Mass Effect: Conquering New Territory

The RPG franchise Mass Effect’s first installment came out on November 20, 2007. Two more major installments followed in over the next five years with all having commercial success as well as critical acclaim. The series is highly regarded for its narrative, character development, voice acting, universe and emphasis on player choice affecting the experience. Mass Effect has also made quite the impression in the 3DX world. With a universe so engaging as well as multiple romantic interests within the games it was only a matter of time before they merited further exploration in 3DX.

Love for Everyone

For being a sci-fi role playing shooter, romance actually plays a huge part in Mass Effect’s identity. Aside from the player making their own choices and ultimately control how the story unfolds, they are also able to choose who their romantic interest will be. It makes for a better gaming experience when you are able to choose who your character falls for as opposed to arranged romances. In terms of 3DX; however, it opens the door to play on people’s fantasies as well as delve into fetishes.

Sometimes with video game 3DX you would only see 2 maybe 3 characters from said game. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of pairings. A few I saw a little more than others were Miranda Lawson/Jack, Liara/Jack, Samara/Commander Shepard. Actually, there was at least 1 video of Shepard with every female in Mass Effect. Although, since Shepard is the hero/ine and you can choose to be with anyone – why not actually be with everyone? Or at least inside of them for that matter.


What was surprising was the lack of pairings with the male aliens. I was even more stunned when Garrus was nowhere to be found. A character within the Mass Effect franchise that has a number of memes about him in regards to being a romance partner – it’s just not there in Mass Effect 3DX. When you look up Mass Effect 3DX there are videos upon videos to look at; however, the focus is on the female characters. I did find 2 videos featuring male aliens. One is a compilation video of Wrex in various encounters with every female in Mass Effect.

The other video, LordAardvark’s Blue Star – Episode 2: The Ship, shows Jack in need of a ship but doesn’t have any money. She comes across a Batarian who offers rides as a means to be able to eat. Jack offers herself as payment and the Batarian happily agrees. The video progresses to Jack performing oral. Jack takes charge and tells the Batarian what to do so she can get off. Pulling her hair, choking her and performing anal – no one objects to Jack’s demands.

Crossovers in Other Games


Alongside the variety of pairings, Mass Effect has made appearances in other video game 3DX. Miranda Lawson is the only character from Mass Effect to be in any crossovers.

The first crossover that comes to mind is Rikolo’s Lollipop Effect. It involves a threesome with Miranda, original character Soria by the 3DX artist vaako-7 and Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw. Soria is riding on top of Juliet and Miranda comes in and decides to join the fun. Its sequel, Lollipop Effect 2: Dragon Age is a foursome that includes both Miranda and Juliet and accompanying them are Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Isabela from Dragon Age 2. There is also a video of Miranda and Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5. It’s Christmas time and Sheva came by to make sure Miranda has a Christmas she’ll never forget.

Crossovers aren’t uncommon but it’s interesting when it comes to 3DX. In regards to the crossovers mentioned a question that comes to mind is; who wouldn’t want to see their favorite heroines come together in the same 3DX video? They’re popular female leads with a following of their own both in the gaming and 3DX worlds. They’re also characters that people enjoy seeing baring all whether they’re giving or receiving oral, in various sex positions like doggystyle, cowgirl or receiving anal. Combining the two seems to be the best of both worlds.

Popularity Among Ranks

Despite having variety in 3DX – there are a few characters that appear more than the rest. Miranda and Liara steal the show in terms of Mass Effect 3DX.

There’s something alluring about Miranda that just sucks you in. Whether it’s her dark hair, luscious lips or seductive eyes, she’s someone you can’t say no to. It’s easy to see why Miranda would appear so much in 3DX. A woman who has virtually no flaws and can take charge of any situation while remaining sexy doing so is someone I wouldn’t be able to say no to, either.

Miranda is mostly with other women when you look her up in 3DX. And the collection of videos is a sight to behold. In Callistoinsanity’s Mass Effect – Synthesis, Miranda is having a threesome with Liara, who is a dickgirl and EDI. It starts off with Liara eating out Miranda while EDI strokes Liara’s thick cock. It goes on to show Miranda on her knees giving Liara a blowjob while EDI is fingering Miranda. The video moves on to Miranda and EDI taking turns riding Liara.

