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So I have a confession to make: I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to appreciating 3DX. There’s a simple reason for it, and it’s one that Marie actually brought up in her recent Naughty Thoughts column: I didn’t allow myself the time to discover 3D porn and erotica. Essentially, I self-imposed my own barriers that made 3DX seem like something nasty or vulgar. Well, luckily that changed.

Marie wrote about how dickgirls initially repulsed her and how this distaste was in fact probably driven by pre-made misgivings. It’s only when she allowed herself to look at them, to admire their unique bodies that she came to appreciate their originality, even fantasize about them. Similarly, up until about a year ago, I had never truly taken the time to discover 3DX. I mean sure, I’d watched the odd 3D art porn video. I even knew about Affect3D thanks to G4E. But that was it. I had disregarded this medium as basic and distasteful. Now you may ask, what changed? My mindset, that’s what.

Vulgar? Seriously?

Vulgar? Seriously?

You are what you eat

Since I’m half-French, food, and more importantly cuisine, plays a very important part in my life. I was brought up in a family that cooks and that adores good cuisine. Not only this but I spent my childhood and teenage years between Australia and France. The former is a melting pot of cultures, each with its own distinct culinary signature. The latter is, well France. I mean they live for food there (and wine).

Well here’s another fact: France and Australia have two very different approaches to sex and porn. I was fortunate enough to experience both. On the one side, you’ve got the country that invented Sadism and coined the term libertine (from libertinage). I have quite a few friends in Paris that actually go to Libertine clubs (sexually speaking of course – maybe that’s just my friends though).

On the other hand, living in Australia, I experienced a more laid back approach to sexuality. Being a teenager and young adult in Sydney, there were no real labels, no defined ways of having sex, no categorization like France may have. But equally, these things weren’t so readily accepted down under. My French friends, for example, had far fewer problems talking about sex with their families from an early-ish age than most of my Aussie counterparts.

Art, sex and… well more sex

Art has woven itself into everyday life and culture in France and more widely, Europe. And sex is an intrinsic part of art. So much so, that erotic comics are something that can be found in any bookstore, or major department store in France. You can find them right next to the kid’s section. I’ve always loved artists like Manara (an Italian) who’s comics and graphic novels are masterpieces.

Manara's work

Manara‘s work

Despite this open-minded attitude, however, 3DX is still to a great degree either ignored or disregarded as cheap porn. But so were comic strips when they first emerged in 19th-century American newspapers. So undoubtedly with time 3DX will earn its place, as it has with me.

The old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind here. In this case, though, we could re-word it as “don’t judge a whole genre because of your upbringing.” But that’s quite a mouthful.

Ironically enough it’s moving to London that brought about my “3DX awakening.” I say ironically as the British are renowned for their stiffness and over-polite manner (something I’ll go into next week). London, though, doesn’t really fit the stereotype. In fact, it’s pretty much its own country. The British capital is a melting pot of different backgrounds and beliefs. Cultural barriers clash and mix here. Give it enough time and the careful upbringing your parents so painstakingly gave you crumbles to nothing. As you try and take in all the nuances and shades of the metropolis’ vibe and diversity, you find your own barriers begin to fall. So, when I encountered 3DX once more living here, it was with an open mind and more importantly, an aroused one.

Mix it up

Diversity and a new beginning were my key to understanding and coming to love 3DX. It’s an art in its own right. More importantly, however, it has no qualms or taboos. It accepts our fantasies and holds the potential to fulfill each and everyone one. Not only this, but it can create new dreams we couldn’t have imagined without it.

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  1. Korothir

    Hi Franaus!

    Glad to see a fellow French (even half-French ;p) in the 3DX community, moreover one who likes Manara (one of the best – if not the best – in the erotic comics field in Europe. Serpieri is far behind though)! Sadly you are right saying 3DX is completely overlooked in France, despite having a far open mind about sex culture than in other countries. This is something I never understood. But hey, maybe that will change in the future 😉
    Is it possible to contact you in any way?


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