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Hello all,

Here's some of what i've already done, I mainly work with Poser & recently with Octane. Hope you'll like it.

Really nice renders there. Hope to see more!
Very nice girl and great poses. Wink Hope to see more soon.
Welcome to the forum Smile

I love the first pic, one of my top 5 3D pinups, I really want to see more of her
Seen some of your images over at Renderotica before. Really well posed and believable. Nice to see you here, and hopefully we will see more of your images in the future Smile
Welcome to the forum! Very nice stuff, especially the first one. I love the peacefulness of the pic.

Can't wait to see more from ya. Smile
Always nice to see new talent/artist. Like hzr, I also saw some of your work at Renderotica. The third image from the last is my favorite.
(02-10-2013 04:58 PM)Supro Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice stuff, especially the first one. I love the peacefulness of the pic.

Don't you want to just wrap your arms around her and protect her from everything bad in the world?

or am I reading to much into it? Big Grin
great pics, nice attention to detail even posing of the feet Smile
Thank you all for your kind comms, i'm much more criticism about my works Big Grin.
It seems you like a lot the first one (me too Tongue) so here's 2 new with her & 1 more with another beauty (i love it too).
(I've noticed we're limited to 10MO's, i will probably in the future give you a direct link to my blog Tongue).

Thanks again, hope you'll like it.


Very nice indeed. I like the skin shaders you use, the guy looks more detailed then most male characters used by other artists.
Just use image link hosts like or for example. You dont have to use the attachment functions Smile
The girl (who looks an awful lot like natalie portman) doesn't look very happy in the 3rd pic

I'm sure Miro and Supro can give you more upload space
Sweet looking squeezable breast!

(02-11-2013 02:06 PM)eclesi4stik Wrote: [ -> ][Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1146]
Thank you all again Smile.

Here's a short story in 2 parts, here's the first one:


Whole part 1 here:

Hello all,

Here's the second part of the "Paris's love" story, enjoy Smile:

Nice, and another Lali user Wink
I'm a huge fan of this morph Big Grin, simply marvelous (correct all bending error :O, just incredible).

A new one with the Lali bits (available also on my site Wink ).

You got some nice shots there. I like the one in the bathtub especially.
Thanks, glad you like Smile.

Here's some new things i've done with a new girl:
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