The Literotic: Talk Dirty to Me

As humans, we’re constantly trying to both stimulate both our brains and our bodies. It’s one of the reasons people enjoy porn so much, no matter the format. Having sex with another person can be a mostly physical act. While that can be what some people are looking for in the bedroom, most people want to engage their entire selves. Porn allows people to read or watch something that they can fantasize about and that engages both the aroused body and the excited mind.

Dirty talk is a very specific but very important part of that. Part of an interview from Medical Daily states, “People very much enjoy dirty talking because it activates all regions of your brain while your body is also getting stimulated,” Cioffi told Medical Daily. “Similar areas of the brain are touched upon during dirty talk as when we curse. So, very often as your brain sees it, the dirtier the better.” Dirty talk adds communication between characters, clear and exciting statements of desire, and a virtual sense of danger.

Finding a Place for Dirty Talk

I’ve talked about tension before in this column. It’s a concept that builds excitement for the sexual act that’s to come for both the reader/viewer and the characters. If the characters want something bad enough, they’re willing to shatter everything around them to get it. And usually that something is another character’s dick or pussy.

“Put both your hands on that wall. You’re not allowed to move until I finish licking your pussy so deeply you can’t stand for another moment.”

Dirty talk is an excellent tool for breaking that tension or for creating it. For example, one character is teasing the other by touching and licking and lightly kissing. The other is getting wetter by the moment, but character one wants her to beg for it. Character two won’t beg and we’re at an impasse filled with tension. Something’s gotta give! So character one says, “I’ll make you cum until the only word you can scream is my name,” and then proceeds to devour character two. The declaration both excites the reader and gets the character even wetter.

I mentioned that it can also start tension. Casually stating that you want to take your partner home and handcuff them to the bed in the middle of a crowded party that neither of you can leave is a great way to ensure they’re wet when you finally get home. In 3DX, that can translate into one character telling another what they have intended for them to create tension. It lasts for a few panels as the words sink in and then break it with a panel of sexual action between your two characters. It’s most common in the middle, but cries oos, and aahs do not count. Whimpers and sounds of happiness or climax are not talking dirty. They are natural and though exciting, do not replace sentences like, “I’m going to fill you with so much cum you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

Talking Dirty Cannot Be Your Only Dialogue

Because it fills that place in our minds that makes cursing feel so good, dirty talk needs timing. Curse words wouldn’t feel special or dangerous if we said them all the time. It fills us with excitement each time it’s used, even if that excitement is subconscious. It should be present in the beginning, middle, or in the climax. But it shouldn’t be a constant throughout; no matter if your medium is erotica, 3DX, or live pornography. It should tip your reader/viewer over the edge or get them excited for what’s to come.

Having said that, dialogue and communication is still important. Dirty talk is only more exciting if we know what a character is thinking or feeling during a scene. If they’re trying to resist another character’s charms, it’s more powerful to hear them cry, “Fuck me until I can’t stand. I don’t want anything else, I just want you inside me!” at the moment they’ve succumbed to pleasure. Other dialogue also helps dirty talk to feel and seem natural. If the characters have no rapport, then a dirty line that comes out of left field feels weird and out of place. In that case, it’s better not to have it at all than to have no build up to it.


“Jasmine had never looked at her bare pussy before. But she felt Lacey’s hand on hers and saw that her friend was pushing her to touch herself. She would have stopped, but she wanted to know what it felt like to run her fingers over the soft, wet skin there. It felt alive with excitement. And she wanted Lacey to watch.”

Earlier, I mentioned that dirty talk uses the same corner of our brains that cursing does. And that the dirtier the sentence, the more aroused we’re likely to get. So how much actual cursing is ok? I would suggest that this depends on an individual sense of morality and in/out of the bedroom lines. Maybe you don’t like to hear “whore” or “slut” on a regular basis, but they might turn you on. Discuss what’s ok and what’s not ok with your partner. I would also say the same for artwork or erotica. Who is your audience? Do you think curse words will make things more exciting or would you rather descriptive text do your talking?

How Can We Use It More?

Dirty talk has a lot of shapes and forms. It can be a challenge from one partner to another. It can establish the dominant character in a relationship as well. “You’re not leaving here until you have my cum in each one of your holes,” suggests that one character is at the mercy of another. Here are just a few examples of what dirty talk could be:

  • Make me your bitch.
  • Mmm…I fucking love it when you ride me.
  • Is this pussy yours? Are you going to take it?

    “I’ve been a bad girl. And I want you to punish me, right here on these steps. No one’s around.”

  • Use me like your little fuck toy.
  • Show me how wet you are for me.

Talking dirty goes right along with many of our other artist guide suggestions. If you add more dialogue and tension, adding dirty talk may seem like the natural next step. It’s common in hentai and some 3DX cartoons to let over dramatic facial expressions and whimpering take over the expression of pleasure or desire. But if you have a strong, demanding, and excited main character, she’s going to know what she wants and where she wants it. Don’t be afraid to let her communicate those desires out loud. Dirty talk can also help women scream out their fantasies. It could also suggest to their partner or partners that things go up another level.

And again, the reverse is also true. Dirty talk can indicate that a less experienced partner wants to try something that may seem common, but is new to them like oral sex. From the same partial interview article Medical Daily writes, “Dirty talk gives people permission to surrender to their deepest, darkest, wildest fantasies. Sex is supposed to be dirty, erotic, and most of all fun.” Porn, 3DX, Written, or otherwise, is the door into that deep, dark fantasy. Dirty talk is one of those things that makes is so amazing to experience.

Smaller Images by Sedorrr. Check out their Tumblr!
Cover Art Love in the Woods by Karisma9195. Check out their Deviantart!
All flavor text and examples by Bianca Rose

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