Through the Looking Glass: Exploring the Monsters

The Spiral of the Internet

In my experience, it’s typical for a girl to find pornography through fan-art or fan-fiction or through a love of Japanese anime. I know that when something that’s publicly appropriate ends, or hints at romance, the artists and writers of the internet have a tendency to take off with it (for more information, please see The Rules of the Internet, rule 34). And fangirls are always going to want more. It’s the path I went willingly and excitingly went down and I’ve found it’s not a unique story. Tentacles, robots, and ogres, oh my!

And once you see it, there’s just no turning back. There’s just something irresistible to me about a tiny woman having sex with a monster. And whether it’s beautifully drawn or amazingly described, it’s the image that drives the libido into home plate. For me, it’s always that moment when the monster draws back just enough for you to see his penis under her skin, sheathed but she’s so full to bursting only a very thin layer of body keeps it there. It’s that kind of tension that provides a heightened sense of sexuality for me and, though I think that’s different for everyone, it’s the tension in sexy pictures that keeps you in your seat until the next one, even though you know what happens.


Look at all the fun she’s having. It’s probably at least a little like being on a weird roller-coaster, right? (Artist: Fullytank)


All About the Boobs

When you consider a stereotypical feminine perspective, I think you’d expect me to be more up in arms about the unrealistic size of the woman in most of the presented images of monster porn. To be honest, I think my reverse reaction is actually very typical. I find the flat stomach ideal very sexy. I find it sexy because I’m taught that that is the female ideal and that’s what I’m supposed to find attractive and I do. Although I find the oversized boobs on a tiny body more annoying than anything else.

Could I rail against the norm? Sure. But, to be dead honest I’m not going to fight years of programming when it’s continually be provided for me. I don’t think it’s healthy for body images for this to continue, but until it becomes a large enough motion for change or we start finding some new Hollywood standard attractive, it’s not going to change. Even though physically I am no model, I find the model attractive. I find people of all kinds of body images attractive and you should love just who you are. I’m just pointing out here that there’s an ideal and it’s both typical and attractive. There probably won’t be a huge motion at any given time for more “realistic” women in porn, like in magazines. And I think that, for at least American society (and I’m a fairly typical white, nerdy American female) that’s not out of the ordinary.

You know what’s not attractive in monster porn (and hentai for that matter)? Whatever those repeated, ridiculous noises are that the women are making. I have never made the same noise a million times in a row at an annoying high pitch. It’s just so terrible, I often put my computer on mute and just enjoy the show. I know women provide those voices, but I also know that she is under direction, like any movie production. Many movies get it right, like The Princess has Come of Age, a Black Widows production, but just as many don’t.



Please, someone explain this to me. At this point, they’re not even pretty boobs. (Artist: 3Darlings)


Beauty and the Beast

So far, I’ve made my discussion pretty physical. What’s hot, what’s annoying, and what’s just not. To explore a little further, I think we can look at a few things in the power dynamic. Most of the scenes in monster porn are pretty positive, very willing woman with monsters looking to please her. And I think it’s pretty easy to think that the monsters are in control here, but I think that the woman has just as much control. It’s the woman who holds the beauty, the woman who holds the entry into pleasure for the monster. And that could be defined easily as power in its most basic formula.

If you want to look at its inverse, look at hentai. Those women are almost always unwilling, half of act is simply in the conquest of the main character. While there are plenty of positives to be had for hentai, I think it’s an important note that anime females are either broken in or zombified and in monster porn women are more trendsetting, positive, and interactive. They’re an almost aggressive, but still positive change from more passive women in other forms of media, even if their boobs are often absurd.

Whether you find passive or aggressive women more attractive non-withstanding, the central point of monster porn is, well, the monster instead of the man. So why replace him? Monster porn is attractive to both sexes, but we don’t really see any regular man with monster female unless she’s something sexy like a succubus. And I think, unfortunately, many women would say a man is, in fact, a monster. But I think it’s more  about the idea that women are attracted to this out of the ordinary idea of sex and to fulfill that she looks not to a prettier looking partner, but someone who would be in for just hard, animalistic  sex, not the vanity part of the relationship like you would see in porn: two often mutually pretty people.



