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Artist Feature: Darkway (Exclusives)

One of the best things about art, especially 3DX, is that the only limitation is your imagination. Darkway’s own imagination has allowed him to create some of the most brilliant and original works out there in 3DX. Using an almost painted style has allowed for Darkway to truly shape his own style of art that is more unique than what others have done. That’s why it was an honor for us to interview him about his works, his latest project and what he thinks about the current state of 3DX.


Tell us about yourself. What is the dark connotation to your name and how did it come about?

Basically I have 3 name’s I constantly use for Beta testing video games. So when it came to picking a user name over at Renderotic,a I simply picked one of my tags, Darkway.


It’s always interesting to hear about an artist’s journey into erotic art? What is your artistic background and how did you end up in the 3Dx neck of the woods?

By nature I am creative. However, being born into a family of professionals isn’t exactly the best of places to develop any kind of creative talents. Everyone in my family is either in the military, police, a tradesman or some other official position. Being creative was generally deemed as insignificant and a complete waste of time. Art there for became a secret hobby, a private passion that was not intended for others to see because of the private nature of the hobby I was free to explore the erotic side of art.

I like video games, 3D and art, so when I stumbled across Daz Studio, it kinda grabbed my attention right from the start. However, I fell into the trap of thinking about all the amazing things I could do with 3D but never actually did anything. I went for about 3 years buying 3D content that I never actually used. The whole situation was ridiculous to be honest. Secret art, collecting 3D figures and props, it all seemed to justify exactly what my family preached. Art had become a waste of time.

I was pretty much ready to give up on art when I stumbled upon a few super hero images. From the moment I laid eyes on those images, I knew that’s what I wanted to create. I wanted to do stuff just like that. The images belonged to an artist called Batbabe. Her work inspired me to get of my arse, to learn 3D, to approach Renderotica and start posting my creations.

It’s important to understand that until I posted at Renderotica. I had gone through my entire life with out knowing a single creative soul. In fact, no one in the real world knows I even create artwork, so posting an image was a huge deal at the time. Talking to like minded people was all new, so I kinda made a simple deal with my self: Produce some artwork, post the images and see where we go from there. And here we are.


Like several other well known artists your preferred subjects appear to be dark monstrous creatures. Why do think this sub genre is so popular and what’s the appeal specifically for yourself?

From an image point of view, the genre creates fantastic contrast on all levels. The beauty ,the beast, soft skin on rough skin, big vs small, power vs the vulnerable, abuser vs victim, it’s endless fun. I Don’t know if people have noticed that the concept of interspecies relations seem generally more expected than ever before. I’m not referring to animals or anything, but if you look at films like Twilight (vampires are actually dead people), Avatar (pretty blue people) and even video games like Mass Effect, they offer interspecies relationships. None of the media deals with the monster genre as brutally as 3DX artists, but the subject matter has been around for quite a while.


What other fetishes do you like?

Large breasts, long legs, short hair, red hair, one piece, uniforms, trainers, the unknown, cosplay, toys….I can go on and on and on.

What is the favorite set you’ve created and why?  You’ve started various series like the Space Cadet and Vampire Slayer with potential for great story lines. Were these ever completed or are you looking to complete any of these in the future?

The green series (elf) is my fav. It does a great job of capturing that fantasy feel and at the time, I’d never seen anything like it before. The series also represents a time when myself and ZZomp posted in tandem. Communication and feedback with the community was truly interactive. Real good creative times.

Slayer-girl Lara and even the Midnight character were always intended to be part of a much bigger project. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of other characters that no one has even seen yet, but my main concern (at the time) was the actual concept that binds all the series together. So the series you give reference to was created and set up to be continued at a later date. In the mean time, the focus has been on the concept and the beginning. It all sounds arse backwards I know, but there is method to the madness…kinda. 😀


Tell us about your favorite female character and why.

Easy. Lara Croft. For those who played the first game, you’ll know that Lara looked a bit different compared to today’s Lara. In the first game, she always kinda reminded me of a comic book character called little Annie Fanny who featured in playboy magazine. A voluptuous female hero getting up to crazy sexy adventures. Of course, all that changed and Lara became a symbol of girl power, a politically correct shell of her former self.

Lara to me is the modern day, prime and proper princess of old. She’s a good girl who simply doesn’t do “that” (Or does she???). For me, she’s a constant source of inspiration.


I understand your works have been featured on other sites without your permission. There is even a notion that all items should be shared on the Internet. However there seems to be little consideration in terms of how this benefits the artist? What is your view with regards to this issue?

Theft is sadly an excepted part of the industry. Artists do expect to take a hit when they release work and many try to look on the sunny side ,regarding image redistribution as a form of advertising. But these days, content is stolen, re-posted/sold in less then 24 hours from being officially released. I don’t think I need to explain in detail what’s wrong with this situation. It pretty much boils down to what individual artists are prepared to but up with.

The concept that everything on the web should be shared is, to be honest, a child’s way of thinking. It sounds good but the real world doesn’t and can’t work that way. Everything costs time or money to some degree. No system can run on good will, even charities have running costs. And more to the point, if everything on the web should be free, then how come I’ve got to pay money to see my own work on some scam site?


How does 3DX differ from other genres of porn? Where do you think 3DX will be in 10 years from now?

