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Full Version: Vuluvia Interactive 3D animations
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Hello everybody ! Big Grin

I am new here so I am glad to present myself, I am Vuluvia, I work as graphist, and I start to learn (by myself) how to animate character and 3D modeling.

We started a new concept of animations with a devlopper, he do all the programming stuff (that I totally don't understand anything lol) and me the animations and 3d graphism, the idea is to make interactive animations in realtime, directly on the browser !

We started a new website, here is the first content, I am very excited to show it to you :

There is a couple of screenshots too, but the best part is in the 3d view : to get fun with the girl you need to find how to get the dildo by solving a (simple ?) enigma I prepared for you ! Tongue

I hope you will enjoy this, we will really appreciate your comments Heart

Your site is great, I like how your web design
This is great. I find the design to be very appealing and fun. Makes me want to play. I have a background in web development, including some webgl experience, and it makes me happy to see web technology (besides flash) being used for the sexy stuff.

This is probably a better question for your developer, but how is three.js treating you? What software are you exporting your models from? I messed around with three.js in the past (video demo here), and got so frustrated with the buggy Blender exporter that it nearly soured me completely. I seriously spent much more time digging into the exporter code to figure out just what the fuck it was doing than pursuing anything creative. Maybe things have improved since then. Three.js itself seemed pretty solid, though.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing where this goes!
Thanks, Smile

Your test with ThreeJS is really amazing ! Do you still make some WebGL stuff ? We would love to see more from you !

We use Cinema 4D to create the character and use a custom file format to export it in ThreeJS because of the actual Points animation and multiple UV map. But we will probably use the FBX loader wich is currently very nice for character animation and bones.

We also use custom shaders instead of ThreeJS ones, to make it more "cartoon" with intense colors.

WebGL start to be stable and useable on mobile devices, we think that it could be a new way for animations with interaction, without having to download a game, and multiplatform compatibility.

We are working on a new character, with a much better rigging !
Hello again,

Here are some sreens of the new scene in progress, introducing the new girl Camille and a new bathroom wich can be already visited in 3D ! Cool

[Image: uqukMhY.jpg]

Some render of the lovely work in progress Camille Heart

[Image: uDwOp6d.jpg]

[Image: twFP9MV.jpg]

Here is a new update with first test with Camille at the 3D View !

[Image: 00.jpg]

Enjoy ! Smile

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