ahead on having to do that. They got caught up in the moment.

    So, as they were enjoying themselves laying on their sides sucking each others dicks and just before they were to cum, simultaneously they each said out the spell they had memorized,

    All of a sudden a blinding flash took place within themselves and it put them into a state of euphoria just as the most tremendous spasms in a orgasm ever happened in the cosmos.

    When they awoke each one had a vagina for their mouth and a penis for their nose.
    This would put each of their faces right on top of the other and still have 69.
    They are now close as possible for what they wanted. Maybe not quite what they had in mind.

    However, they were smart enough to add a clause that the spell could be broken.
    The spell book now decided how it could be broken. The only way it could be broken, is if, when they would fuck each other with their nose ,and rub their moist mouth vagina on the others anus until they both could cum simultaneously only then can the spell be broken.
    Also, once they have this spell they can use it whenever they choose to.

    Stay tuned for more of this story. It gets yummy!

  13. KingdomAbyss

    The spell was supposed to make Eralin & Meralin in touch with each other’s emotions and pleasures, making it possible for them to feel each other’s thoughts and sexual desires. However, the spell had adverse effects and actually gives Eralin & Meralin the opposite: Complete inability to relate to each other and each other’s desires.
    This eventually has horrible consequences. No longer able to get pleasure from being with each other, the girls grow apart and search for solace in strange manners.

    Eralin spends all her time browsing new, cutting-edge crochet designs on pinterest, which eventually leads to the development of an unhealthy, compulsive need to be fully clothed in her own crochet designed wool clothes and spending all her time with Rose and Bertha at the nearby retirement home.

    On the other hand, Meralin spends all her time obsessed with beating the painstakingly difficult NES demon spawn of a game, Contra. Refusing to use any Konami cheats, Meralin enters the fray every day for hours on end trying and failing to beat every level of Contra, armed with only 3 lives. After hours of failing to one-hit kills and the screen of instant death, Meralin swears to abandon the game completely, only to slink back into the same life stealing scenario the next day.
    So Eralin and Meralin spend eternity in their own self-inflicted hells…so close to each other, but yet so so so far away.

    At least they didn’t end up getting turned into a Japanese body pillow…

  14. Luke Xander

    Ball Amplification: A spell that enlarges their balls bigger than their own tits and allows them to hose each other down with BUCKETS of cum.

  15. KingdomAbyss

    After the girls cast the first spell and satisfy each other over and over, they grow hungry and decide to fix breakfast. But why waste time over a hot stove when they can just cast a spell to conjure a grand breakfast? So they search their spell book for a simple and safe food spell, thinking what’s the worst that could happen? Apparently a lot!
    The spell they cast was used years before to imprison a powerful demon of lust. Therefore, when Eralin & Meralin cast the spell they set the demon free, and the demon (being the lustful being that he is) immediately enslaves the girls in a fiery dungeon prison and forces them to perform unspeakable acts to each other, as he watches/takes part in lustful exuberance.

  16. cody

    What more could you ask for from two sexy futa sisters? How about, another big thick cock to fuck and fill her sisters tight holes up with? Say hello to the “twin cock” spell. Twice the pleasure for two sexy sisters.

  17. sincubus

    A spell that makes every living being spontaneously orgasm when Eralin and Meralin cum together.

  18. Mac

    A transcendental spell that allows them to have sex while experiencing excruciating amounts of pain being afflicted to them by others, tortures of all kinds and since its a transcendental spell, its not their real bodies being afflicted but their bodies inside of the illusion, so no actual harm comes to them. Some of the torture or damage could even be deadly but they can continue because they are inside the illusion. The illusion is automatically stopped not at the point of death but at the point of cum. And then they can start a new fantasy all over again.

  19. Rickitan

    Spell: Night Trance

    One night, Eralin can’t sleep and finds herself aroused in her bed. As she writhes around, she sees her spellbook and decides to get up and look for something to help her. She stumbles upon a spell called “Night Trance” that allows you to explore another person’s dreams. She finds Meralin fast asleep and casts the spell upon her, transporting Eralin into Meralin’s dream world. What she finds next is that she isn’t the only one aroused…

  20. zeroab

    Duh, a spell that makes their cock grow enough that makes them able to selffuck/fuck each other simultaneously =D

    *P.S: spell that gets them double cocks would be nice too!

  21. Snorlax

    Returning to the rather risque book the sisters began looking through the various sensual spells that it possessed. One though seemed to stand out from the others in that it didn’t seem to fit the theme of the rest of the tome. It was a spell called Knowledge Drain and the description within the book stated that the caster was to use this spell upon themselves and then to ingest bodily fluids, such as blood, forcefully taken from their victim. Upon doing so the caster would gain some of the knowledge or skills the victim possessed for their own.

