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Full Version: 3D World of GCX
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hello there, Affect3D!

it has been a while since i posted something in here..
i used to be an amateur line artist who wanted to do 3D arts..
and now i'm already fulfilling that goal and learning more and more each day...

i'm working on a 3DX comic series, those with the dialogue..
but i can't disclose the link to the store in here..
but i do wish to be part of the Affect3D store someday...

anyway, here are the titles for those who might be interested to follow my story:

GCX - Episode 001
[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode001.jpg]

GCX - Episode 002
[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode002.jpg]

basically, i work with fantasy themes..
a mixture of the modern and the mythical world..
and i always feature my female characters in sexy high heels... Smile
here's my latest project guys..
plus i'm currently having a 20% OFF SALE for all my existing products...

GCX - Episode 003
[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode003.jpg]

also, my next project will be something meant for the Halloween Season... Big Grin
sorry for the late update..
i wasn't able to finish it by November 1..
but still, here's my 4th project..
and it's currently on a GCX Early Bird Sale with a 20% discount...

GCX - Episode 004
[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode004.jpg]

i have already received a request about selling my work here on Affect3D..
but i don't know if i can reach the store's standard..
may i know if there are others who would want to buy it from this website...?
hello guys!

here's the latest release from GCX..
Episode 005, which was supposed to be a holiday issue, but came out late..
like my usual, i'm having it on an early bird sale with 20% discount... Big Grin

GCX - Episode 005
[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode005.jpg]
Greetings, Affect3D community!

so my GCX comics series finally made it to the Affect3D store..
2 are already out, and 3 more will be released in the succeeding weeks...

[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode001.jpg]
[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode002.jpg]

and like what is being said in the promotional post below:
it should have a 20% discount for an entire month...

but unfortunately, my own promo seems to be having a conflict with the store's Valentine promo..
like for example; the USD 8.00 amount is already the value after the 20% discount, but some customers still managed to deduct 30% from it, meaning they were able to buy it at only USD 5.60..
so that is the reason why the price was adjusted back to the original value, so it can work with the current Valentine promo, and my own 20% sale promo will just proceed after the Valentine promo expires..
the error has already been reported to the technical team, and they are working on it now...

i'm explaining this to you guys, coz as much as possible i would really like you to enjoy the sale as stated in the promotional post..
so my advice to future buyer(s) is to make use of the Valentine promo code, which will give you more discount, that's 30% off..
or if you'll miss the Affect3D's Valentine sale, then just wait for my 20% sale promo to become active once more...

Kindly NOTE: all my comics will always undergo a 20% sale promo for a period of one month upon release, so always look forward to that...

i apologize for the unexpected pricing trouble...

Greetings, Affect3D community!

i just want to let you know that GCX Episode 006 is already out at the Affect3D store..
it's my very first issue without Katie..
and it also briefly introduces a main female villain for my story...

it comes with a 20% GCX Early Bird Sale promo that will last for about a month..
and here's a link to my products in Affect3D:

GCX - Episode 006
[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode006.jpg]
Greetings, Affect3D community!

GCX Episode 007 is already out at the Affect3D store...

the cause of Jessie's problem is finally revealed..
it features sex between humans, and also 2 interracial scenarios involving Dwarves..
plus it introduces 5 new characters to the story...

it comes with a 20% GCX Early Bird Sale promo that will last for about a month (it started last July 5, i think)..
so for those who are interested, here's an instant link to my products in Affect3D:

GCX - Episode 007
[Image: 0-a3d-main-gcx-episode007.jpg]
Copyright Infringement, Pirates, Internet, and the Take Down System

so i have been a victim of piracy just recently..
some did a trick by manipulating my artist name GCX by opting to use the logo version which can be read as GXC..
- i discovered 5 sharing sites (but basically they'll just blame the websites which are actually hosting the files)..
- 4 file hosting sites
- 1 image hosting site
- and 1 website which i think is utilizing a proxy server in order to prevent others from locating the actual hosting site

first of, my digital fantasy adult comics are currently available at only 2 online stores..
and for now i can't tell where the pirate(s) grabbed their copy...

