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Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
11-27-2013, 06:20 AM (This post was last modified: 06-15-2014 05:12 PM by aguinness.)
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Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
Hello. I write stories under the name Andi Guinness. I finished my first serious erotica recently, and am waiting to do some edits before I go to self-publish it somewhere. However, before I do that, I wanted to use this space to practice my writing. Not entirely confident on certain things, not the least of which involve sensory descriptions in sex. So I'll post either fully-fleshed out stories (but not big stories like the one I'm publishing), or simple scenarios. Please, any thoughts on the writing would be greatly appreciated. Here's my first piece, called "Alleyway." Thought it was going to be a lot shorter, but I get carried away sometimes...

Spoiler :
She walked down the alleyway, sober and with intent. The alleyway was different from the usual hooker alleys or places to press and thrust against a wall. There were humans, all right, but also monsters. Many a drunken reveler wandered down looking to get their rocks off, either with someone they picked up, a stray hooker, or the monsters that hid further down in the shadows.

She walked down the alleyway, sober and quivering. She was wearing a nice dress, a spaghetti strap one-piece that fit her form well. It's been worn enough times that she liked it when she was attempting to pick up guys, but she wasn't too worried if it got torn. She wore a long jacket over it, but no panties or bra. Her shoes had 4 inch high heels, but were no stilettos: Wearing those would likely break in cracked pavement that covered the alleyway.

She walked down the alleyway, sober, a bit nervous. This was no innocent walking down here. She had slept with a few boys, one or two men, in the few years since her hymen broke on her mother's giant bed during a long holiday weekend. More, this was a curious woman. What were her limits? That is what she wanted to know. She knew of the creatures in the alleyways, the forests, the sea. She did not spurn them like some of her friends.

She brushed by something rough and textured. She took another two steps before she was stopped, grabbed from behind. The forcefulness of the grab pulls her back a step, and a large, spiny arm wraps around her chest, clawed hand firmly on her breast. She lets out a little yelp, but more for the surprise than the act itself. She feels a hot breath push down on the top of her head. Slowly the breath moved toward her ear. "What have we here," a voice spoke, dark yet calm. "You lost, little one?" The way was comforting, reassuring, despite the sinister pitch and timbre. She shook her head.

He pulled her closer. "So why are you here?" He said. The closeness of his voice stirred her insides with pleasant shocks reverberating over one side of her body, and she felt something drip slowly down her thigh. But the anxiety of merely coming out here fought hard with her perverse lust for having a chance with this creature. Fighting with all the courage and will she could muster, she boldly moved her arm in a way that could grab his thick, intricately ornate member. The monster let out a stunned hiss. "Well, guess I'm not the only one making surprises tonight." He chuckled to himself, while she let out a coy smile. "Do you want this?"

She nodded, harshly, almost as if she were overcompensating her desire to mask her internal struggle. The monster could see what was wrong instantly. "Are you afraid?" She strongly shook her head. "Nervous?" She didn't move. Before she could motion an answer, the monster laughed. "It's your first time, isn't it? Well, no worry, we'll take it easy tonight." With that, the monster went to work.

She felt her breast being kneaded with precision, and felt her nipples swell if ever so slightly. A pin prick of the monster's claw on her fondled tit was felt from time to time, and she could her a little tear here and there from her dress. But she expected this to happen, and simply elicited moans in response, allowing for his other hand to slide one, then two fingers, hooked claws and all, into her mouth, tickling her uvula and the back of her throat from time to time. She rolled her tongue between the claws when she could. For some reason, she found the taste, and the blister-like texture of the fingers, to be pleasing. All the while, she felt that large, heavy bump slowly rise and tickle her spine, and she unconsciously tried to grind against it.

After a little fun, she was swung around, and she saw her defiler. She was entranced by the unearthly, yet bestial, form his body took. The cock, in particular, was an elongated pattern of bumps and ridges, with smoothed spikes crowning the screw-like top. She slid her jacket off and got on one knee: The creature was too tall to kneel and suck on. He groaned in agreement as her mouth covered the head of the cock. "Yes, little one," he said. "So glad I didn't need to ask." Then he felt a slight prick of pain, eliciting a minor hiss from the accidental bite. He slowly pulled her back. "Take it easy," he said, as gentle as any monster of his stature could. "No need to be nervous. Slowly."

