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Forum Rules - Supro

Here are the forum rules. Keep them in mind when posting.

1) You must be 18 years old. If you're not, then wait until your 18th birthday, then come back to us.
2) No spamming. Multi-posting or unnecessary thread bumps are considered such.
3) Flaming is not tolerated. If someone is doing this, report it to me or the other mods/admins and we'll take care of it.
4) Do not claim someone else's work as your own. If you are not the artist, then list their name. If you are caught stealing, you will be banned. You can post a manipulated/modified pic you did of someone else's work as long as you have their permission.
5) Don't post anything illegal. Strictly NO material featuring underage (18 or under) persons. No images, no references, no links!
6) Every registered member is given 10MB of attachment space. So use it wisely.
7) Keep things civilized. We're pornographists, not animals.
8) Look at the Posting Guidelines for what images are allowed and now allowed on the site.

The rules will be update if there are any other changes made.


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