It’s a (Wo)man’s World – Importance of Characters

Dear readers, it’s time for another “It’s a Woman’s World!” For today’s column I would like to talk about the women in 3DX. And no, I’m not talking about female artists, or female customers, I’m talking about the female characters! Because what’s a 3DX product without the sexy women?

I’m pretty sure most will agree when I say that you can’t have a good story without good characters. They are what really drive a story. So why wouldn’t it be the same for porn? Of course you can say that there are quite some differences between reading a book and watching a porno, but still there are similarities as well. Both offer some form of entertainment, both need a certain setting and both are in need of main characters.

Now porn is mainly all about the sex, so you could argue that you don’t really need intriguing characters, as long as they get it on with each other. But I would beg to differ. Isn’t it more interesting if the sex has some ambiance and the characters have some chemistry? That’s what I would like to discuss today.

Create appealing characters

This girl is clearly a warrior

This girl is clearly a warrior

Characters are especially important in short stories. Because of the limited time, you will need a strong character that can carry the story along. For this he or she will need a particular motivation or desire. And as the character works towards his goal, his motivations and struggles will make him/her more realistic. Now compare this to 3DX stories, especially image sets. Do you notice the resemblance? In 3DX you will need to convey your setup in a short amount of time, your main character will need to have a reason as to why she’s there, and in the end this will lead towards the sexual encounter.

Because of the limited amount of time in both short stories as well as in 3DX stories), you can’t really give them as much character development, as you could do in a long book or a trilogy. However this doesn’t mean you can’t give them distinctive treats or some kind of personality. There are actually several ways to do this:

  • Give them an unique outward appearance:

    When thinking of characters and 3DX, one of the first things you will probably think about, are their looks. It’s important for them to be attractive and certain body parts might get some extra attention because of this. However this is not the only thing you can do to set your characters apart. And I have to say that lots of artists already handle this part quite well. There are beautiful elves, sneaky thieves, evil succubus etc.

  • Reveal their traits by using their thoughts and actions:

    This part might seem a little more difficult to implement, but there are ways you can achieve it. For example you can write your story in comic form, adding thought and text balloons to better explain their actions.

The effect

But why are we even discussing these points in such detail, you might ask. As you might remember from my past columns, there are some differences between male and female sexual arousal:

  • Men show more arousal for their preferred gender and may already get aroused by just looking at a sexy pinup picture. On the other hand the most important thing for women is the degree of sensuality/action.
  • Women can be turned on by a variety of things, but after this first stimulation their sexual thoughts/fantasy can take over.
  • Women like to indulge themselves in a story or porn movie for that matter. If they are able to connect to the characters it makes it easier to identify with them and it can make the story more intense.
Aren't you curious to find out what she's planning?

Aren’t you curious to find out what she’s planning?

Now the first point mentioned that women don’t really care about the gender as much as men do. However lots of 3DX products have a woman as their main character. While a male character might be a refreshing idea, in a way it’s also a good thing the character is female. This way women might be able to identify with her.

Let’s say that the main character is female, her character is fleshed out and interesting to the viewer, and she is currently indulging in some very sensual act. The female viewer is intrigued by this scene, and might even want to put herself in the characters shoe’s. The story begins to stimulate her, and her mind can do the rest.

Characters done well

To further clarify this, let’s take some examples from some of our own artists. These artists have either created characters with unique appearances, interesting background stories, or with strong characteristics. Some of these characters have even become kind of like mascots, which is another interesting side effect.

  • Tara and Sayako by Miro

    Who doesn’t know these two girls? I’m pretty sure we can say they are the most well-known characters of Affect3D. I think there are two main reasons for this. The first is their outward appearance that also slightly shows their personality. Tara the blonde bombshell, who is the outgoing and daring type. And Sayako the dark haired beauty, who is a bit more reserved because of her unique trait. The second reason is probably the setup and the interaction they have with each other. They are close girlfriends who share intense moments together. And since it’s an animation it has room for dialogue as well.

  • Clara Ravens by Epoch

    Clara is the adventurous type and is set to be a strong and independent woman. Her purpose is to search for treasures, but it’s not without danger. However she’s smart and knows how to solve cases using both her head and her sexy body.

  • Alyss from Amusteven

    Amusteven has cleverly made use of a well-known fairy tale and has used that concept to create a whole new world of his own. It’s the story of a girl lost in wonderland, but with a dark twist.

  • Other artists who have created a whole world from scratch

    A good example is Nerddesign with Hekaria and all its inhabitants. Each character has their own personality and back story.
    Another would be Hibbli3D with the Knight Elayne girls. Each of these girls fulfills a specific role, such as knight, sorceress or thief.


Taking all of the above into account, there is only one conclusion you can make: Never forget the importance of a good character, not even when it comes to porn. A character can draw you in, and can give the story a more realistic feel. You can give them a purpose or goal, and you so will give more meaning to the sexual encounters that will follow.

If the character is interesting/believable enough, she is easier to identify with, and the viewer might even want to put herself in the character’s shoes and let her fantasy take over.


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  1. UndercityIV

    Well, no one knows the importance of character development like I do, I’ve been claiming that shit since 1999 when I was just a kid using Story Book Weaver to create my characters. I mean you couldn’t make porn with it, but still its how I started learning story development and character creation. Then in 2012 I got Poser 7, was terrible with it but I got better once I moved to Poser Pro 2012 and started using SSS and I never render without it. I will admit that I don’t do a whole lot of pornorgraphic art, but when I do I try my best to do things differently. Always liked Black Adders work, shame he don’t do anything besides monsters that look like fantasy creatures. Would like to see an Alien Nightmare 2 but with Futa Aliens raping and breeding a human female instead of male aliens.

    Not fond of males in anything except serious stories that are non-pornographic. Which I do a lot of.

  2. Shadowpee

    Great article, Hana; love reading your insights!
    I’ll be extra-vigilant when next perusing my favourite comics to extract more from these beguiling beauties. 🙂

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