Another video simply entitled Miranda Lawson shows Miranda and Commander (Bro) Shepard in multiple sex positions. From doggystyle, cowgirl, missionary, and Miranda on her knees sucking Shepard’s cock, everything is in full view and up close. And for those who can’t decide who you want to see Miranda with there are plenty of compilation videos so you don’t have to.


Liara T’soni is interesting due to being well endowed in almost all 3DX videos. In LordAardvark’s Blue Star Liara is looking for Commander Shepard and approaches Jack with the job offer to find her. Jack isn’t interested but Liara tells her that it shouldn’t matter who it is that she is a mercenary and should only be concerned about getting paid. Jack, now irritated, turns around to tell Liara to back off but notices her huge tits and matching ass. She tells Liara that if she offers special services then she’ll talk about the job. Liara agrees and Jack takes her to her room. Liara is pinned against a wall and fingered from behind. She proceeds to lay on her back while Jack sits on her face no questions asked.

There is also a video of Liara facing the viewer in the cowgirl position. Her huge tits bouncing with every thrust. You also see Liara bite her bottom lip and the expression on her face shows that she is willing to do more than just ride a thick cock.

Other characters that appeared in a number of videos were Jack, Commander Shepard and EDI. I stated earlier there is at least 1 video of Commander Shepard with almost every female character within Mass Effect. It’s either one on one or a threesome. Jack is seen with mainly other female characters. She’s a very in your face person and that translates into 3DX as being a Domme. EDI is also involved in threesomes with other female characters. There are also videos of just here and Commander Shepard.

New Love Interests Await

Mass Effect will release another installment on the 21st this month entitled Mass Effect: Andromeda. The hype surrounding Andromeda isn’t about the game itself but rather a particular character. That character is Jaal – an Angaran which is one of the new races players will meet in the Andromeda Galaxy. There isn’t a lot of information about Jaal; however, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating fanart and discussing how they want to get to know Jaal better…in bed.


An article in Eurogamer stated that fans have been pestering Mass Effect’s staff on Twitter to find out whether they can have sex with Jaal in the game. (Bioware has suggested yes, but not whether Jaal is available to just the male or female main character, or both)

All the news surrounding Andromeda – the new alien races, being able to choose your skill sets and being in a completely new universe – none of that compared to the news about this particular alien. Despite very little information being out about Jaal – the appeal is apparent. He looks extremely poised and well-respected. There’s something alluring about him. Whether it’s his demeanor or how simply looking at him can make you buckle, I’m looking forward to seeing him in 3DX.

Aside from Jaal, Andromeda could add more to Mass Effect 3DX. We’ve seen Commander Shepard, Liara, Miranda, Jack, Samara, Wrex among other but new faces can be refreshing. A few characters that piqued my interest immediately are Scott and Sara Ryder – twins who are in their mid-20’s and you can play as either of them in Andromeda. There is also Cora Harper, one of the two starting squadmates and an operations specialist. Andromeda is only days away from release and the 3DX world will certainly follow right alongside awaiting new material to work with.

Future of Mass Effect in 3DX

Mass Effect has a large fanbase in both the gaming and 3DX worlds. From having a universe that is engaging and romance playing a huge role in the game – these aspects work seamlessly in 3DX. A new atmosphere alongside new faces brings opportunities for different interactions in Mass Effect 3DX. Aside from the romances that can happen in Andromeda – I would like to see Miranda or Jack or anyone from the original trilogy come across these new recruits and show them a thing or two. With Mass Effect: Andromeda introducing a new cast of characters as well as new races it is safe to say that we will be seeing more Mass Effect 3DX for quite some time.

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    • I don’t understand your claims of copyright infringement. For one thing, we’re merely discussing these particular forms of art, not actively promoting them (and if you look at our site, you’d find that none of our material is infringing). To say our mere reporting of the subject is “copyright infringement” is violating our freedom of expression. In the case we promote a 3DX artist that focuses on gaming characters through our Media of the Day, we have distinct guidelines determining what we allow. This is so we don’t promote those that make money off their work based on mere model rips in SFM (to give the most obvious example).

      Regardless, 3DX based on video game characters, regardless of the source material, is something we can’t ignore. There’s been a few big artists (Rikolo below among them) who got their start in the SFM scene. So there’s nothing wrong with us discussing it.

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