She nodded, feeling a lot less shaky than before, for he understood her intent. She enveloped the cock head again, this time, moving her head back and forth slightly. She sometimes rolled her head from side to side, letting the tip of her tongue shine each bump, no matter how dirty it felt. Other times, she merely played with the star-shaped entry into his urethra, testing how deep she could go with her tongue. All the while, she unconsciously stroked her clit, getting closer and closer to her edge. Her speed meant that he suffered pre-cum sooner than he predicted. Acting quickly, he pulled her off, and lifted her just a little, with one shoe falling off. As he sprayed his pre-cum for just a few seconds, her nice dress quickly became drenched in the front, smelling of monster semen.

"I hope that wasn't too important." She shook her head. "Why don't we get rid of it then? No need for it." He snickered, and in a few swift motions, ripped the dress to shreds with his claws. The sheer force of the ripping, along with the sudden feeling of the cool air touching her naked body, drove her over the edge, and made her cum, though lightly, falling to both knees.

"I see someone enjoyed being made flesh." He laughed, and she heard others laughing further down. "Don't mind them. Not tonight, anyway." He lifted her up again with ease, pressed her against his chest. The cross between leathery skin and carapace felt gratifying. She cocked her head back, and welcomed his warm, scaly tongue into her mouth. He rotated her, pressing her back against his chest, and slithered a finger from his free hand into her pussy. She moaned through the tongueplay, but her eyes were filled with yearning. So he added another, and she squealed with joy. She had not felt this full in quite some time, as she was pumped by the two clawed fingers.

As the creature stirred her carefully, and the other shoe dropped, she occasionally looked down with greed towards what she felt was the ultimate prize, still hard despite the foreplay above. As she slowly built up the fire in her again, she looked up, pleading. However, the creature saw her intent. "You will get your desire…soon. Just not tonight." She whimpered. "I'll let you play with it, but you'll see why you shouldn't mount just yet."

With that, he lowered her on top of his unworldly cock, and slid her a little bit. However, she was quick to respond, and holding on to the head with her hands, slid back and forth to her own rhythm. Even along her thighs, the bumps and ridges felt amazing: Better than any dildo…better than any cock she had come across, and she had not even been mounted. She swayed back and forth, sliding faster and squeezing harder, reaching that critical point. When she finally came, she spread her legs out and shrieked, only for him to bring them together again and use the grip to stroke himself more, making the waves that hit her that much more intense.

Finally, as her scream subsided, he let out a roar. He was right when he said the previous release was pre-cum: Globules of semen flew out in a magnificent arc towards the other side of the wall with the velocity of a small hose. Whereas the pre-cum drenched the front of her dress, she was certain two ejaculations could fill her bathtub. Such a thought boosted the aftershock of her orgasm as she gently fell to the ground.

"Had enough?" She shook her head with a greedy smile. "I thought not. But you're still not ready. Instead, let me give you a taste of what we can do." He yanked her from the ground, and returned to what she thought was the previous foreplay. She realized immediately that he was holding back: He jammed two fingers up her pussy, then hit every erogenous spot, even spots she did not know exist, repeatedly in patterns both precise and intricate. All the while, he tapped spots on her breast like a wild drum beat, increasing the pleasure into a spiral. The shocks reverberated throughout her body, as though her body were becoming fire itself. It could not have been more than a minute, but she reached her peak once again. When her orgasm came, she tried to ride it, but the power was so intense, all she could do was melt in wonderful surrender as she felt everything go white…

A few minutes later, she awoke in a state of afterglow on the ground. She saw a couple rats humping each other. "They have been at it since you fell…five minutes ago." She turned and looked at her destroyer, crouching. He still seemed massive, even when lowered. "Both male. They might live, but I doubt it." He turned to her. "That's why you don't want my seed yet. Your body could not handle it." Even in her afterglow, she gave him puppy dog eyes. He laughed. "Such a child, are you not?" He stroked her hair.

"Whenever a human woman comes down here, she has more spirits in her than I have seed," the monster said, eliciting a roar from deeper within the alleyway. "She begs for us, we give her what she wants. She goes into a frenzy, stays up all night, ends up with weeks of cramps, pain, and hell knows what else for mothers. Some call that that a 'satisfied' customer." The rest, that she cannot see, laugh mercilessly in different ways. "You, little one, are not like that. I tasted no drink on your tongue. You're nervous, but you came to us willing. Very few do that." He stood up. "I sense you something more than just a quick lay. You want to be a slut to monsters. You desire our sex, do you not?" She giggled. "I thought so. We scratched the surface tonight. Stick with us, and you will earn your desires. But such a thing means that you need it. You cannot tread lightly here, and there is some risk. Do you need us, after all this? Not want, need us?"