    Both sisters reared back in disgust at such a spell which was clearly an evil thing. As they were wondering why such a spell would be included in this spell book they noticed a small note at the bottom of the yellowed page. “Any bodily fluid will do so long as it contains that person’s essence. Additionally, if it was freely given, then the effects are magnified.”

    The twins blinked in shock for a moment realizing exactly what other fluid contained an “essence” of a person. Smiling at each other they quickly cast the spell on themselves and began testing just how the spell would work on each other. As both girls sucked each other’s cocks and gulped their loads of cum down they noticed a clear flow of knowledge directly into their minds. Spells that only one sister had practiced they both knew, techniques with their bodies(and especially their tongues) were shared and soon the sisters knew anything the other did.

    Once the girls had finished they realized they could use this spell to learn almost anything! They soon started a pattern of blowing anyone they would meet and could get to agree to it (to this day no one has ever turned them down). After draining the knowledge and skills these people possessed the sisters would always get back together and “share” what they had learned. Within a few years the girls had sucked the cocks of every person in their city, even the ones without a cock(the spell book was EXTREMELY useful), and thus gained the knowledge and skills of all those people and becoming masters of every form of mundane, magical and martial arts that anyone in the city knew about.

    The sisters grew bored of the city then and moved on. As they explored the world they met many new people and gained their knowledge. Before long they attracted the attention of even beings that were more than mere mortals, gaining from them skills, techniques, and spells that no mortal should possess and developed over huge periods of time. They even encountered some gods in their quest for knowledge eventually leading Meralin and Eralin to their current state: Goddess hood.

    Known as the twin goddesses, they became patrons both to those who seek knowledge or pleasure. If they are ever encountered it is said they always ask to suck their visitor’s cock as they can learn more from a mouthful of cum than from any conversation. They then grant boons to who they met based on how many new things they learned. They are also somewhat for being tricksters as any woman they ever meet is always without question given a new penis permanently so that the goddesses may “greet them”. Oddly enough there has never been any records of anyone ever being angry or upset about this change.

  22. Wes

    They could cast a duplication spell on themselves, and have a 4 way Futa gangbang! That would be excellent.

  23. Panthear

    Totally satisfied the two girls stand before the spellbook not knowing what to do. However they have already seen what strong transformation the spellbooks held inplace.
    However since her childhood Eralin always dreamed of flying. So she thinks: “Besides granting us huge cocks, the book might also contain a spell granting me wings”. So without further worring about their dicks and other strange things the book might have in plan for them, she grabs the haunted book and quickly scans through the pages, until she finally comes onto a withered page which clearly indicates a figure with wings.

    As she can’t wait to fly at last, she turns her back on Meralin not wanting her to interfere with the spell and promptly starts the encantation.
    Soon as the spell has finished she can feel a tickle run down her spine on her head and in her shoulders. She slowly turns her head to the left and really can see wings in the edge of her view. She looks down and tries to concentrate and with some effort manages to spread her wings. Now she looks straight into the mirror in front of her and can see her gorgeous demon-like wings. But she also recognizes something else, as on forehead small horns are emerging.

    Even though a strange sensation is building up in her and her cock starts to itch and grow again, she folds back her wings. Suddenly she catches the face of Meralin in the mirror, who is looking amazed at her companion. Though Meralin does not seem to look at her wings or horns, but staring fixedly at a lower level.
    As Eralin turns around to look at her companion to see what is wrong, she is astonished to see that Eralin’s dick has also gone hard and that she seems very horny, since she drips from her pussy and there is a small shiny puddle between her legs. At the same time she also senses another sensation at her back, which feels quite similar to the mounting urge in her now to full hight risen cock.

    Though when Eralin turned she thought she has seen some movent on the ground, which has seemed to turn with her. Trying to summon up pictures from creatures with wings and horns she begins to wonder if she turned into a succubus but also remembers what she might have missed at first. Looking now closer to the thing on the ground she expect to see her devil tail, as this was indeed the thing she saw swirling around as she turned.

    However she soon recognizes that the thing which she thought her devil tail is not looking quite like one. The tip of her tail looks more like a cock and now she understands
    why Meralin has still not taken here eyes of it.