See? She has horns. WooOOoo. I’m so scared. Granted, it’s sexy, but bring on the ogres. (Artist: Rock Club)


I think that it could be related to that control tension I mentioned earlier. Women are getting more aggressive, more dominant in their behavior. It’s very possible that men are thinking of themselves as more powerful, as able to control the situation, even though as I’ve pointed out, it’s women that are controlling the central source of pleasure. These more aggressive women could be finding monster-men just as dominant, aggressive, and sexy as their more liberated sexual selves want to be.

Dinosaurs: The Romance Novel

Now, one area women are totally in is erotica. I mentioned at the beginning of this editorial that women who get into porn often start out with fan-fiction or anime. Now, if you start writing fan-fiction, it’s often not long before you find yourself writing pretty hot stories about characters you love. But one thing that’s gotten popular in the last few years has been erotic, e-book monster porn fiction.

Amazon.com and its self-publishing e-book content was a huge ground for these a few years ago. Titles include T-Rex Troubles by Christine Sims and Moan for Bigfoot by Virginia Sims. Granted, Amazon is still one of the only places that you can find these, but they’ve made sure that the authors had limits on the number of books per year. There was a lot of press about it, most of it on internet news sites. What’s really great about this is the forward proposal of monster porn in a place where you can buy things like bath towels and furniture. Words often have a way of becoming mainstream in a way that images don’t and while I don’t think that that’s a necessarily positive thing, I think there are more benefits from it than harm.

And truly, I think these are a great example of a few things. They are very clearly written by outspoken women; no gender neutral pen names there. Women are actively enjoying monster porn in its most basic written form and I think that leaves a lot of room for forward progress in a great direction. Monster Porn, whatever it’s psychological background, is a fun and exciting genre of porn that women are loving.

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  1. stoper

    I agree about the boobs. But to each his own, I guess. Variety is a good thing.
    I’ve been also browsing Amazon’s book store lately. And I noticed that monster trend. And the thing is, they do look like books written for women. While porn is mostly a man’s thing, most of this hardcore erotica books seem to target the female readers. So, women do seem to like the beast theme. That and the billionaire thing, of course, every second book there is about rich dominating men. I even saw a book about a billionaire dinosaur :/

    • Bianca Rose Bianca Rose

      That’s great!! A Billionaire Dinosaur! Love it.

      Yeah, the monster trend in erotica seems to be a girl thing. I feel like it’s good, but books can easily be kept secret. Hopefully it’s not a shame trend, it doesn’t look like that, but i can’t be too sure. The billionaire thing, that just riles me up. It’s really just, I think, that need for a rich man to take care of women. To never have to worry about anything again because being one of the wealthy provides a safety net, that’s definitely a lot of women’s “fantasy”, but its society borne, not subconsciously borne. And it makes it a sad sort of fantasy, at least to me. Kinda hollow.

  2. Dianaranda

    I do like the article btw, even if my response is a bit prickly, mainly as i have been wrestling with feminists on the internet for the last months.

    But i am a huuuuuuge fan of monster sex, i almost only exclusively watch it, and beastiality has a weak spot for me aswell. which is why i like DizzyDills works.
    Though my current active favourite is Damn3D.
    Of the old guard though before he dissapeared it seems, Fullytank was my favourite.
    Even managed to talk to him a bunch of times, and share a charachter i came up with.

  3. Bianca, I think there’s one big thing you haven’t considered on the appeal of monster porn, and this is something you especially find with male artists who do monster porn: Men in and of themselves just aren’t that interesting to create. There’s nothing particularly fascinating about human males that makes them worth making into characters. (It also doesn’t help that there aren’t as many male models and parts within the context of 3DX) Even a well-sculpted man isn’t that appealing to look at. Most of the time you see either jarheads, meatheads, or the occasional Ken-sculpted metrosexual, which are worse.

    As per the “voice” thing, Japanese porn in general does that. Part of the reason I can barely watch JAV is because I can’t help but laugh at the squeaky voices. If you want an example of how that’s intentionally overblown, look up Marica/Marika Hase. She is one of the few JAV stars to do work in the West. She sounds relatively normal when you see her in a Western production.

    • ammon17

      I would disagree with you and your statement that ‘men simply aren’t as inherently interesting to look at as women’. There are literally so many different variants on muscle proportions, locations, and overall body shape! Plus whatever the gender, there are all different ways that a face can look. I DO agree with you that the way men are presented in 3DX, usually comes down to bald-headed baby men with ugly sneering faces, who are only there to provide a cock for whatever beautiful female characters are there. Such titles bore many, including me, who want to see hot women getting sexed by someone with real body character and personality.