She thought for a moment. That last orgasm was the most intense she felt in her life. But, it felt so short, and she knew there was more to it than that. There was that cock, after all. She had fallen down this black hole, and she wanted to go where it went, even if it devoured her whole. She said her only words that night: "I need you…I need you all."

He bellowed out a laugh. "Well then, that shall happen! But your body needs to adjust to us…to any monster." He licked his barren teeth. "Come back to us, starting tomorrow. We shall guide you, slowly but surely." She looked at his member as she got up and put on her mostly unmolested jacket. "Yes, I'll mount you tomorrow night. But there is more to us than just this. Remember."

As she put on her shoes, the demon spoke up. "One more thing: No need for heels or a dress. The jacket is enough." She nodded, but she'll probably ignore his advice for sometime. After all, it was rather thrilling to see herself become so forcefully naked in a flash. As she walked out of the alley, she wondered what he meant by "more to us than just this." The possibilities made her wet once more...
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08-10-2014, 09:32 PM
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RE: Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
Well, as many of you may have noticed, JimJim announced our joint collaboration effort, "Emily's Negotiation." First, I want to thank Jim for being so receptive to this idea and being a good collaborator. I also want to thank fredfred5150 for encouraging me to pursue this.

You can find the initial blog announcement here from Jim, my take on my Tumblr here.

I'm doing text layout on top of writing the story as well. What you see below are works in progress in terms of layout. I'm still working out font size and color. What do you think? Do you think it should be larger?

[Image: 278978344282893.jpg] [Image: 9a3b5b344282789.jpg] [Image: 02da6c344282978.jpg]

That said, this is not the only announcement I can make today. I recently pitched a column to Supro and miro for the A3D main site, and they approved! Sometime in the next couple weeks, I'll be starting a column dedicated to writing and storytelling, and their relationship to 3DX. I will talk about "Emily's Negotiation" from time to time there, but only in how it relates to storytelling in general.

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08-11-2014, 07:54 AM
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RE: Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
(08-10-2014 09:32 PM)aguinness Wrote:  I also want to thank fredfred5150 for encouraging me to pursue this.

You're welcome Smile Commission status: Closed
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08-21-2014, 01:26 AM
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RE: Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
Hello again. So, things are expanding a little quicker than I anticipated. Got a lot of work on the plate, which is good.

That said, I need to expand my profile a little bit, and that requires getting some traffic from other places. So I'm offering a commission for anyone who is willing to do some mini banner art for use in link exchanges. I can either trade for services (story writing, scenario, story/character advising, editing/proofreading, etc.), or for some actual monetary compensation (though, fair warning: Since it's merely banner art, it won't be much)

There is one catch: It would have to involve Ms. Tilen here:
[Image: 08b.png]

Call her what you will. Avatar, projection of self, OC, heteronym given shape, etc. This is Vaesark's render of her, so many thanks to him. You can make your own take of her, within certain constraints.

Here is the description I wrote of her I wrote a while back, when I first pitched her to V. You may use it as guidance, though it should not be considered a final form:
Quote:What happens when an Elder God dreams, dead or alive? Could the dreams of gods, let alone the likes of Cthulhu, be so powerful, it drags those sensitive to it into its gaping maw?
Such a thing happened to Tilen. When, as an infant, she was asleep one night, she dreamed of Cthulhu. Or rather, she entered his dreams. Much like the sailors who stumbled upon R'yleh, though, the infant's intrusion into the Elder God's dream was mere accident, a coincidence of timing. Those who enter the dream wake up mad, but Tilen's age meant that she could not have known madness. Instead, her pliant brain was reshaped by the chaotic nature of his being. She understood it all, and felt joy.
As she grew up, Tilen was quite…different. She acted strange, talked strangely, and treated people like they were objects. She did not feel just alien to everyone around her: The whole concept of humanity and everything around it seemed foreign and downright insane to her. She only felt calm when she slept, living in the Elder God's dream.
As Tilen grew into a sexually mature woman, she kept sensing and feeling something deep inside that ached her greatly: In the core of her being existed someone who was meant to look quite different from who she was now. It was as if she was born in a human's body, when she was meant to be something more unearthly.
Finally, one day, after Cthulhu used his cultists to engineer the death of the parents she never felt were hers, Tilen received a significant sum of money, which she used to buy a boat. Using only her dreams as guidance, she sailed to R'yleh, seeking not only the dreaming Elder God, but also her true self.

Feel free to contact me here via PM, and we can discuss matters further. Thanks!

