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Weather Forecast: It Better Be Raining Men

We’ve talked at length about the fact that women are the primary audience of most erotica. The dramatic plot, relatable emotions, and very often the graphic descriptions of bringing a woman to orgasm. But for any hetero/bisexual woman out there, the real reason erotica is so popular with women is the men.

Like a variety bag of very lickable gummy bears, men in erotica come in all different types of flavors. Some are lean and roguish, with charming and disarming smiles. Others are aristocratic and many are downright dangerous. This flavored, but still mostly cookie-cutter, Anglo-Saxon man hides his lean and muscular nature in fine clothes. He’s engaging and enticing for the woman and the reader. His decisions and actions keep a woman turning page after page.

So in 3DX, I’d like to pose the question as Bonnie Tyler once asked it. “Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?” In other words, WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY SEXY MEN?!? I am so sick and tired of opening up a set just to discover the man was nothing to look at. They’re bulging with way too many muscles and look ridiculous; or they’re not really important to the story. But in erotica, they are driving at least half of the story. So for me as a woman, there’s this giant disconnect between what I think 3DX could be and what it is with subpar men.

In my column as the Literotic, i’ve discussed a lot of ways to improve sets on the whole in ways that erotica have as part of the writing process. Sexy men go hand in hand with many of them, including body language, wittier dialogue and tension. If a couple finds each other irresistible, tension improves and body language becomes more interesting. It’s also, in my opinion, gives more to look at. If you have a set and there’s two women, the artist has usually worked equally hard on both of them. But if it’s a heterosexual couple or some kind of group sex, the men are always below her. They’re not usually characters in their own right and if they are, they’re not usually interesting.


Having sexier men could only benefit the 3DX community. I see no reason to be denied what pleases me the most while looking at an erotic set of images. From erotica, I get the sense of watching a very attractive man bring a beautiful woman sensations she never experienced before. I want to see and imagine the pleasure to be had on both sides of the exchange. Currently in 3DX, just having an attractive woman makes the possibilities much smaller than they have to be. I’m denied that sexy half smile before positions are switched unexpectedly and everything else that erotic descriptions give me about an encounter with two main characters.

And there are sexy male faces and outfits available for the Genesis 3 Male figure on DAZ 3D. It’s not just something I wish we had. It’s something I wish we’d use. If we’d like to get more converts from written erotica involved, the first thing we need to do is use attractive men. So, in conclusion today, I’d like to leave you with these words of wisdom: Penis size is important but so is a rousing smile or a sexy kilt. Make your men more attractive. Please.

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  1. Very interesting read Bianca. If I remember, with gonzo porn, they typically want average looking guys opposed to really ripped good looking dudes for more appeal to male viewers. Not sure why, maybe it’s to give the impression that an average lookin’ dude can score the hottie on screen. Or to more easily imagine themselves as the guy.

    Anyhoo, seeing a guy doesn’t bother me. I’m also a fitness buff, and I’d rather see fit dudes over doughy guys. I get some prefer futas. To me, it loses the masculinity of the sex equation. The fantasy I want to see is the hot lady getting fucked hard with a big cock where she’s driven to mind erasing levels of ecstasy. I also want my stuff to appeal to women as well, so I hope I am using attractive males – as a guy, what I image women will find attractive may not align.

    As a guy, I can tell you that working on a 3D male character is more like a chore. On the other hand, working on the ladies tweaking all the bits to my liking is fun. So that may have something to do with it for the 3DX developed by guys like me.

    In my sets here at Affect3D I hope that the males are just as attractive as the females to you ladies. I spent some more time on the guys in Almost Human, one character in the story has a scar over his eye but I hope he’s still attractive – I think it gives him a bit of a rugged look and is an important aspect of his character. My upcoming set also has a couple of tall gym-going guys having a good time with a fit hottie. She’s much shorter, and although she is quite fit some images give you the impression that they can manhandle her quite well!

  2. Flame-3d

    I have always found this as a struggle. for the better part of 2 years, i have been trying to create an interesting male lead but at times, it seems that my intentions are all for not. Sadly like the majority of the 3dx community, everyone just wants to see the big boobs and big ass getting pile driven by a huge cock regardless of how interesting the 2 characters stories maybe.

  3. Meanwhile, I myself love men bulging with muscles. Yeah, I love the more conventional lean and muscular Hollywood heartthrob look sported by Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, too, but I gush when those same actors get super jacked for certain roles (think of transformations by Hugh Jackman or Tom Hardy). I’d also do many terrible things to go to bed with men like The Rock or Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, and 1977 is high on my list of time machine trips if only to have a chance at banging Arnold in his bodybuilding prime.

    I know I’m in the minority here… Every female friend I have discussed this with consider men of that musculature to be “gross.” But I’m a hardworking gym girl and I have an adoration for men who put the same time and effort into their bodies that I put into mine. Plus once you starting have sex with strong men… Well, it completely redefines your perspective. If a guy built like Ryan Gosling can toss me around like a rag doll, I can only imagine what The Mountain could do with me. Phew…

    Honestly though, I’ll take whatever female fantasy I can get. The lean muscular male model/actor look is still a step up from average. Of the last four animation titles I’ve reviewed for A3D, three have featured a male character and not one of them was muscular in any regard, just soft and doughy.

