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Full Version: With regard to works
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There has been quite some time between my first signing up and the first works I felt were of a level of quality for submission. However I feel that I still need to know how much to actually post before having properly assigned it as my own, as in with perhaps a watermark or something.
Also I have a long way to go in terms of settings, or scenarios. A lot of my work to date has been very much with the settings/scene furniture provided by others. I wish to properly credit their work.
But the posing and character development has to a large extent been my own work, and the posing is generally my own, as is the lighting.
Yet I feel these images are only worth properly submitting if I have the proper understanding that it's a work in progress.
For now, I'm just putting the icon images, because apparantly I cannot attach anything (png?) over 500kb - which my renders are slightly larger than.
Anyway, as I say, I think I have to edit the final renders to include some sort of appropriate creator credit, anybody with specifics about how to do that especially in this context I appreciate.
please only reply in this forum, as i sometimes am not the only person using my computer for emails, please respect that, thank you.
cheerio, hope to hear from you in the future.[attachment=4310]
Reworking some old scenes ...
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