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09-18-2014, 10:58 PM (This post was last modified: 09-18-2014 10:58 PM by aguinness.)
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RE: Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
So, yes, my first column went live today. (Yay!) Enjoy! If you have thoughts on this, let me know!

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02-10-2015, 01:48 AM (This post was last modified: 05-22-2015 04:25 AM by aguinness.)
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RE: Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
Hey! It's been a while. I've been mostly posting on my tumblr lately, so if it looks like I'm silent, check there.

Going to write a new story soon. Will keep you posted on it. Fair warning: It's "vanilla." No monsters or any of that fun stuff. There might be other fun stuff though, at least stuff that people can do.

That said, I've been sitting on this scrap for a while. I titled it "Siren's Call," but I think it could use a better name. It's set in the same universe as "The Alleyway." At least, I think so? Anyway, here you go:

Spoiler :

Today was boring except for when the monsters stared at her. Work was work, lunch was lunch. It's the typical day you would expect. Save for the creatures, of course.

It's a daily thing. Most of the men, they bothered her in the way that they seemed preemptive. The cat calls, whistles, the "you should smile mores," the off-beat pick-up lines. They couldn't figure out the basic idea of when to hit on a woman.

It was different with the beasts that roamed the streets. They had strict rules in place. No words to the humans unless spoken to. Absolutely no touching without permission, even to brush by. It was the only way to prevent war from annihilating both sides. Last monster that barely uttered an "excuse me" was stoned by its own kind.

And yet, she couldn't help but feel their stares, both deviant and not, and let them slip underneath her skin. Unlike the piercing stares of men that made her shrivel and want to hide, she could feel these creatures' eyes all over her body, making it tingle pleasantly. Their silence only seemed to amplify the sensory effects. She also felt strangely at home with their demeanor.

Where she lived, her roommate was the master tenant and controlled the lease. She was mostly okay, but had some strict rules on who and what she could bring home. Boys and men were barely tolerated, pets not allowed. She knew the girl would freak out and kick her out post haste if there was anything resembling a non-human in the apartment.

Still, today was quite boring, having got out of work early and the sun bringing a late spring warmth that was all-together pleasant. About two blocks from home, she receives a text:
"Hello, just found out I need to see my family for the next few days. You have the apt. to yourself, just so you know. See you soon."
She thought about it a moment. While today was boring, she felt really good. When that happens, she likes to dare.

She turns down a street she knows too well, where the stares are strongest. Rather than keeping her head down, she looked straight in the eyes of every creature she passed. She wanted them to see how she felt.

They were all surprised at this girl. A little wink here, a devious grin there. She licked her lips at a few of them, bit them for others. She giggled throughout. But it was contagious, healthy giggle, not from someone who was nervous.

About a block later, she got into her apartment building. Some of them followed, but at a distance so as to stay within protocol. She got up to the fourth floor and opened the way to her apartment, grinning all the way. As she entered, she let out a sigh that sounded more like a moan. That felt gratifying. She was ready to close the door and latch it…and then turned around and walked inward. Maybe she could go further…?

She pulled the clips out of her hair, letting it flow freely. She smiled wickedly, seeing naughty images flash through her eyes as she adeptly pulled down the zipper of her dress, causing it to fall to the ground while her shoes slipped away. Under normal circumstances, she would keep her bra on. But something about today made her want to take it off. Perhaps it was the fact that her nipples were already painfully erect in a good way.

She opened the windows, her body burning up with desire and excitement. She wanted the entire neighborhood to hear what was about to happen. Laying on the bed, she closed her eyes, tasted herself a moment, and let the images flash through her like the gentle breeze from outside while her hand became slick from the liquid that flooded from her pussy.

As she stroked and pinched, she imagined them breaking the rules just once and converging on her. Groping her with their claws, fingers, tendrils, cilia, fibers, and other digits, ripping her clothes apart and leaving her naked like them. She would open her mouth in her fantasy, letting something slide down her throat. Feeling tongues and goo taste her, she wouldn't have cared if some creature went and swallowed her whole.

Slowly putting fingers in, she began working up a sweat, and with it a scent that could smelled by those creatures, one that indicated a female in heat. Meanwhile, in her own little world, she could feel them enter her in turns, rapidly running through her body and stretching it beyond what is conceived possible.

She lifted herself up, faced the window, and started adding fingers to her other hole, wanting to feel even more filled than she was before. The images that flashed before her eyes grew in intensity, with each creature letting out its lust, anger, vengeance, and other feelings out through her. So intense was her delusion that she hardly recognized what is real and what isn't. She can barely hear the nasty and provocative words she's screaming out the window.