  4. I absolutely agree with you, in many 3dx titles you see the typical hunk with proportions of a clown in an air pumped plastic suit, but I guess that comes with the territory. Many ppl would agree to say when youre going for 3dx, youre trying to get away from reality, thus alot of the folks portray the men as some type of superman, or even monstrous, since thats catching two bird with one stone, because of how popular the monster porn genre also is.

    If you like to look at men, you should take a look at some of my series 🙂 Always trying to put in decent males too and not just females. Some of them are not always the ideal dreamboy though, realism and all that… 🙂

  5. The Dude The Dude

    Speaking as a heterosexual male 3DX artist, I totally get what you’re saying. But for me personally it’s just not interesting to start including men in my work. I do agree with you 100% that the men you often see are, well… subpar, but I think this may be something for female 3DX artists to pick up. I think it only makes sense, too; men make porn for men, women make porn for women. We get the preferences of the audience we share our gender and also our sexuality with (which is why f.ex a gay man is probably best off directing gay porn, rather than heterosexual female porn? But that’s just me guessing, I don’t know).

    But yeah, if anything this is a call for women to step to the plate. The scene can do with more of them producing heterosexual female porn, but the funny thing is that many of the female 3DX artists I do know are mostly making lesbian porn or all-female futa porn.

  6. Wobbegong

    Hurray for variety! But seriously I feel like the issue just might be sales. Perhaps since the man is not usually the focus of titles because the majority of buyers are there for the females they are neglected. Even one of my favorite artists, Haneto uses the literal same rather uninteresting looking male in his titles because, once again, it might be a thing of “not important” and “doesn’t sell well”. As for plot reasons, its interesting how one dimensional the males can become.

    • Bianca Rose Bianca Rose

      Thanks for commenting! It’s interesting you say that because in a lot of erotica or teen fiction where the majority of readers are women, it’s amazing how one dimensional those women can become, when authors think their audience only cares about one or two characters. And I think that’s a huge loss of oppertunity. Characters only get better when they’re faced with other characters who are on their level. If they’re dealing with someone indecisive or characterless, very few things bring out that character in them. If a female character has reactions and emoitions to her partner or partners, it adds an element to her.

      For example, Ivy Markham in the Markham Hall erotica series. She’s the submissive in a relationship and her master allows her to be the center of a multi-gendered orgy. But the whole time, you know who she belongs too and that he’s allowing this and her reactions are colored by that knowledge. Without a very sexy master in the picture or one whose more generic and not as powerful a force, you loose an element to the story that was easily added. Granted, you’re right and I mentioned that. It might be a sales thing, but i really think that people who already don’t purchase heterosexual couplings won’t buy it anyway and for people who do, it’ll be a new and better element. Sometimes, yes, that mary sue element is effective. But I think the time and place for that is a completely pov set or movie. Not one where you have both characters.

  7. Kingsizednuts

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that men do not at all find other men anything attractive, and that most male artists, actually does it for themselves instead of their audience? Thinkng what turns them on, turns everyone else on. I know for sure that seeing a nude male who is not a complete mirror of myself, is a huge turnoff, and that guy you post there from the Epoch set looks hideous to me… which is part of why I never even looked at that set…

    This whole issue with placing yourself into the story might be why lots of artists are moving towards the futa genre. We can still have some being with a dick without having to throw up at it…

    • Kingsizednuts

      The alternative to futa which also works for guys is some brutish orc or tauren or even animal where we can just skip the impersonation altogether and focus on masculinity vs femininity and feel safe it is all just surreal.

      Perhaps deep down guys don’t want other guys to procreate wih beautiful girls, and that we feel opted away from any time we see an actual real guy there… I don’t know.

      • Bianca Rose Bianca Rose

        Thanks for your comments! I would have to agree that the futa aspect may keep a lot of fantasy surreal and there may be a level of comfort in that aspect. And in this post, I’m not saying anything against it. It’s a genre of porn and it’s the one this website is famous for. Orcs and monsters as well are a genre and it’s one I really enjoy.

        For the sets that follow a heterosexual couple, I am saying that adding an attractive man to the equasion may add to the plot and help add an audience instead of transferring from one audience to another. You said that seeing a guy who isn’t your mirror is a huge turnoff and also that you don’t find men attractive at all. So would making a male in the set as pretty as the female (who is a surreal level of pretty many women are fighting against seeing in their magazines, etc. but is really the porn standard because it is, in essence, a fantasy and these women can be as beautiful and as powerful as we want or need them to be) really bother you? Wouldn’t it just add to a set for other people and you might simply focus on the woman and her reactions, if you choose to purchase it over another genre? I myself am bisexual and find men and women attractive and I know I’m not the only one. Seeing only one attractive component puts focus on her, but for me it really detracts from what that set could’ve been.

        I also find your last comment really interesting. Are you suggesting that some men feel jealous about the other men in sexual fantasy situations? Because that would be really interesting and suggest a different element to the rise of ff pornography and who its viewership is.

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