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Full Version: 3DX Works Posting Guidelines *UPDATED 02/16/13*
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Here are some simple guidelines to follow when posting in this section:
1) Everyone gets 10MB of space. Use them wisely. If you run out of space, contact an admin and we'll see what we can do.
2) All works posted must be from you. Please don't pass off someone else's work as yours.
3) Please be descriptive of the content you're posting.
4) You can post manipulated/modified images of other people's works as long as you have their permission. BTW Miro gives you all permission to do as you please on his works, as long as you don't do anything that's underneath.

Do Not Post These Things
  • Child Porn (If the character looks too young, don't post)
  • Guro
  • Scat
  • Certain kinds of bestiality (see below)

Strictly NO material featuring underage (18 or under) persons. No images, no references, no links!

Updated 02/16/13!

On Bestiality:
  • Any image featuring an animal with animal parts (dog cock, horse cock, etc) having sex with a human is strictly forbidden.
  • If a creature has human genitalia, you are allow to post.
  • Any image featuring a human with animal parts is allowed, but you must put the image in a [spoiler] tag. If the pic is non-erotic or showing no nudity, it can be posted without the tags.

If you believe any of the bans are unjustified, PM an admin to discuss.

Happy posting!
Rules have been updated.
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