Contest: Win Secret Of Beauty 3!

To commemorate the release of Secret Of Beauty 3, we’re going to run a contest where you can win a free copy of Secret Of Beauty 3! Not only that, but one grand prize winner will receive all three Secret Of Beauty titles PLUS $25 in store credit for the Affect3D Store! Here’s how!


The Secret Of Beauty 3 Unofficial Subtitle Contest!

If you recall, the previous SoB titles included a subtitle. The first part had “Stone Lady” while the second part had “Orc Ritual”. This time, however, we won’t have a subtitle for Secret Of Beauty 3. But let’s say we included one. What do you think it would be?

If you need some inspiration, check out our quick look on the title and check out the trailer below!

How To Enter

In the comments section below, post what you think the subtitle should be. Your answer can be serious, funny, sexy or even thought-provoking. That’s all you have to do! You have until Midnight Friday the 29th to enter. Winners will be selected by Affect3D Staff and announced on Saturday!



  • One first place prize: A copy of all Secret Of Beauty titles (1, 2 & 3) by Jared999dD and an additional $25 Affect3D Store credit
  • Two second place prizes: A copy of Secret Of Beauty 3 by Jared999D

Comment below with your entry for a chance to win!







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  1. amiral von gustav

    I would be pleased to win a copy of secret of beauty. I also can’t stand discover girfriends 4 ever dlc. =)

  2. ammon17

    Come on guys, make your selection already! (Hint, hint: ‘Secret of Beauty 3: Lustful Penance’) 😀

    Does the winner also get an early screening? ~drools~

  3. Restlez

    how about:
    1.Illusion of imortal beauty.
    2.illusion of immoral beauty.
    3.Immoral beauty versus the holy rod.
    4.immoral taste of the holy essence.

  4. Mr. Meeseeks

    Transcendent Lust
    Lust Transcending Time
    Time is No Obstacle
    Time Taboo

    Excellent Cumventure
    Bogus Jizzourney

  5. Dan

    Secret Beauty Curves and straight lines.
    Secret Beauty A great column to lean against.
    Secret Beauty The Eye of the Beholder
    Secret Beauty Measured and Treasured.

  6. Looks good! I’m trying to match the tone of the release and previous subtitles… yeah wayyy over thinking it 😛

    Secret Of Beauty 3: Forbidden Fruit
    Secret Of Beauty 3: House of Worship
    Secret Of Beauty 3: At The Alter
    Secret Of Beauty 3: Kneel and Prey

  7. lalaham

    Secret Of Beauty 3:
    Sacred Elixir
    The Human Touch
    Immortal Desire
    Sinful Elixir
    Milking The Potion of Youth
    Coveted Elixir

  8. bman

    Secret of Beauty 3: Pussies are torn
    Secret of Beauty 3: Hearts are filled
    Secret of Beauty 3: Cocks are swallowed
    Secret of Beauty 3: Your breath will be taken away

  9. Rickitan

    Secret of Beauty 3: The one who cannot be sated
    Secret of Beauty 3: The girl who was sated
    Secret of Beauty 3: Sated desires
    Secret of Beauty 3: Power of Lust
    Secret of Beauty 3: Lascivious opportunity
    Secret of Beauty 3: Unsated
    Secret of Beauty 3: Queen’s lust
    Secret of Beauty 3: Heart’s lust

  10. IBT

    Secret of Beauty 3 subtitle submissions:

    Need or Greed
    Lust for More
    Unquenched Desires
    Thirst and Hunger
    Unchained and Empowered
    Taste Test
    Challenge to Man

  11. ammon17

    My joke title… ‘Secret of Beauty 3: Another Bald Beaded Monster Man’ 🙂
    But seriously. ‘Secret of Beauty 3: Lustful Penance’

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