Her body began bucking profusely, wanting to cum from all these sensations, real and imagined. Yet she held back, waiting for the right moment. Then she felt a pressure build up inside herself, like a balloon of fire wanting to pop. Finally, she could swear that she was there, that every creature in front of her was real, that she was having the sex she truly wanted. The balloon burst, letting her ride an orgasm that was just pure fire off every nerve ending. It was so intense that it felt no longer human. That revelation set off a second orgasm, just as strong.

Finally, she came down, pleased. But she didn't have enough. She closed her eyes again, running her hands through her body, letting her wetness mix with her sweat. Feeling so devious, so risky, so perverted.

Suddenly, she heard a noise. Breaking from her reverie she looked ahead, a little afraid. But that fear turned to joy.

"Oh, hello! Please, do come in…"

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05-22-2015, 04:44 AM
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RE: Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
How many months has it been since I've really written a vignette? I've let work destroy me. Nausea.

However, I came across these sets of images, and I was...inspired. They're by DNeil, who kindly lends them under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license. Enjoy.

[Image: recompense_1_by_dneil-d8tsiw9.png]
The dread witch had done enough damage. Half the realms were hunting her down, while the others offered no safe haven. None of the kingdoms wanted anything to do with her. And who could blame them, after what she’d done? Everyone was worried they’d be a target for even associating with her.

Sometimes, doing the “right” thing harms too many. The regret she felt was severe. Recompense was required.

[Image: recompense_4_by_dneil-d8tvuwr.png]
She needed to atone. It won’t fix everything, but it’d at least set things right for the others. However, it soon became clear that the only way to end this mess was to offer herself up in some way, shape or form. Summoning a beast or demon wouldn’t cut it, though: That would only cause more damage, and would cause them to lash out, perhaps starting a war. She decided an alternative: Make herself as vulnerable as possible and let them come to her, offering herself up as a prize for causing so much harm. She cared not if they ripped her to pieces or flay her alive, her sorrow her only guidance.

She got rid of her clothes, jewelry, charms and boons that protected her, hid her from the world. All that remained was her well-kept and well-toned flesh. A few spells were invoked: One amplified her scent so they would find her. Another made her body turn every sensation into pleasure. If her end was near, at least she’d go down on her terms. The last…well, if it worked, it would resurrect her after being dead an extended period of time, giving her the chance to start over as someone else. If it worked.

[Image: recompense_2_by_dneil-d8tvue9.png]
Sending off the rest of her retainers, it didn’t take long before one of the hunters invaded her now-defenseless sanctum. She offered herself freely, showing that was willingly surrendering and accepting any punishment meted out to her. Unsurprisingly, the spells combined with her realization of vulnerability aroused her, drenching her maidenhood. The creature approached from behind and seized her, lifting her in the air. She hoped it would violate her before deposing of her.

It instead curled its tongue around her neck, looking to taste her. She knew then that it was hungry, not horny. And yet…something stirred inside her, something she didn’t anticipate. For a second, she thought that it was merely the spells’ effect, but she realized it was something far stronger than that. It was as if something had awoken that was never supposed to, growing stronger by the second. Excitement began to grow, as if suddenly everything had suddenly fit into place. Her sadness was being overwhelmed by this new desire. No, desire isn’t quite right. Purpose would be a better term.

[Image: recompense_3_by_dneil-d8tvun1.png]
She moved her somewhat free arm, stunned before from the sudden grab, and embraced her captor’s giant hand, encouraging it. She briefly glanced and saw a loyal retainer peeking inside from a window. A smile stayed hidden. For one, this person would be able to tell everyone what happened. This would free her, since everyone would assume her dead. But more importantly, at least one person would be able to see her for who she was…for who she wanted to be. If she died, then she fulfilled her purpose. If she revived, then she would welcome her new identity to the fullest.

That was her true recompense. To give up her mantle as the dread witch, and become the most delicious meal in the world for all who wished to devour her lovely body.

I hope you enjoyed this little vore vignette.

I will be on vacation for the next couple weeks. Hopefully, I'll have recovered enough to start fresh next month. I'll pop my head in from time to time, but otherwise, take care.

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06-22-2015, 06:31 PM
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RE: Andi's scraps of paper (stories + scenarios)
Ah, month to the day since I updated. Here's a little preview of what's to come.

[Image: c9343a417363474.jpg]

Morfium are working on something big for Tilen. Big!

Other projects are puttering along. Let us know your thoughts regarding this new Tilen either here or on his thread. Take care!

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