    And in a flash of an instance Eralin understands Meralins desire and gives in to her urge to fuck Meralin not only with her dick again but also with her cocktail at the same time…

    Spell: Succubus
    Spell Description: Transformation

  24. BigTop

    Once they start to cum they can’t stop until the animator runs out of memory on their computer

  25. KingdomAbyss

    The spell was supposed to increase their sexual pleasure. However, something goes terribly wrong, and Eralin can no longer feel pleasure from sex, and they can’t reverse the spell. Because of this, they create a machine (possibly some type of chair with a bunch of electric nodes) which can restore Eralin’s pleasure. However, it only works if Eralin is sitting in the chair and hooked up to the machine while Meralin is having sex. Therefore, Eralin is forced to sit on the sidelines and look upon Meralin having sex with others if she wants to feel the pleasure again. It is a double edged sword.

  26. TheMolester

    One girl with a dick that has the power of a magnet, the next thing you know, A pussy Magnet

  27. NikrubZz

    Spell: Magic bound (link), so they can feel each other. (When Eralin fucks Meralin, Eralin feels sensation of Meralin’s pussy and Meralin feel sensation of Eralin’s dick). Sorry for my English, hope you understand what i mean.

  28. Panthear

    Exhausted from their last adventure they lay down next to each other while scanning the book for new spells, which has fallen to the ground after their hectic movements to find their satisfaction. Since the itching has not totally ceased and they are still wet and horny from their actions, they are starting to search for a spell, which could get them double the fun. While scanning the spellbook their eyes fall onto a page which looks very promising, as it contains a vague drawing of a beeing with more than one cock. Unfortunately the page is very withered and yellowed, so a clear description of what they see is not possible.

    Since their urge to fuck slowly rises up again, they agree to simply give this new spell a try, even though it might prove dangerous.
    As they start the cantation the book starts to rattle on the floor and the pages begin to shuffle violently. Suddenly the book jumps back to the original page from which they started the conjuration and simply sits there. Nothing moves, everything is absolutely quite.

    Eralin and Meralin though do not feel any change other than their urge to fuck increases insanely.
    Still they can’t take their eyes of the book still lying on the floor.
    Just as Eralin starts to copulate Meralin from behind and Merlin is stroking her big cock herself, Meralin suddenly ejaculates onto the book lying in front of her.

    The spots where her seemen encounters the book suddenly turn black and it looks like the small spots seem to grow into deep black holes.
    They both gape in astonishement and cry out both from their ecstacy as well as anticipation as they see something slowly crawling out of these holes.
    As they look closer, they see that what grows out of the bigger ones strongly looks like dicks which slowly grow in length and girth.
    Though when it seems these are at a good size it doesn’t stop there as they slowly grow towards the two still fucking girls.
    The dickgirls watch in awe as the dicks move towards them and are even opening their mouth in expectation.
    As soon as the cocks touch their lips, they begin starting to suck. At the same time the book emits more tentacle cocks, but this time these crawl in the direction of
    their asses and the unoccupied pussy of Eralin.

    While the new tentacle start penetrating them even more tentacles come forth gripping them by the ancles and lifting them into the air.
    At last a fluorescent lucent tube emerges and glides over the cock of Meralin sucking it strongly….

    Spell: Tentacles
    Spell Description: Conjuration (Lesser Demon)

  29. Tyler T

    Maybe have them trying some more spells to help them strengthen their sexual desires, but they end up using a wrong spell that saps away their strength and creates evil dominatrix type twin that force Eralin and Meralin into rather kinky and lustfull situations, also maybe add them with some type of living goo that can give sexual pleasure and pain going inside of one of them

  30. IBT

    I’m going to propose a … twist … on the “inflation” fetish. Call it “right sizing” if it helps you conceptualize it.

    The way the spell works is that during sex, the sexual organs/functions “slowly grow to fit/match” the partner you’re having sex WITH. That would mean that Eralin & Meralin start out as is, but as they have sex with each other their bodies gradually self-modify to “fit” each other more completely until reaching capacity.

    Penetrative sex with one of their penises causes the penis to slowly grow larger inside the partner until reaching the parnter’s internal “limit of capacity” in terms of length and thickness, ultimately resulting in sexy bulges and deformations (think Sayako IN Tara types of sexy penetrative distentions, for example). The formulation allows for a slow build up in size *during* sex, rather than before it, meaning that the “surprise” for how much size has been increased comes at the END of the sex act (rather than at the beginning) and becomes part of the payoff of the entire scene. That way, the slow size increase, rather than being something observed directly (such as Sayako getting erect while Tara is kissing her) is instead something that can only be observed indirectly using clues and cues. Penetrative strokes slowly start getting longer/deeper. Thickness slowly gets wider. (Sexy) body deformation in the receiving partner slowly becomes more pronounced and gradually increases until reaching capacity limits. Only by withdrawing the penetrative organ can the entire size increase be directly seen/appreciated. This then gives all the reason in the world to move the camera around to give play to the facial expressions and emotional impact of both partners as they grope their way towards their … limits. Not so much “mind broken” as being increasingly “drunk on/with lust” as the scene progresses and trending towards disbelief and incredulity until drowning in pleasure and passion for sex.