3DX at it’s core is no different to any other porn genre, but from a creative point of view. An individual can produce fantastic results with minimal cost in a very short space of time. No media can compete with that. The key to 3DX is the type of genres it can deal with. Traditional photography and film capture reality perfectly, but introducing themes like scifi or fantasy to the media causes huge problems (cost). 3D, on the other hand, can easily handle such genres, so this it where 3DX’s strength lies.

Presently, we have a strong video game and movie industry. 3D has obvious ties with these industries, so it’s only a matter of time before we see 3DX make some kind of serious impact in the future. I also believe the future of 3DX will be more team based. Groups of like minded artists working on collective projects. Good quality products will require man power and talent to produce, which takes money. But with the current “sharing” mentality we have today, you’re never gonna generate an income to cover development costs, but in the future, who knows.


What is inspiring about your work are the unique characters, backdrops and high quality output. Can you take us through your work flow and the tools you use from the concept stage to the final output.

Usually I have an idea about what I want to create. It’s never anything specific, but the idea is very genre orientated, so it’s going to be scifi, fantasy, etc. The key to any images series is the characters, so before any images are set up work goes into character creation. I repaint the skin via postwork so the textures used don’t really matter. Character design hinges on facial morphs only. Bodies will be adjusted to suit the situation from image to image. I use Daz Studio and use a few custom light presets for all scenes. I’m not bothered about shadows or the mood the lights create as this can all be created via post work. Renders take no more than 20 minutes, so making tweaks and adjustments isn’t a big deal.

I usually produce batches of 4 to 10 images and ship them over to Photoshop where the real fun starts. Any given render is nothing more than a base from which I build on. We start by addressing render issues: Hair, poke through, etc. From there I paint over the female skin which adds softness to the female characters when compared to everything else in the scene. This process is repeated for every image and obviously some are far more complicated than others.

Next stage is environmental. I use a host of techniques to change the scenes colour palette. I then introduce atmosphere. Mist, rain, neon lights, sun beams, etc. It’s all very hands on, relying on creative instinct. Each element created is called an asset and these assets are then used repeatedly through out the image series. Of course, each asset gets tailored to suit each image.

It’s all sounds like a lot of work, but to me, that’s what being creative is all about. My creative style is not photo realistic, so I can get away with visible brush marks and squiggles. My work tends to have a more illustrative feel to it, which is an aspect I like.


Technically speaking, which do you prefer v4 or v5, Poser or Daz3D and why?

I use V4 generally, but if you’re going for a totally naked figure, v5 works great too. If you want a general monster, then Genesis is the way to go. I use Daz Studio for two simple reasons,manipulating/posing in Daz is a lot more fluid, straight forward and easier than in poser and secondly, I feel that the preview screen in Daz gives me a more realistic representation of what the actual render is going to look like. In poser, you set up the lights, hit render and I really don’t know how its going to turn out. It’s a bit hit and miss for my liking. Other than that I find Poser, Daz, v4, v5, Genesis, etc. all great. If it works, I’m happy.


Do you have any advice you’d like to give to any aspiring artists?

People always develop faster if they get involved with the stuff they like. Talking to people, listening to feedback and just being part of the creative scene helps you to grow as an artist. Sitting in your own little creative cave is not healthy. Been there, done that, it’s no fun. So get out there and show people your work. As long as people can see that you are creatively active, you’ll be surprised what opportunities come your way.


Who or what inspires you?

Everything kinda inspires me. A cartoon, a comic, a movie, a video game, a tv show. I just see things and think, “Id love to see her get fucked”. A simple example: “what type of gun do you like Lara?” “I like a big one”. 😀 That’s all it takes to trigger my horny little creative brain.


Tell us about any projects you’ve got coming up or just plans for the future.

Changes are coming to Renderotica which may present a few opportunities. A site or base is long over due but finding the right place has been kinda tricky. Image work continues as normal. Highlights being Project WITCHSTONE and will encompass the slayer girl Lara series as well as many others. .I’m now wrapping up Witchstone chapter one, a 40 plus image set and I’m currently looking for a writer to help develop the project further.


Where can we find more of your work online?

LOL! 😀 You can find my work just about everywhere, but officially I hang out at Renderotica.


Any last words for our dear Affect3D readers?

I’d simply like to say thank you to those who have supported my work and to the many friends I’ve made with in the 3DX scene. I would also like to highlight that I have no product to pitch and no site to promote. I have agreed to this interview to give my support to, a site that helps to promote 3DX artists. Thats a good thing.




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  1. Xavier Raiden

    Lara Croft’s newer version is actually better though because she feels more realistic. Only thing I Dont like is her lame personality, but design wise she’s better. The original games had limitations on mostly how all characters appeared, but when PS3 came about, they improved them. I think the big tits were a bit much for the character considering she had to scale walls, leap across high ledges, etc. Things that would be hard to do with big knockers getting in the way. lol.

  2. Madskonstabel

    I have the same question like: Nemanja!!

    Does Darkway have a website, bloog ore something

    I whold like to know where i can bye all his work??

  3. Katzekage

    “Large Breasts, long legs, short hair, red hair, one piece, uniforms, trainers, the unknown, cosplay, toys….I can go on and on and on.”

    oh i realy like him^^

    in honor katzekage

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