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No such thing as a 'normal' labia, scientists conclude in largest study ever
07-23-2018, 07:40 PM
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No such thing as a 'normal' labia, scientists conclude in largest study ever
There is no such thing as a 'normal' vagina, scientists conclude in the largest study ever of vulvas

This seems like it might be relevant to some of our resident 3Dx artists ... for reasons that ought to be obvious. Shy

Quote:The new study by Lucerne Cantonal Hospital in Switzerland, published earlier this week, found the average length of the inner labia to be 43 millimeters. However, the cohort ranged from 5 millimeters to 100 millimeters.

The average outer labia length was 80 millimeters, but the results ranged from 12 to 180.

The average clitoris measurement was five millimeters wide, but that was from a range of between 1 millimeter and 22 millimeters.

For clitoris length, they found the average to be seven millimeters, but the results ranged from 0.5 millimeters to 34.

5-100 mm
12-180 mm
1-22 mm
0.5-34 mm

The measurement ranges have such wide variations that simply reaching for an "average" is for all intents and purposes both meaningless AND harmful.

REAL women come in all shapes and sizes ... and that's a GOOD thing! Blush

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07-24-2018, 05:45 PM
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RE: No such thing as a 'normal' labia, scientists conclude in largest study ever
Ends of a bell curve do not disprove trends or averages. And even in a fantasy land where they did, that would not blemish the fact that beauty is a real and agreed upon phenomenon.

The ideals exist for a reason, the reason being that they are the most beautiful and desirable way for that thing to be. This is decided upon by human consensus, which as we are human is the most important indicator for aesthetics.

The women who decide to get surgery in order better match those ideals are not pathetic, misled, or unfortunate. They have not been damaged by those evil "standards" that seem to exist. They have recognized a truth, and are strong willed enough to better themselves. People who attempt to attack a standard because it prompts action, or imposes demands on a populace are not heroic or kind. Simply put, they are misled middle-brow pop-morality grasping worms of human beings. Panderers desperate for points from the weak, the ugly, the listless, the defeated, and those who have been unfortunately convinced that nothing should be demanded, or even considered about anyone. This being the opposite of what a society is formed upon, and anti-social and destructive if taken to its ends.

Men are designed to pity women, and the thought of a sad woman recognizing herself as blemished and mutilating herself at high cost is a story that tugs at my heartstrings. But if I translated the story to literally anything else, or even my own person I would immediately recognize the folly.

If I had weird floppy foreskin, I'd want it cut off, and knowing me I'd likely do it myself. Lying and saying that there is no norm, or even an ideal for the appearance of my nethers, would be a pathetic, and frankly evil thing to do. I would be spitting in the face of the spirit of my whole society just because I myself am not good enough in some way.

I recognize that people who spread anti-standard propaganda are trying to be kind, and I deeply admire and respect people that are striving to be good, but they are wrong.

Beauty is worth preserving, and recognizing ugliness is one of its costs.
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