    The same principle could be applied to internal cumshots, yielding in a cum inflation scene. Internal cumshots don’t “end” until internal capacity is reached … meaning a slow pumping of ejaculatory spasms that simply won’t stop (resulting in additional inflation) until back pressure (finally?) forces a “containment breach” of the sexy (as opposed to gory) kind producing external overflow splashes of white seminal fluids. For vaginal sex, this would produce a sort of ejaculatory back splash onto the penetrating partner. For oral and anal sex, this could potentially result in “all the way through” ejaculatory fillings (artist’s choice whether or not to go that far).

    The basic idea here is to allow for “Sayako-esque” levels of size play, but to build up towards them DURING sex, rather than prior to beginning the sex act. That way, you have a “go in small(er), finish up large(r)” dynamic going on, with an inherent question of “how large is this going to go?” hanging over the entire work all the way through, lending an added spice of anticipation to every rendered scene (including the cumshot(s)?).

    And THEN, at the end, there will be the open question of whether or not to “permanently” accept the transformations that have taken place, or to revert them completely. I’m thinking it would be fun to simply “not answer” that question within the finished installment and leave such worries up to a future work (ie. “always leave them wanting more”).

  31. mike S

    Perhaps after they become dickgirls they decide just each other isn’t enough. They turn to their book of spells only to find nothing of interest. Then they stumble on an old dusty book lying in the back of the shelf. Once its opened they find the spell needed to summon forth a succubus. Once the lusty well-endowed succubus appears she quickly gets to work seducing these two girls in every way (and position) possible. Will she be successful in taking Eralin and Meralin’s souls? Or will they turn the tables on the lusty succubus and turn her into their sex slave?

  32. John B

    Tentacle Abomination

    A tentacle sex monster appears and mercilessly ravages the caster(s).
    Caster is turned into a tentacle monster. (and obviously she fucks the other sister).

  33. Cyniclysm

    Spell: Tireless Mimic
    Spell Description: Illusion (Higher Art)

    Effect: This spell creates an exact replica of the caster. Taking half of the casters vitae and then doubling it (x1.5). As long as both caster and clone exist they share twice the endurance, twice the stamina as half the base score. They also share all of the same sensations. Higher Art Pro: Should one of them regardless of which one, the remaining one becomes the real one. Higher Art cost: Casting this spell is addictive, it leads to narcissism and self indulgent behaivor.

    The scene is set in their home in the bedroom that they share, half naked lounging casually in stirring simple-clothes while daring each other to read into some forbidden volumes of magic the dominant one stumbles across this particular spell nefarious thought in mind and growing horny. Already lacking inhibitions after casting the spell and presented with the glory of feeling twice the pleasure the caster and its clone turn on the submissive girl. Leading to double penetration, rear and frontal domination, excessive cum play, light choking.

    The other option is that they cast the spell together and it creates a beautiful monster with two large, insatiable cocks using their own spells against them as the clone forces them to submit to her demanding appetites. Making one watch the other suck themselves off while she plows them from above, putting both of them on their knees one cock for each to suck dry, stacking them ontop of one another and making them grind their cocks together as the clone takes them from behind.

    • Cyniclysm

      So I kinda like this idea too so I just wanna expand on it. Here is my take on it (Totally Tim’s idea here, just added imagination on my part)

      Spell: Animal Fun
      Spell Description: Transmutation (Higher Art)

      Effect: Casting of this spell is an area effect. A radius roughly 20 m around the caster causes everyone to take on their favorite traits of their favorite animals. Becoming stronger, faster and taking up physical traits as well.

      Eralin takes on the characteristics of a bull, a large equine sized cock with huge balls, she becomes more aggressive with horns and a minotaur tail. Meralin takes on the characteristics of a sly fox with bright vibrant colored tufty ears and a bushy swishing tail she becomes quicker and teasing. (Cock optional, I would go with not having one in this instance)

      Lewd strechy encounter ensues.. Yadda yadda.. By the time they are done Meralin will have tamed the bull with her.. ‘wit’

  34. Sared Jubia

    The new spell summons a hot, horny, and submissive human mage who will serve as their sex slave. The sex slave has a cock but can also use her magic to temporarily make it go away to have a pussy.

  35. AwsumSteampunk

    How about a spell that gives them large, lactating breasts, like some of the biggest seen on this site, cock’s that are 15+ inches and throw in come fertilization ;3

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