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Full Version: [TyranoBuilder] New SpiralVortexPlay's Games
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SpiralVortexPlay just released 3 new games!
Game's covers and links below! Have fun!

Umichan Splashing Surprise
[Image: UMSS-cover.jpg]

Umichan Futa Fantasy
[Image: UMFF.jpg]

Umichan Two Scoops
[Image: UMTS.jpg]
Please support the patreon so we can hire people to expand and multitask!
DOWNLOADS offline:

*Umichan Splashing Surprise*

windows v0.1.2!AFY20SoC!a_JB31xgx5hcO...SEPCmzfKbI

mac v0.1.2!QVBQ0QqZ!qIHPP7832UEt5...3cPP0nu6WM

Android .APK v0.1.2!gcQUHQwC!1TeOIAXoppyQN...e5HFUNpL44

*Umichan Futa Fantasy*

windows v0.1.0!BdJ1kCyJ!RKHLrbDqs1nmn...Mw7e5YeElQ

mac v0.1.0!QFJXGK7D!4dCnoic-GI00q...AeJPRlvv1A

Android .APK v0.1.0!cBBWmKyR!OeqKg49-upJGg...dW_WJ5_4fQ

*Umichan Two Scoops*

windows v0.1.0!BBRiHIiR!Cbfz4Y2GcjUos...JzyE68mnbc

mac v0.1.0!cYYiiKwC!-AlytPeLtE17O...DQn2XSerzw

Android .APK v0.1.0!ZZY2karR!Jhspbl2tXID2g...X6mMeImllY
ttrop does the character art! Check him out here:

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Vortex00 uploads work in progress stuff on his website
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