      What it ultimately comes down to is whether a guy gets uncomfortable when his 3DX has male characters that are fully realized. I feel like the very thought of seeing male handsomeness when fapping to porn, makes most guys think they might ‘turn gay’ or something absurd like that. Hence ugly guys. Just a theory.

      • One could at least put some hair on the men’s heads! When you look at the incredible variety of hair for women, it is incomprehensible that the vast majority of men are bald. It cannot be that hard (given what’s available for female figures) to come up with one or two basic styles and then just tweak the color…. can it?

      • I think that is too narrow an understanding of things. You’re assuming that monsters themselves are mindless by default, when quite a few of the artists I’ve seen have at least made an effort to give the monsters some characterization.

        Secondly, and more importantly, muscles aren’t interesting. Otherwise, there’d be a far greater use of them in female characters as well, and outside of Jbritmar and those that do superhero stories, muscles aren’t seen because they just don’t look good on characters of either sex.

  4. ammon17

    As a confirmed ‘dude’, I myself have always disliked monster sex, and have now come to realize, upon reading your article, the validity of your statement that many of these ‘monsters on girls’ titles do seem to be geared towards women. It makes total sense that ugly monsters help emphasize the beauty of the women involved in the display; though culturally speaking, either side of the coin is not exactly ideal for promoting healthy relationships in real life…

    Just like how anime emphasizes women’s spirits being broken and becoming mindless sex addicts, this opposite genre filled with confident women getting sexed by muscled monsters who can be easily mentally dominated (even if the woman starts out as a captor) is not really all that different. Neither are anywhere near approaching anything resembling true sexual equality.

    That said, most everyone agrees, crankin’ cocks and bodacious boobs are just plain attractive, just like most people find a strong bone structure a good sign of overall genetic health. These are tested and true signs of something well formed and of the highest quality. (I know tons of people who would argue this point, and point out all kinds of cultures and people that disagree with my statement, but please… we all know I’m right 😉

    I myself am guilty of writing an erotic story or two for Amazon, of a hyper idealized fantasy situation rife with adventure, large appendages, and monsters… but I like to think I achieve a better balance of power between the male and female interactions taking place.

    Okay, so I ‘do’ typically embrace gender roles, insofar that a male’s primary concern being the bringing ever more pleasure and comfort to females, and a female’s primary concern being the nurturing of males in exchange, seems appealing to me, but that is hardly one taking advantage of the other. I like to think of it as a team effort. Both genders get their ego stroked by providing things the other needs. Women get to feel like their bodies are valuable temples that males worship at, and men in turn get to feel important about ‘occupying’ those temples, and providing materials for their upkeep.

    Let’s not extend that TOO far though. Only ‘women’ keeping house, and men ‘exclusively’ producing goods, is just plain stupid. I will say though that only women can grow babies, and men generally have tougher bodies. That’s a fact that people just need to deal with and move on.

    In closing, all I can say is, the need to make yourself feel dominant over a partner in order to be turned on, is far from healthy.

  5. Dianaranda

    I have to agree on the really really highpitch voices, though, myself i find them to be the worst in japanese productions.
    In western productions the voices are a bit more “normalised” though still over exagurated.
    But yeah, i love monsters and girls, though i do have a boob preference, While also being a woman myself.
    Everyone has a different taste afterall.
    And this is also kind of what i find lacking about those who complain about the boobs.

    • Bianca Rose Bianca Rose

      What do you mean by what you find lacking? I’m not complaining about boobs themselves, boobs are awesome! But I don’t really get the inflated ones. They almost kinda levitate and look hard to even animate. They’re pretty distracting to me and I just don’t get the allure. And I love listening to Japanese as a language, it’s just this repeated squeak in hentai though, and it’s pretty grating. Thanks for being first commenter!

      • Dianaranda

        Well i geuss the really really over inflated i can somewhat agree on that, But i do find them atractive myself, provided they arent way to much over the top, what i want to say for my own tastes, is just that boob size does have an upper limit.

        But the whole thing lately about bodyshapes in fiction and the people who get into a tizzy about it, I say to those mind your own business or just make your own art, Or simply ask a polite way to insert a charachter that you do like, not change old charachters.

        Oh i have nothing against the Japanese language itself, just like you the whole squeeky voices though are just annoying as heck.

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