i was advised to report the abuse to each of the respective hosts..
but i realized that it's not that easy..
there are some who would comply..
but there are those who would protect the pirate(s)... Sad

using an alias has also become a problem, since it's hard to remotely prove people that you are actually the artist that you claim to be..
like in the case of: and
they don't care whether you took an oath..
and they'll ask for proofs like; your e-mail address should be a personalized one like [email protected], and for a scanned copy of your ID..
it's already hard to file the complaints, since you'd be submitting personal information and you are not even sure if those companies who are tolerating piracy will handle those information with confidentiality..
i'm just a freelance artist, and it's not like i can provide an ID or an e-mail address which states that i am indeed GCX..
and i think the only way to prove it to people is to show them my computer, all the raw files, and all the drafts...

i'm aware of the general philosophy that whatever is made available to the internet is already like a property of everyone who connects to it..
yes, i know that it's hard to battle piracy..
but copyright owners somehow have a means to protect their stuff, and it is dissappointing that some companies are making the process more difficult..
1) it should be obvious that you cannot upload a copyrighted work in a hosting site and make it visible to the public, coz that is clearly not meant for backup purposes only
2) sharing the link(s) of that uploaded file on other websites or forum is clearly an act of piracy
3) also, when a reference website shows a file which states the copyright of the artist, that should be sufficient to support the claim
4) i even state my copyright in the comics itself
so the links should be brought down immediately upon being reported, regardless of whoever made the report..
and yet when i submitted all the evidences, they still insist that i need to confirm my identity first..
it's like they are saying that, "we don't care whatever users upload on our server(s) as long as we earn money from it"...

consider this..
when the uploader uploaded the copyrighted material in their hosting site, with a public visibility setting, did they ever ask the uploader to prove that he is the owner of that file..?
but when the copyright owner asks to have the link taken down, they ask for too many requirements that are not even helpful for verification..
i just think that it should be easier..
that once the supporting files or content that states the copyright and the limits regarding the use of such material is already presented to the company (together with the evindences of piracy), then that should be enough basis to remove the content in their server..
because it's their obligation to review whatever is being shared on their hosting site...

plus here's the website which i think is using a proxy server as a shield:
there's not even a DMCA, report abuse tool, or contact information in there..
so it's obvious that its objective is to do piracy..
i reviewed the policy of a company which provides proxy server services..
and it's even more complicated, because you'll have to go through them..
first, you'll have to prove them that their company is the one shielding the pirate website..
once proven, they'll be the one to contact the actual user and the actual hosting site regarding the abuse...
the privacy policy of the service provider will be protecting the pirate(s)...

for the pirate(s) who attacked my work..
i just wish you'll have a conscience, and voluntarily take down all your posts..
the current situation in my country is already very bad, and your making it worse by robbing me of my copyright..
if you really want to share my stuff to everyone in exchange of money for every download, then wait for my copyright to expire after 50 years or wait until i die..
and if you don't have a conscience, then i'll just let the negative Karma take care of the rest...

so i had to temporarily halt Episode 008..
i made some adjustments with my comics templates to somehow fight piracy...

for now, here's an offering from GCX..
i'm hoping it can somehow negate the negative impact of piracy on my income..
here's GCX Catch Up Bundle - Volume 1..
it contains GCX Episode 001 to 005..
it'll be helpful for those who would like to catch up to the story, since it offers a 30% discount from the original price...

[Image: 4-a3d-post-gcx-catchupbundle-vol1.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_pgzj32g9em1tf6gxyo3_1280.jpg]

kindly spread the legs, i mean the words..
please support the official GCX comics series via Affect3D...

my apologies if i haven't released GCX Episode 008 yet..
for now, i'm still experimenting with a 3rd platform, hoping that i can gather a decent number of supporters..
i'll only be releasing Episode 008 after that test..
also, i've already started working on GCX Episode 009...

for the regular updates, you may simply check out my Tumblr account...
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